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Year Title Altmetric
2020 Clinical Outcomes of Percutaneous Plantar Fasciotomy Using Microdebrider Coblation Wand 2020
2020 Biomechanical comparison of plantar-to-dorsal and dorsal-to-plantar screw fixation strength for subtalar arthrodesis 2020
2020 Kinematic and kinetic comparison between American and Japanese collegiate pitchers 2020
2020 The influence of baseball pitching distance on pitching biomechanics, pitch velocity, and ball movement 2020
2019 Variability in Baseball Throwing Metrics During a Structured Long-Toss Program: Does One Size Fit All or Should Programs Be Individualized? 2019
2019 Portal Placement and Biomechanical Performance of Endoscopic Proximal Hamstring Repair 2019
2019 Longevity among Major League Baseball Players - Play Ball! 2019
2019 Baseball Pitching Biomechanics Shortly After Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair 2019
2019 Kinematic and kinetic differences between left-and right-handed professional baseball pitchers 2019
2019 Baseball Pitchers’ Perceived Effort Does Not Match Actual Measured Effort During a Structured Long-Toss Throwing Program 2019
2019 The influence of mound height on baseball movement and pitching biomechanics 2019
2019 Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair 2019
2019 Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair With Collagen-Dipped FiberTape Augmentation in Overhead-Throwing Athletes 2019
2019 Fastball velocity and elbow-varus torque in professional baseball pitchers 2019
2019 Biomechanical Differences Between Japanese and American Professional Baseball Pitchers 2019
2019 Epidemiology of Shoulder and Elbow Injuries Among US High School Softball Players, 2005-2006 Through 2016-2017 2019
2019 The Relationship of Throwing Arm Mechanics and Elbow Varus Torque: Response 2019
2019 The relationship between variability in baseball pitching kinematics and consistency in pitch location 2019
2018 Differences among overhand, 3-quarter, and sidearm pitching biomechanics in professional baseball players 2018
2018 Do Mound Height and Pitching Distance Affect Youth Baseball Pitching Biomechanics? 2018
2018 Do baseball pitchers improve mechanics after biomechanical evaluations? 2018
2018 Effect of a 6-Week Weighted Baseball Throwing Program on Pitch Velocity, Pitching Arm Biomechanics, Passive Range of Motion, and Injury Rates 2018
2018 Incidence of Elbow Ulnar Collateral Ligament Surgery in Collegiate Baseball Players 2018
2018 Editorial Commentary: Changing Times in Sports Biomechanics: Baseball Pitching Injuries and Emerging Wearable Technology 2018
2018 Changes in Youth Baseball Pitching Biomechanics: A 7-Year Longitudinal Study 2018
2018 Return to Play and Outcomes in Baseball Players After Superior Labral Anterior-Posterior Repairs 2018
2017 Biomechanical Comparisons Among Fastball, Slider, Curveball, and Changeup Pitch Types and Between Balls and Strikes in Professional Baseball Pitchers 2017
2017 The Relationship of Throwing Arm Mechanics and Elbow Varus Torque: Within-Subject Variation for Professional Baseball Pitchers Across 82,000 Throws 2017
2017 Variables Associated with Chondral and Meniscal Injuries in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery 2017
2017 Finger forces in fastball baseball pitching 2017
2017 Return to play and decreased performance after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in national football league defensive players 2017
2017 Biomechanical Analysis of Weighted-Ball Exercises for Baseball Pitchers 2017
2016 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Baseball Players 2016
2016 Kinematic comparison of baseball batting off of a tee among various competition levels 2016
2016 Risk Factors for Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 2016
2016 Differences among fastball, curveball, and change-up pitching biomechanics across various levels of baseball 2016
2016 Biomechanical Comparison of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair with Internal Bracing Versus Modified Jobe Reconstruction 2016
2016 The effects of baseball bat mass properties on swing mechanics, ground reaction forces, and swing timing 2016
2015 Return to play after chondroplasty of the knee in national football league athletes 2015
2015 Tibiofemoral contact biomechanics following meniscocapsular separation and repair 2015
2015 Biomechanical Performance of Baseball Pitchers with a History of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction 2015
2015 Deficits in Glenohumeral Passive Range of Motion Increase Risk of Shoulder Injury in Professional Baseball Pitchers 2015
2015 Prevalence of ulnar collateral ligament surgery in professional baseball players 2015
2015 Torsional Fracture of the Humerus after Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis with an Interference Screw: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study 2015
