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2023 Non-nociceptive and nociceptive-like trigeminal Aβ-afferent neurons of rats: Distinct electrophysiological properties, mechanical and chemical sensitivity.Molecular Pain.  19:17448069221148958. 2023
2022 Function of KCNQ2 channels at nodes of Ranvier of lumbar spinal ventral nerves of ratsMolecular Brain.  15. 2022
2022 Angular Tuning Properties of Low Threshold Mechanoreceptors in Isolated Rat Whisker Hair FollicleseNeuro.  9. 2022
2022 Role of Voltage-Gated K+ Channels and K2P Channels in Intrinsic Electrophysiological Properties and Saltatory Conduction at Nodes of Ranvier of Rat Lumbar Spinal Ventral Nerves 2022
2022 Effects on low threshold mechanoreceptors in whisker hair follicles by 5-HT, Cd2+, tetraethylammonium, 4-aminopyridine, and Ba2+Molecular Pain.  18. 2022
2021 Molecular pain and the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineMolecular Pain.  17. 2021
2021 Effects of cooling temperatures via thermal k2p channels on regeneration of high-frequency action potentials at nodes of ranvier of rat ab-afferent nerveseNeuro.  8. 2021
2021 Protocol for pressure-clamped patch-clamp recording at the node of Ranvier of rat myelinated nervesSTAR Protocols.  2. 2021
2021 Kv4.3 channel dysfunction contributes to trigeminal neuropathic pain manifested with orofacial cold hypersensitivity in rats 2021
2021 Effects of GABAB receptor activation on excitability of IB4-positive maxillary trigeminal ganglion neurons: Possible involvement of TREK2 activationMolecular Pain.  17. 2021
2021 Electrophysiological properties of maxillary trigeminal Aβ-afferent neurons of ratsMolecular Pain.  17. 2021
2020 Role of microtubules in Piezo2 mechanotransduction of mouse Merkel cellsJournal of Neurophysiology.  124:1824-1831. 2020
2020 Selective impairment of slowly adapting type 1 mechanoreceptors in mice following vincristine treatmentNeuroscience Letters.  738. 2020
2020 Tentonin 3 as a baroreceptor mechanosensor: Not a stretchJournal of Clinical Investigation.  130:3412-3415. 2020
2020 Spinal Mobilization Prevents NGF-Induced Trunk Mechanical Hyperalgesia and Attenuates Expression of CGRPFrontiers in Neuroscience.  14. 2020
2020 Effects on tactile transmission by serotonin transporter inhibitors at Merkel discs of mouse whisker hair folliclesMolecular Pain.  16. 2020
2020 Pressure-clamped single-fiber recording technique: A new recording method for studying sensory receptorsMolecular Pain.  16. 2020
2019 TREK-1 and TRAAK Are Principal K+ Channels at the Nodes of Ranvier for Rapid Action Potential Conduction on Mammalian Myelinated Afferent NervesNeuron.  104:960-971.e7. 2019
2019 Functional properties of mechanoreceptors in mouse whisker hair follicles determined by the pressure-clamped single-fiber recording techniqueNeuroscience Letters.  707. 2019
2019 Impairment of tactile responses and Piezo2 channel mechanotransduction in mice following chronic vincristine treatmentNeuroscience Letters.  705:14-19. 2019
2019 Neuropathic pain and Kv7 voltage-gated potassium channels: The potential role of Kv7 activators in the treatment of neuropathic painMolecular Pain.  15. 2019
2019 Effects of norepinephrine and β2 receptor antagonist ICI 118,551 on whisker hair follicle mechanoreceptors dissatisfy Merkel discs being adrenergic synapsesMolecular Brain.  12. 2019
2019 Orofacial operant behaviors and electrophysiological properties of trigeminal ganglion neurons following masseter muscle inflammation in ratsNeuroscience Letters.  694:208-214. 2019
2018 Effects of cooling temperatures and low pH on membrane properties and voltage-dependent currents of rat nociceptive-like trigeminal ganglion neuronsMolecular Pain.  14. 2018
2018 Heterogeneity of adult masseter muscle satellite cells with cardiomyocyte differentiation potentialExperimental Cell Research.  371:20-30. 2018
