Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2019 The role of lipopolysaccharide-induced extracellular vesicles in cardiac cell deathBiology.  8. 2019
2017 PDK4 Inhibits Cardiac Pyruvate Oxidation in Late PregnancyCirculation Research.  121:1370-1378. 2017
2017 Development of dilated cardiomyopathy and impaired calcium homeostasis with cardiac-specific deletion of ESRRβ 2017
2017 Hypothalamic ΔFosB prevents age-related metabolic decline and functions via SNSAging.  9:353-369. 2017
2017 VEGF-B: Friend or foe to the heart in times of nutrient excess? 2017
2016 Integrative Analysis of PRKAG2 Cardiomyopathy iPS and Microtissue Models Identifies AMPK as a Regulator of Metabolism, Survival, and FibrosisCell Reports.  17:3292-3304. 2016
2016 Biotinylation: A novel posttranslational modification linking cell autonomous circadian clocks with metabolism 2016
2016 Adult expression of PGC-1α and -1β in skeletal muscle is not required for endurance exercise-induced enhancement of exercise capacity 2016
2014 PGC-1α induces SPP1 to activate macrophages and orchestrate functional angiogenesis in skeletal muscleCirculation Research.  115:504-517. 2014
2014 Running forward new frontiers in endurance exercise biologyCirculation.  129:798-810. 2014
2013 Disconnecting Mitochondrial Content from Respiratory Chain Capacity in PGC-1-Deficient Skeletal MuscleCell Reports.  3:1449-1456. 2013
2013 Oncogenic BRAF regulates oxidative metabolism via PGC1α and MITFCancer Cell.  23:302-315. 2013
2011 Pgc-1β regulates angiogenesis in skeletal muscle 2011
2010 PGC-1 coactivators in cardiac development and diseaseCirculation Research.  107:825-838. 2010
2009 Zfp521 antagonizes Runx2, delays osteoblast differentiation in vitro, and promotes bone formation in vivoBONE.  44:528-536. 2009
2001 Novel antineoplastic isochalcones inhibit the expression of cyclooxygenase 1,2 and EGF in human prostate cancer cell line LNCaP.Cellular and Molecular Biology.  47:1039-1045. 2001

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cell / Cellular and Molecular Biology, Yale University 2007
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  • Glenn Rowe