Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Daily context for abusive and neglectful behavior in family caregiving for dementiaGerontologist.  60:483-493. 2020
2019 Transitioning into the caregiver role following a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or related dementia: A scoping reviewInternational Journal of Nursing Studies.  96:119-131. 2019
2018 Advancing care for family caregivers of persons with dementia through caregiver and community partnershipsResearch Involvement and Engagement.  4. 2018
2017 Beyond the Horizon: International Learning Experiences, Community Engagement, and Mental Health in GuatemalaIssues in Mental Health Nursing.  38:455-457. 2017
2016 The citizen scientist: Community-academic partnerships through Translational Advisory BoardsPatient Education and Counseling.  99:2087-2090. 2016
2015 Standards of Best Practice: Simulation Standard VIII: Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education (Sim-IPE)Clinical Simulation in Nursing.  11:293-297. 2015
2014 AONE and AONE Foundation Honor 2014 Award RecipientsNurse Leader.  12:21-23. 2014
2014 Chronic social stress in puberty alters appetitive male sexual behavior and neural metabolic activity 2014
2012 Improving the odds through the Collaboration Success WizardTranslational Behavioral Medicine.  2:480-486. 2012
2009 Risk assessment and avoidance in juvenile golden hamsters exposed to repeated stress 2009
2007 Functional networks underlying latent inhibition learning in the mouse brainNeuroImage.  38:171-183. 2007

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  • Frank Puga