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Year Title Altmetric
2017 Toward a Simplified Software Process Improvement Framework for Small Software Development OrganizationsJournal of Global Information Technology Management2017
2017 Toward a simplified software process improvement framework for small software development organizationsJournal of Global Information Technology Management.  20:110-130. 2017
2016 An Evaluation of Software Development Practices among Small Firms in Developing Countries: A Test of a Simplified Software Process Improvement Model.JGIM.  24:45-70. 2016
2015 Jamaica's Internet Story based on the GDI FrameworkInternational Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector2015
2014 A Secure Knowledge Resource Management Theory for IT/IS OutsourcingInternational Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals.  5:55-69. 2014
2014 An ontology of controversial terms at the core of the systems life cycleInternational Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies.  9:171-183. 2014
2013 Toward the development of a social information system research modelPractical Neurology.  12:215-242. 2013
2012 Factors that influence the quality and success of information systems in firms within the English-Speaking CaribbeanTransactions - American Society for Artificial Internal Organs2012
2012 The contribution of process, people and perception to information systems quality and success: A jamaican studyAIDS.  55. 2012
2010 Social and Economic Studies: IntroductionSocial and Economic Studies- Institute of Social and Economic Research University of the West Indies Jamaica.  59:1-5. 2010
2009 Software development methodologies in organizations: Field investigation of use, acceptance, and applicationInformation Resources Management Journal.  22:16-39. 2009
2008 Increasing competitiveness in SIDS by building ICT resilience: An extension of the vulnerability hypothesis frameworkRound Table.  97:397-417. 2008
2008 Increasing competitiveness in SIDS by building ICT resilience: An extension of the vulnerability hypothesis frameworkThe Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs2008
2007 A modified capability framework for improving software production processes in Jamaican organizationsAIDS2007
2005 Employee rights and participation in the design of information systems: Codetermination Laws in the European Union and voluntary participation in the USJournal of Individual Employment Rights2005
2004 Integrating nominal group technique and joint application development for improved systems requirements determinationInformation and Management.  41:399-411. 2004
2004 Bridging the digital divide in Caribbean group decision-makingAIDS2004
2004 Silver Pellets for Improving Software QualityInformation Resources Management Journal.  17:1-21. 2004
2004 Supporting the JAD facilitator with the nominal group techniqueJournal of End User Computing.  16:1-19. 2004
2004 Toward an Undergraduate MIS Curriculum Model for Caribbean Institutions.JMIR Medical Education.  14:22-22. 2004
2004 Toward an undergraduate curriculum development model for information systems for Caribbean Institutions.EHJ Cardiovascular Imaging / European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging2004
2003 Generating Systems Requirements with Facilitated Group TechniquesHuman-Computer Interaction.  18:373-394. 2003
2003 Higher Quality Requirements: Supporting Joint Application Development with the Nominal Group Technique.Information Technology and Management.  4:391-408. 2003
2002 Using integrated decision support system for capital rationing problemsInternational Journal of Industrial Engineering.  9:184-189. 2002
2002 JAD can get betterJournal of International Technology and Information Management2002


Year Title Altmetric
2006 Measuring information systems delivery quality 2006
2006 Measuring Information Systems Delivery Quality 2006


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Jamaica's underachievement in ICT: An erosion of application effectiveness 2013
2012 Adoption and Diffusion Patterns of FOSS in Jamaican SMEs: A Study of Perceptions, Attitudes and Barriers 2012
2012 Assessing Mobile Value-Added Preference Structures: The Case of a developing country 2012
2006 Process-Centered contributions to information systems quality.  158-180. 2006
2006 The panorama of information systems quality.  1-27. 2006
2006 The panorama of information systems quality. In Measuring Information Systems Delivery Quality 2006
2005 Supporting the JAD facilitator with the nominal group technique.  151-173. 2005
2005 Tranquilizing the werewolf that attacks information systems quality 2005
2004 Reducing information systems maintenance by improving IS process quaality 2004

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