Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 A pictorial review of gall stones and its associated complicationsClinical Imaging.  60:228-236. 2020
2020 18F-Sodium Fluoride PET: History, Technical Feasibility, Mechanism of Action, Normal Biodistribution, and Diagnostic Performance in Bone Metastasis Detection Compared with Other Imaging ModalitiesJournal of Nuclear Medicine Technology.  48:9-16. 2020
2020 Brainstem Encephalitis. The Role of Imaging in DiagnosisCurrent Problems in Diagnostic Radiology2020
2020 Myocardial Sympathetic Innervation Imaging with MIBG in Dementia with Lewy BodiesJournal of Nuclear Cardiology2020
2020 Pseudohypoxic Brain Swelling: Report of 2 Cases and Introduction of the Lentiform Rim Sign as Potential MRI MarkerWorld Neurosurgery.  133:221-226. 2020
2019 Severe arthritis and tenosynovitis caused by immune checkpoint blockade therapy with pembrolizumab (anti-PD-1 antibody)Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings.  32:419-421. 2019
2019 Utility of scintigraphy in assessment of noninfectious complications of peritoneal dialysisJournal of Nuclear Medicine Technology.  47:163-168. 2019
2019 PHACES syndrome with ectopia cordis and hemihypertrophyBaylor University Medical Center Proceedings.  32:237-239. 2019
2019 Type 2 persistent primitive proatlantal intersegmental artery, a rare variant of persistent carotid-vertebrobasilar anastomosesBaylor University Medical Center Proceedings.  32:101-104. 2019
2019 A systematic approach in the diagnosis of paediatric skull lesions: What radiologists need to know 2019
2019 Somatostatin receptor positron emission tomography: Beyond gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors 2019
2018 Regional changes in brain 18F-FDG uptake after prophylactic cranial irradiation and chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer may reflect functional changesJournal of Nuclear Medicine Technology.  46:355-358. 2018
2018 Bilateral persistent primitive hypoglossal artery presenting with hemiplegiaRadiology Case Reports.  13:1072-1075. 2018
2018 Investigational PET tracers for high-grade gliomas 2018
2017 Imaging of Atypical Brain Infections and Infection Mimics in ChildrenJournal of Pediatric Neurology.  15:228-240. 2017
2017 Imaging of Meningitis and Meningoencephalitis in ChildrenJournal of Pediatric Neurology.  15:221-227. 2017
2017 Infections of the Spine and Spinal Cord in ChildrenJournal of Pediatric Neurology.  15:241-250. 2017
2017 Feasibility Study of Flow Compensation to Improve Diagnostic Quality of T1 Post Contrast Spin Echo MRI Through the Posterior FossaInternational Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS).  5. 2017
2016 Optimal time points for scintigraphic imaging of pleuroperitoneal shuntsClinical Nuclear Medicine.  41:766-768. 2016
2016 A Classification System for the Spread of Polymethyl Methacrylate in Vertebral Bodies Treated with Vertebral AugmentationTomography : a journal for imaging research.  2:197-202. 2016
2016 Pitfalls in the performance and interpretation of scintigraphic imaging for pleuroperitoneal shuntClinical Nuclear Medicine.  41:858-861. 2016
2014 Six-minute magnetic resonance imaging protocol for evaluation of acute ischemic stroke: Pushing the boundariesStroke.  45:1985-1991. 2014
2012 Multifocal Skeletal Tuberculosis Involving the Lumbar Spine and Iliac Bone, Mimicking a Malignant Bone Tumour: A Case ReportMalaysian Orthopaedic Journal.  6:51-53. 2012

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  • Private Grant  awarded by IMAGINAB 2019 - 2021
  • Education And Training

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS), Baba Farid University of Health Sciences 2006
  • Government Medical College, Internship 2006
  • Government Medical College, Residency 2010
  • Banner University of Arizona, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017
  • University of Arizona, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2016
  • University of Arizona, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015
  • University of Arizona, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2014
  • Full Name

  • Gagandeep Choudhary