2018 Characterization of temperature-sensitive leak K+ currents and expression of TRAAK, TREK-1, and TREK2 channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons of ratsMolecular Brain.  11. 2018
2018 Urothelial bladder afferent neurons in the rat are anatomically and neurochemically distinct from non-urothelial afferentsBrain Research.  1689:45-53. 2018
2018 Role of KCNQ2 channels in orofacial cold sensitivity: KCNQ2 upregulation in trigeminal ganglion neurons after infraorbital nerve chronic constrictive injuryNeuroscience Letters.  664:84-90. 2018
2018 Abstracts of the 7th Asian Pain SymposiumMolecular Pain.  14. 2018
2018 Down-regulation of kv4.3 channels and a-type kþ currents in v2 trigeminal ganglion neurons of rats following oxaliplatin treatmentMolecular Pain.  14. 2018
2017 Orofacial neuropathic pain induced by oxaliplatin: Downregulation of KCNQ2 channels in V2 trigeminal ganglion neurons and treatment by the KCNQ2 channel potentiator retigabineMolecular Pain.  13. 2017
2017 Effects of cold temperatures on the excitability of rat trigeminal ganglion neurons that are not for cold sensingJournal of Neurochemistry.  141:532-543. 2017
2017 Serotonergic transmission at Merkel discs: modulation by exogenously applied chemical messengers and involvement of Ih currentsJournal of Neurochemistry.  141:565-576. 2017
2017 Membrane Mechanics of Primary Afferent Neurons in the Dorsal Root Ganglia of RatsBiophysical Journal.  112:1654-1662. 2017
2016 Electrophysiological property and chemical sensitivity of primary afferent neurons that innervate rat whisker hair folliclesMolecular Pain.  12. 2016
2016 Mechanical sensitivity and electrophysiological properties of acutely dissociated dorsal root ganglion neurons of ratsNeuroscience Letters.  634:70-75. 2016
2016 Electrophysiological properties of lumbosacral primary afferent neurons innervating urothelial and non-urothelial layers of mouse urinary bladderBrain Research.  1648:81-89. 2016
2016 Merkel disc is a serotonergic synapse in the epidermis for transmitting tactile signals in mammals 2016
2016 Regulation of Piezo2 mechanotransduction by static plasma membrane tension in primary afferent neuronsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  291:9087-9104. 2016
2016 EXPRESS] Electrophysiological property and chemical sensitivity of primary afferent neurons that innervate rat whisker hair folliclesMolecular Pain.  12. 2016
2015 KCNQ channels in nociceptive cold-sensing trigeminal ganglion neurons as therapeutic targets for treating orofacial cold hyperalgesiaMolecular Pain.  11. 2015
2015 In Situ Patch-Clamp Recordings from Merkel Cells in Rat Whisker Hair Follicles, an Experimental Protocol for Studying Tactile Transduction in Tactile-End OrgansMolecular Pain.  11. 2015
2015 Properties of neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells of Gaucher disease type 2 patient fibroblasts: Potential role in neuropathologyPLoS One.  10. 2015
2014 Piezo2 channel conductance and localization domains in Merkel cells of rat whisker hair folliclesNeuroscience Letters.  583:210-215. 2014
2014 Merkel cells transduce and encode tactile stimuli to drive aβ-Afferent impulsesCell.  157:664-675. 2014
2013 GTP-dependent run-up of Piezo2-type mechanically activated currents in rat dorsal root ganglion neuronsMolecular Brain.  6. 2013
2013 Organic acids on the growth, anatomical structure, biochemical parameters and heavy metal accumulation of Iris lactea var. chinensis seedling growing in Pb mine tailings.Ecotoxicology.  22:1033-1042. 2013
2013 Operant behavioral responses to orofacial cold stimuli in rats with chronic constrictive trigeminal nerve injury: Effects of menthol and capsazepineMolecular Pain.  9. 2013
2013 Promoter demethylation of cystathionine-β-synthetase gene contributes to inflammatory pain in ratsPain.  154:34-45. 2013
