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Year Title Altmetric
2019 BaCH2 negatively regulates T follicular helper cell differentiation and is critical for CD4+ T cell memoryJournal of Immunology.  202:2991-2998. 2019
2019 Foxp1 is critical for the maintenance of regulatory T-cell homeostasis and suppressive functionPLoS Biology.  17. 2019
2018 Foxp1 Negatively Regulates T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation and Germinal Center Responses by Controlling Cell Migration and CTLA-4Journal of Immunology.  200:586-594. 2018
2017 Comparative proteomic analysis of three Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) host cellsBiochemical Engineering Journal.  124:122-129. 2017
2016 Cutting edge: Foxp1 controls naive CD8+ t cell quiescence by simultaneously repressing key pathways in cellular metabolism and cell cycle progressionJournal of Immunology.  196:3537-3541. 2016
2015 Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation of FOXP3 Protein Mediated by PARP-1 Protein regulates the function of regulatory t cellsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  290:28675-28682. 2015
2014 The transcription factor Foxp1 is a critical negative regulator of the differentiation of follicular helper T cells.Nature Immunology.  15:667-675. 2014
2011 Transcription factor Foxp1 exerts essential cell-intrinsic regulation of the quiescence of naive T cells.Nature Immunology.  12:544-550. 2011
2010 Foxp1 is an essential transcriptional regulator for the generation of quiescent naive T cells during thymocyte development.Blood.  115:510-518. 2010

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Stockholm University 1998
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  • Hui Hu