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2019 Antiretroviral Activity of AMD11070 (An Orally Administered CXCR4 Entry Inhibitor): Results of NIH/NIAID AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol A5210 2019
2019 Extended CCR5 Blockade for Graft-versus-Host Disease Prophylaxis Improves Outcomes of Reduced-Intensity Unrelated Donor Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: A Phase II Clinical Trial. 2019
2018 Elvitegravir/cobicistat pharmacokinetics in pregnant and postpartum women with HIV 2018
2018 The Control of HIV After Antiretroviral Medication Pause (CHAMP) Study: Posttreatment Controllers Identified From 14 Clinical Studies. 2018
2018 HIV-1 proviral landscapes distinguish posttreatment controllers from noncontrollers 2018
2018 Monotypic low-level HIV viremias during antiretroviral therapy are associated with disproportionate production of X4 virions and systemic immune activation. 2018
2018 ACTG A5353: A Pilot Study of Dolutegravir Plus Lamivudine for Initial Treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1)-infected Participants with HIV-1 RNA <500000 Copies/mL 2018
2018 Dolutegravir Plus Lamivudine Maintains Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Suppression Through Week 48 in a Pilot Randomized Trial 2018
2018 Sensitivity of ivacaftor to drug-drug interactions with rifampin, a cytochrome P450 3A4 inducer 2018
2018 Dolutegravir pharmacokinetics in pregnant and postpartum women living with HIV 2018
2018 Brain neurotransmitter transporter/receptor genomics and efavirenz central nervous system adverse events 2018
2018 HIV RNA persists in rectal tissue despite rapid plasma virologic suppression with dolutegravir-based therapy 2018
2017 Pharmacokinetics of darunavir/ritonavir with etravirine both twice daily in human immunodeficiency virus-infected adolescents and young adults 2017
2017 Effective treatment of SIVcpz-induced immunodeficiency in a captive western chimpanzee 2017
2017 Clinical trial of the anti-PD-L1 antibody BMS-936559 in HIV-1 infected participants on suppressive antiretroviral therapy 2017
2017 Current status of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of HIV-1 entry inhibitors and HIV therapy 2017
2017 Resveratrol induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis with docetaxel in prostate cancer cells via a p53/p21WAF1/CIP1 and p27KIP1 pathway 2017
2016 Pharmacokinetics of unboosted atazanavir in treatment-experienced HIV-infected children, adolescents and young adults 2016
2016 Rilpivirine pharmacokinetics without and with darunavir/ritonavir once daily in adolescents and young adults 2016
2016 Pharmacokinetics of once-daily darunavir/ ritonavir with and without etravirine in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children, adolescents, and young adults 2016
2016 Pilot evaluation of ivacaftor for chronic bronchitis 2016
2016 Cerebrospinal fluid concentrations of tenofovir and emtricitabine in the setting of HIV-1 protease inhibitor-based regimens 2016
2015 A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of pleconaril for the treatment of neonates with enterovirus sepsis 2015
2015 Valganciclovir for Symptomatic Congenital Cytomegalovirus Disease 2015
2015 Population pharmacokinetic analysis of raltegravir pediatric formulations in HIV-infected children 4 weeks to 18 years of age 2015
2015 Perinatal pharmacokinetics of azithromycin for cesarean prophylaxis 2015
2015 Valganciclovir for symptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus disease 2015
2015 Helicase-primase as a target of new therapies for herpes simplex virus infections 2015
2015 Genomewide association study of tenofovir pharmacokinetics and creatinine clearance in AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocol A5202 2015
2015 Impact of protease inhibitors on intracellular concentration of tenofovir-diphosphate among HIV-1 infected patients 2015
2015 Less Bone Loss with Maraviroc- Versus Tenofovir-Containing Antiretroviral Therapy in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5303 Study 2015
2015 Pharmacokinetics and 48-week safety and efficacy of raltegravir for oral suspension in human immunodeficiency virus type-1-infected children 4 weeks to 2 years of age 2015
2015 Safety, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of dolutegravir in treatment-experienced HIV-1 infected adolescents : Forty-eight-week results from IMPAACT P1093 2015
2015 The authors reply 2015
2014 Pharmacokinetic Enhancers in HIV Therapeutics 2014
2014 Comparison of illumina and 454 deep sequencing in participants failing raltegravir-based antiretroviral therapy 2014
2014 La utilización del software educativo en el desarrollo de la educación ambiental en Cuba 2014