2012 Upregulation of cystathionine beta-synthetase expression by nuclear factor-kappa B activation contributes to visceral hypersensitivity in adult rats with neonatal maternal deprivationMolecular Pain.  8. 2012
2012 Sensory discrimination between innocuous and noxious cold by TRPM8-expressing DRG neurons of ratsMolecular Pain.  8. 2012
2012 Assessment of chronic trigeminal neuropathic pain by the orofacial operant test in ratsBehavioural Brain Research.  234:82-90. 2012
2012 Thermal sensitivity of voltage-gated Na+ channels and A-type K+ channels contributes to somatosensory neuron excitability at cooling temperaturesJournal of Neurochemistry.  122:1145-1154. 2012
2012 Temperature dependence of rapidly adapting mechanically activated currents in rat dorsal root ganglion neuronsNeuroscience Letters.  522:79-84. 2012
2012 Electroacupuncture alleviates stress-induced visceral hypersensitivity through an opioid system in ratsWorld Journal of Gastroenterology.  18:7201-7211. 2012
2011 TRPM8 acute desensitization is mediated by calmodulin and requires PIP 2: Distinction from tachyphylaxisJournal of Neurophysiology.  106:3056-3066. 2011
2011 Shear mechanical force induces an increase of intracellular Ca2+ in cultured merkel cells prepared from rat vibrissal hair folliclesJournal of Neurophysiology.  106:460-469. 2011
2011 Glutamate acts as a neurotransmitter for gastrin releasing peptide-sensitive and insensitive itch-related synaptic transmission in mammalian spinal cordMolecular Pain.  7. 2011
2011 Are voltage-gated sodium channels on the dorsal root ganglion involved in the development of neuropathic pain?Molecular Pain.  7. 2011
2010 Menthol response and adaptation in nociceptive-like and nonnociceptive-like neurons: Role of protein kinasesMolecular Pain.  6. 2010
2009 Insulin resistance acts as an independent risk factor exacerbating high-purine diet induced renal injury and knee joint gouty lesionsInflammation Research.  58:659-668. 2009
2009 Amyloid-β induces a caspase-mediated cleavage of P2X4 to promote purinotoxicityNeuroMolecular Medicine.  11:63-75. 2009
2008 TRPM8 mechanism of autonomic nerve response to cold in respiratory airwayMolecular Pain.  4. 2008
2008 Hit a new highMolecular Pain.  4. 2008
2007 TRPM8 mechanism of cold allodynia after chronic nerve injury 2007
2007 The activation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors enhances the inhibitory synaptic transmission in the deep dorsal horn neurons of the adult rat spinal cordMolecular Pain.  3. 2007
2007 Inward currents induced by ischemia in rat spinal cord dorsal horn neuronsMolecular Pain.  3. 2007
2007 Progress and future of molecular painMolecular Pain.  3. 2007
2006 Recent advances in basic neurosciences and brain disease: From synapses to behaviorMolecular Pain.  2. 2006
2006 Relationship between tonic inhibitory currents and phasic inhibitory activity in the spinal cord lamina II region of adult miceMolecular Pain.  2. 2006
2006 P2X purinoceptors and sensory transmission 2006
2006 Chemical and cold sensitivity of two distinct populations of TRPM8-expressing somatosensory neuronsJournal of Neurophysiology.  95:1221-1230. 2006
2005 Role of spinal cord glutamate transporter during normal sensory transmission and pathological pain statesMolecular Pain.  1. 2005
2005 Substance P-driven feed-forward inhibitory activity in the mammalian spinal cordMolecular Pain.  1. 2005
2005 Physical interaction and functional coupling between ACDP4 and the intracellular ion chaperone COX11, an implication of the role of ACDP4 in essential metal ion transport and homeostasisMolecular Pain.  1. 2005
2005 A P2X receptor-mediated nociceptive afferent pathway to lamina I of the spinal cordMolecular Pain.  1. 2005
2005 Molecular pain, a new era of pain research and medicineMolecular Pain.  1. 2005
