• Dr. Young's research interests are developed from her works in both research and practical settings. Initially, her research focused on studying arterial health in individuals with chronic health conditions using ultrasound. In addition, she established and taught a wellness program for individuals with disabilities, where she trained pre-healthcare students as wellness coaches for the participants. Through these experiences, she learned that many people with disabilities could not undergo imaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography for assessing body/muscle composition due to factors such as metal implants, spasticity, or radiation exposure. To address this issue, she developed calibration equations for examination of muscle composition and intramuscular fat using ultrasound. Dr. Young’s current research portfolio includes examining physiological and psychosocial effects of the M2M intervention in people with physical disabilities. She is actively involved in studies conducted under the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative, where she serves as a scientific coordinator for federal-funded research projects.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2019 A mobile app to promote adapted exercise and social networking for people with physical disabilities: Usability study 2019
    2019 Near infrared spectroscopy-guided exercise training for claudication in peripheral arterial disease 2019
    2019 Rationale and design of a Scale-Up Project Evaluating Responsiveness to Home Exercise and Lifestyle Tele-Health (SUPER-HEALTH) in people with physical/mobility disabilities: A type 1 hybrid design effectiveness trial 2019
    2019 The Effects of M2M and Adapted Yoga on Physical and Psychosocial Outcomes in People With Multiple Sclerosis 2019
    2019 Comparing the Convergent and Concurrent Validity of the Dynamic Gait Index with the Berg Balance Scale in People with Multiple Sclerosis. 2019
    2018 Rationale and design of the tele-exercise and multiple sclerosis (TEAMS) study: A comparative effectiveness trial between a clinic- and home-based telerehabilitation intervention for adults with multiple sclerosis (MS) living in the deep south 2018
    2018 Teams (Tele-exercise and multiple sclerosis), a tailored telerehabilitation mhealth app: Participant-centered development and usability study 2018
    2018 Body composition differences between adults with multiple sclerosis and BMI-matched controls without MS 2018
    2017 Current Trends in Exercise Intervention Research, Technology, and Behavioral Change Strategies for People with Disabilities: A Scoping Review 2017
    2017 Movement-to-Music Program Improves Physical Function and Sleep Quality in Multiple Sclerosis: A Three-Arm RCT 2017
    2016 Comparisons of ultrasound-estimated intramuscular fat with fitness and health indicators 2016
    2016 Bending the Arc of Exercise and Recreation Technology Toward People With Disabilities 2016
    2016 Movement-to-music (m2m) As An Alternative Form Of Exercise Rehabilitation For An Individual With Multiple Sclerosis: 1568 Board #221 June 2, 8: 00 AM - 9: 30 AM. 2016
    2015 Measurement of intramuscular fat by muscle echo intensity 2015
    2015 A wellness program for individuals with disabilities: Using a student wellness coach approach 2015
    2014 The Effect of Peripheral Arterial Disease on Arterial Flow Kinetics 2014
    2013 Case report: Endurance electrical stimulation training improves skeletal muscle oxidative capacity in chronic spinal cord injury 2013
    2013 Near-infrared assessments of skeletal muscle oxidative capacity in persons with spinal cord injury 2013
    2012 Noninvasive evaluation of skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity with near-infrared spectroscopy: Correcting for blood volume changes 2012

    Education And Training

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017
  • Full Name

  • Hui-Ju Young