Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2006 Creating a regional pediatric medical disaster preparedness network: Imperative and issuesMaternal and Child Health Journal.  10:391-396. 2006
2006 Interstate transfer of pediatric patients during Hurricane KatrinaPediatrics (Spanish Edition).  117. 2006
2006 Moving hospitalized children all over the southeast: interstate transfer of pediatric patients during Hurricane Katrina.Pediatrics.  117. 2006
2003 Do local opinion leaders augment Hospital quality improvement efforts? A randomized trial to promote adherence to Unstable Angina GuidelinesMedical Care.  41:420-431. 2003
2002 Compliance with vision-screening guidelines among a national sample of pediatricians 2002
2001 Support of universal newborn hearing screening among mothers and health care providersChild: Care, Health and Development.  7:283-295. 2001
2001 Improving Adherence to Guidelines: Impact of an Opinion Leader Quality Improvement InterventionJournal of General Internal Medicine.  16, Supp. 2001
2000 Optimal reporting of health care process measures: inferential statistics as help or hindrance?Managed Care Quarterly.  8:1-10. 2000
2000 The art and science of chart review. 2000
1999 Variation in length of stay for pediatric Medicaid inpatientsChild: Care, Health and Development.  5:15-26. 1999
1998 An unusual source of lead poisoningClinical Pediatrics.  37:377-380. 1998
1998 Pediatric discourse on corporal punishment: A historical reviewAggression and Violent Behavior.  3:357-368. 1998
1997 The pediatric costs of strategies for minimizing the risk of early- onset group B streptococcal diseaseObstetrics and Gynecology.  90:347-352. 1997
1997 Comparison of inpatient charges between academic and nonacademic services in a children's hospitalPediatrics.  99:175-179. 1997
1997 How rural physicians compare on cost and quality measures for medicaid ambulatory care episodesJournal of Rural Health.  13:126-135. 1997
1997 Impact of care setting on cost and quality under medicaidJournal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.  8:202-213. 1997
1997 Limitations of the current child sexual abuse medical literature from a Bayesian perspectiveChild Maltreatment.  2:73-77. 1997
1997 Preferences of pregnant women and physicians for 2 strategies for prevention of early-onset group B streptococcal sepsis in neonatesJAMA Pediatrics.  151:712-718. 1997
1997 The importance of preparing medical students to manage different types of uncertaintyAcademic Medicine.  72:688-692. 1997
1996 A comparison of pediatric telephone management by residents versus nursesJournal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1996 A way to approach the strategic decisions facing academic health centersAcademic Medicine.  71:337-342. 1996
1996 Attitudes of academic pediatricians with a specific interest in child abuse toward the spanking of childrenJAMA Pediatrics.  150:1049-1053. 1996
1996 Impact of maternal group B streptococcal screening on pediatric management in full-term newbornsJAMA Pediatrics.  150:802-808. 1996
1996 Managing conflicting expectations to better achieve our division’;s goalsAcademic Medicine.  71:816. 1996
1996 Medical universities and academic health centers: Lessons of historyAcademic Medicine.  71:1141-1143. 1996
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1995 Strategies for the prevention of early-onset neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis: a decision analysisACOG Current Journal Review.  8:18-19. 1995
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1995 The influence of feelings on professional judgment 1995
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1992 Cross-functional, integrative team decision making: essential for effective QI in health care.QRB. Quality review bulletin.  18:157-163. 1992

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  • Private Grant  awarded by CANGENE CORPORATION 2007 - 2012
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University 1986
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Internship 1987
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Residency 1989
  • Full Name

  • Crayton Fargason