2014 Visualization and reduction of a mensical capsular junction tear in the knee: an arthroscopic surgical technique 2014
2014 Return to Play After Shoulder Stabilization in National Football League Athletes. 2014
2014 Deficiencies in pitching biomechanics in baseball players with a history of superior labrum anterior-posterior repair 2014
2014 Deficits in glenohumeral passive range of motion increase risk of elbow injury in professional baseball pitchers: A prospective study 2014
2014 Physical activity when young provides lifelong benefits to cortical bone size and strength in men 2014
2014 Return to Play After Shoulder Stabilization in National Football League Athletes 2014
2014 Risk-prone pitching activities and injuries in youth baseball: Findings from a national sample 2014
2013 Return to athletic activity after plate fixation of displaced midshaft clavicle fractures 2013
2013 Glenohumeral Passive Range Of Motion And The Correlation To Elbow Injuries In Professional Baseball Pitchers. 2013
2013 Glenohumeral Passive Range of Motion and the Correlation to Shoulder Injuries in Professional Baseball Pitchers. 2013
2013 Glenohumeral passive range of motion and the correlation to elbow injuries in professional baseball pitchers 2013
2013 Glenohumeral passive range of motion and the correlation to shoulder injuries in professional baseball pitchers 2013
2013 Biomechanical insights into the aetiology of infraspinatus syndrome 2013
2013 Associations between timing in the baseball pitch and shoulder kinetics, elbow kinetics, and ball speed 2013
2013 Cannulated screw fixation of refractory olecranon stress fractures with and without associated injuries allows a return to baseball 2013
2013 Trunk axial rotation in baseball pitching and batting 2013
2012 The feasibility of randomized controlled trials for early arthritis therapies (EARTH) involving acute anterior cruciate ligament tear cohorts 2012
2012 Prevention of Elbow Injuries in Youth Baseball Pitchers 2012
2012 Comparison of three baseball-specific 6-week training programs on throwing velocity in high school baseball players 2012
2012 Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction with gracilis tendon in athletes with intraligamentous bony excision: Technique and results 2012
2011 Editorial 2011
2011 The effect of pitch type on ground reaction forces in the baseball swing 2011
2011 Correlation of glenohumeral internal rotation deficit and total rotational motion to shoulder injuries in professional baseball pitchers 2011
2011 Risk of serious injury for young baseball pitchers: A 10-year prospective study 2011
2011 Biomechanical comparison of baseball pitching and long-toss: Implications for training and rehabilitation 2011
2011 What is the true evidence for gender-related differences during plant and cut maneuvers? A systematic review 2011
2010 Effects of a 4-Week youth baseball conditioning program on throwing velocity 2010
2010 Passive ranges of motion of the hips and their relationship with pitching biomechanics and ball velocity in professional baseball pitchers 2010
2010 Return to play after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in national football league athletes 2010
2010 Cruciate ligament forces between short-step and long-step forward lunge 2010
2010 Upper Limb Biomechanics During the Volleyball Serve and Spike 2010
2010 Cruciate ligament tensile forces during the forward and side lunge 2010
2009 Prevention of elbow injuries in youth baseball pitchers 2009
2009 Baseball pitching biomechanics in relation to injury risk and performance 2009
2009 Patellofemoral joint force and stress during the wall squat and one-leg squat 2009
2009 Variability in baseball pitching biomechanics among various levels of competition 2009
2009 Cruciate ligament force during the wall squat and the one-leg squat 2009
2009 A comparison of age level on baseball hitting kinematics 2009
2009 Biomechanical comparison between elite female and male baseball pitchers 2009
2009 Effects of bat grip on baseball hitting kinematics 2009
2008 Swing kinematics for male and female pro golfers. 2008
2008 Patellofemoral compressive force and stress during the forward and side lunges with and without a stride 2008
2008 Kinematic analysis of swing in pro and amateur golfers. 2008
2008 A biomechanical comparison of youth baseball pitches: Is the curveball potentially harmful? 2008
2008 Changes in shoulder and elbow passive range of motion after pitching in professional baseball players 2008
2008 Biomechanical comparison of the fastball from wind-up and the fastball from stretch in professional baseball pitchers 2008
2008 Patellofemoral joint force and stress between a short- and long-step forward lunge 2008
2008 Prevention of arm injury in youth baseball pitchers. 2008
2007 Electromyographic analysis of the supraspinatus and deltoid muscles during 3 common rehabilitation exercises 2007