2004 P2X receptor-mediated purinergic sensory pathways to the spinal cord dorsal hornPurinergic Signalling.  1:11-16. 2004
2004 Menthol-Induced Ca2+ Release from Presynaptic Ca2+ Stores Potentiates Sensory Synaptic Transmission 2004
2004 Molecular cloning and characterization of the mouse Acdp gene familyBMC Genomics.  5. 2004
2003 P2X receptor-mediated modulation of sensory tansmission to the spinal cord dorsal horn 2003
2003 Distinct roles of P2X receptors in modulating glutamate release at different primary sensory synapses in rat spinal cordJournal of Neurophysiology.  89:3243-3252. 2003
2003 TNP-ATP-resistant P2X ionic current on the central terminals and somata of rat primary sensory neuronsJournal of Neurophysiology.  89:3235-3242. 2003
2003 Cannabinoid receptor-1 activation suppresses inhibitory synaptic activity in human dentate gyrusNeuropharmacology.  45:116-121. 2003
2003 Modulation of inhibitory synaptic activity by a non-α4β2, non-α7 subtype of nicotinic receptors in the substantia gelatinosa of adult rat spinal cordPain.  101:13-23. 2003
2002 Activation of central terminal vanilloid receptor-1 receptors and αβ-methylene-ATP-sensitive P2X receptors reveals a converged synaptic activity onto the deep dorsal horn neurons of the spinal cord 2002
2002 Expression of adenosine triphosphate P2X3 receptors in rat molar pulp and trigeminal gangliaOral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology.  94:622-626. 2002
2001 Depletion of substance P from rat primary sensory neurons by ATP, an implication of P2X receptor-mediated release of substance PNeuroscience.  107:293-300. 2001
2001 ATP P2X receptor-mediated enhancement of glutamate release and evoked EPSCs in dorsal horn neurons of the rat spinal cord 2001
2000 Distribution of P2X1, P2X2, and P2X3 receptor subunits in rat primary afferents: Relation to population markers and specific cell typesJournal of Chemical Neuroanatomy.  20:141-162. 2000
2000 P2X1 receptor subunit immunoreactivity and ATP-evoked fast currents in adult rat dorsal root ganglion neuronsNeuroReport.  11:3589-3592. 2000
2000 Distribution patterns of different P2x receptor phenotypes in acutely dissociated dorsal root fanglion neuron of adult ratsExperimental Brain Research.  134:126-132. 2000
2000 Subclassified acutely dissociated cells of rat DRG: Histochemistry and patterns of capsaicin-, proton-, and ATP-activated currentsJournal of Neurophysiology.  84:2365-2379. 2000
1998 Effects of the P2-purinoceptor antagonists suramin and pyridoxal- phosphate-6-azophenyl-2',4'-disulfonic acid on glutamatergic synaptic transmission in rat dorsal horn neurons of the spinal cordNeuroscience Letters.  253:167-170. 1998
1997 Activation of ATP P2X receptors elicits glutamate release from sensory neuron synapsesNature.  389:749-753. 1997
1996 Ca2+-dependent inactivation of NMDA receptors: Fast kinetics and high Ca2+ sensitivity in rat dorsal horn neurons 1996
1996 Synaptic strengthening through activation of Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptorsNature.  381:793-796. 1996
1993 [3H]Adenosine Transport in Synaptoneurosomes of Postmortem Human BrainJournal of Neurochemistry.  60:2232-2237. 1993
1991 L‐[3H]Adenosine, a New Metabolically Stable Enantiomeric Probe for Adenosine Transport Systems in Rat Brain SynaptoneurosomesJournal of Neurochemistry.  56:548-552. 1991
1988 Effect of β-phenyl lactic acid on platelet aggregation, thrombosis, and plasma cAMP contentActa Pharmacologica Sinica.  9:249-251. 1988


Year Title Altmetric
2018 Molecular mechanisms of the sense of touch: An overview of mechanical transduction and transmission in merkel discs of whisker hair follicles and some clinical perspectives.  1-12. 2018
2016 Pain.  1091-1149. 2016
2013 Pain.  965-1023. 2013

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