Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Western Dietary Pattern Derived by Multiple Statistical Methods Is Prospectively Associated with Subclinical Carotid Atherosclerosis in Midlife Women 2020
2020 Monthly variation of hot flashes, night sweats, and trouble sleeping: Effect of season and proximity to the final menstrual period (FMP) in the SWAN Menstrual Calendar substudy 2020
2019 Social Role-Related Stress and Social Role-Related Reward as Related to Subsequent Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in a Longitudinal Study of Midlife Women: The Study of Women's Health Across the Nation 2019
2019 Pregnancy-related events associated with subclinical cardiovascular disease burden in late midlife: SWAN 2019
2019 Advances in rehabilitation for chronic diseases: improving health outcomes and function. 2019
2019 Physical activity and quality of life in patients with pulmonary hypertension 2019
2019 Barriers to physical activity in patients with pulmonary hypertension 2019
2019 Prospective associations between beverage intake during the midlife and subclinical carotid atherosclerosis: The Study of Women's Health across the Nation 2019
2019 The Impact Of Structured Exercise Programs On Metabolic Syndrome And Its Components: A Systematic Review. 2019
2019 Wearable technology to reduce sedentary behavior and cvd risk in older adults: A pilot randomized clinical trial 2019
2018 Healthy lifestyle during the midlife is prospectively associated with less subclinical carotid atherosclerosis: The study of women’s health across the nation 2018
2011 Effectiveness-based guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in women-2011 update: A Guideline from the American Heart Association 2011

Education And Training

  • Master of Public Health in Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Harvard University 2000
  • Doctor of Medicine, Tufts University 1993
  • Rhode Island Hospital, Internship 1994
  • Rhode Island Hospital, Residency 1996
  • Tufts Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1999
  • Full Name

  • Elizabeth Jackson