2007 Outcome analysis of agility total ankle replacement with prior adjunctive procedures: Two to six year followup 2007
2007 Pitching biomechanics as a pitcher approaches muscular fatigue during a simulated baseball game 2007
2007 The relationship between age and baseball pitching kinematics in professional baseball pitchers 2007
2006 Elbow biomechanics during sports: 21st Century research 2006
2006 Risk factors for shoulder and elbow injuries in adolescent baseball pitchers 2006
2006 Kinetic comparison among the fastball, curveball, change-up, and slider in collegiate baseball pitchers 2006
2006 Influence of shoulder abduction and lateral trunk tilt on peak elbow varus torque for college baseball pitchers during simulated pitching 2006
2006 Kinematic constraints associated with the acquisition of overarm throwing part I: Step and trunk actions 2006
2006 Kinematic constraints associated with the acquisition of overarm throwing part II: Upper extremity actions 2006
2006 Technique and results of achilles tendon detachment and reconstruction for insertional achilles tendinosis 2006
2005 Relationship of biomechanical factors to baseball pitching velocity: Within pitcher variation 2005
2004 Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction in high school baseball players: Clinical results and injury risk factors 2004
2004 Biomechanics of the elbow in sports 2004
2004 Change in plantarflexion strength after complete detachment and reconstruction of the Achilles tendon 2004
2004 Electromyographic analysis of the rotator cuff and deltoid musculature during common shoulder external rotation exercises 2004
2003 Baseball: Accuracy of qualitative analysis for assessment of skilled baseball pitching technique 2003
2003 Anchor enhanced capsulorraphy in bunionectomies using an L-shaped capsulotomy 2003
2003 Technique effects on upper limb loading in the tennis serve 2003
2003 Tennis: Kinematics used by world class tennis players to produce high‐velocity serves 2003
2002 Baseball: Kinematic and Kinetic comparisons between American and Korean professional baseball pitchers 2002
2002 Effect of pitch type, pitch count, and pitching mechanics on risk of elbow and shoulder pain in youth baseball pitchers 2002
2001 The Effects of Varying Resistance-Training Loads on Intermediate- and High-Velocity-Specific Adaptations 2001
2001 A three-dimensional biomechanical analysis of the squat during varying stance widths 2001
2001 Comparison of kinematic and temporal parameters between different pitch velocity groups 2001
2001 Effects of technique variations on knee biomechanics during the squat and leg press 2001
2001 Kinematic comparisons of 1996 Olympic baseball pitchers 2001
2001 Longitudinal study of elbow and shoulder pain in youth baseball pitchers 2001
2001 Relationship of pelvis and upper torso kinematics to pitched baseball velocity 2001
2001 Relationship of ulnar collateral ligament strain to amount of medial olecranon osteotomy 2001
2000 A three-dimensional biomechanical analysis of sumo and conventional style deadlifts 2000
2000 Biomechanics and rehabilitation of elbow injuries during throwing 2000
2000 Biomechanics of the Overhead Throwing Motion 2000
2000 Effects of throwing overweight and underweight baseballs on throwing velocity and accuracy 2000
1999 Kinematic and kinetic comparison of baseball pitching among various levels of development 1999
1999 The Effects of Compensatory Acceleration on Upper-Body Strength and Power in Collegiate Football Players 1999
1999 Biomechanics and injuries of the shoulder during throwing 1999
1999 Elbow injuries in young baseball players 1999
1998 Biomechanics of the knee during closed kinetic chain and open kinetic chain exercises 1998
1998 Biomechanics of windmill softball pitching with implications about injury mechanisms at the shoulder and elbow 1998
1998 Kinematic analysis of the wrist and forearm during baseball pitching 1998
1998 Kinematic comparisons of throwing different types of baseball pitches 1998
1998 Preventing throwing injuries. 1998
1997 Kinetic chain exercise: Implications for the anterior cruciate ligament patient 1997
1996 A comparison of tibiofemoral joint forces and electromyographic activity during open and closed kinetic chain exercises 1996
1996 Biomechanics of overhand throwing with implications for injuries 1996
1996 Biomechanics of the elbow in the throwing athlete 1996
1996 Kinematic and kinetic comparison between baseball pitching and football passing 1996
1995 Biomechanical aspects of the elbow in sports 1995
1995 Kinetics of Baseball Pitching with Implications About Injury Mechanisms 1995
1993 Biomechanics of pitching with emphasis upon shoulder kinematics 1993
1993 Biomechanics of the elbow during baseball pitching 1993


Year Title Altmetric
2005 Baseball injuries.  Ed. 49.  2005


Year Title Altmetric
2009 Biomechanics of the Shoulder During Sports.  365-384. 2009
2009 Baseball.  59-77. 2009

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