2014 Pharmacokinetics, safety, and 48-week efficacy of oral raltegravir in HIV-1-infected children aged 2 through 18 years 2014
2014 A sensitive HPLC-MS/MS method for the determination of dolutegravir in human plasma 2014
2014 Effect of protein binding on unbound atazanavir and darunavir cerebrospinal fluid concentrations 2014
2014 Integrated population pharmacokinetic/viral dynamic modelling of lopinavir/ritonavir in HIV-1 treatment-Naïve patients 2014
2014 Raltegravir pharmacokinetics in neonates following maternal dosing 2014
2014 Secondary metabolism pathway polymorphisms and plasma efavirenz concentrations in HIV-infected adults with CYP2B6 slow metabolizer genotypes 2014
2014 The posology of oseltamivir in infants with influenza infection using a population pharmacokinetic approach 2014
2014 Transplacental transfer of azithromycin and its use for eradicating intra-amniotic ureaplasma infection in a primate model 2014
2013 Genetic and non-genetic determinants of raltegravir penetration into cerebrospinal fluid: A single arm pharmacokinetic study 2013
2013 Virologic response, early HIV-1 decay, and maraviroc pharmacokinetics with the nucleos(t)ide-free regimen of maraviroc plus darunavir/ritonavir in a pilot study 2013
2013 Three distinct phases of HIV-1 RNA decay in treatment-naive patients receiving raltegravir-based antiretroviral therapy: ACTG A5248 2013
2013 Clinical and genetic determinants of plasma nevirapine exposure following an intrapartum dose to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission 2013
2013 Neuropsychometric correlates of efavirenz pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics following a single oral dose 2013
2013 Oseltamivir pharmacokinetics, dosing, and resistance among children aged <2 years with influenza 2013
2013 The impact of enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drugs on antiretroviral drug levels: A case-control study 2013
2013 Age-related differences in plasma and intracellular tenofovir concentrations in HIV-1-infected children, adolescents and adults 2013
2013 Raltegravir for HIV-1 infected children and adolescents: efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics. 2013
2013 Uptake of tenofovir and emtricitabine into non-monocytic female genital tract cells with and without hormonal contraceptives. 2013
2012 Genome-wide association study of plasma efavirenz pharmacokinetics in AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocols implicates several CYP2B6 variants 2012
2012 Measurement of plasma and intracellular concentrations of raltegravir in patients with HIV infection 2012
2012 Novel method to assess antiretroviral target trough concentrations using in vitro susceptibility data 2012
2012 Nevirapine exposure with WHO pediatric weight band dosing: Enhanced therapeutic concentrations predicted based on extensive international pharmacokinetic experience 2012
2012 Oseltamivir dosing in premature infants 2012
2012 A highly intensified ART regimen induces long-term viral suppression and restriction of the viral reservoir in a simian AIDS model 2012
2012 Acceptable plasma concentrations of raltegravir and etravirine when administered by gastrostomy tube in a patient with advanced multidrug-resistant human immunodeficiency virus infection 2012
2012 Reply to 'pharmacokinetic concerns related to darunavir/ritonavir plus raltegravir combination therapy trial' 2012
2012 Maternal azithromycin therapy for Ureaplasma intraamniotic infection delays preterm delivery and reduces fetal lung injury in a primate model 2012
2012 Tenofovir: Once-daily dosage in the management of HIV infection 2012
2011 Efficacy of a nucleoside-sparing regimen of darunavir/ritonavir plus raltegravir in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected patients (ACTG A5262) 2011
2011 Immune activation mediated change in alpha-1-acid glycoprotein: Impact on total and free lopinavir plasma exposure 2011
2011 Steady-state pharmacokinetics of tenofovir-based regimens in HIV-infected pediatric patients 2011
2011 A randomized crossover study to determine relative bioequivalence of tenofovir, emtricitabine, and efavirenz (Atripla) fixed-dose combination tablet compared with a compounded oral liquid formulation derived from the tablet 2011
2011 A dynamic Bayesian nonlinear mixed-effects model of HIV response incorporating medication adherence, drug resistance and covariates 2011
2010 Determination of appropriate dosing of influenza drugs in pediatric patients 2010
2010 Effect of CYP2B6, ABCB1, and CYP3A5 polymorphisms on efavirenz pharmacokinetics and treatment response: An AIDS clinical trials group study 2010
2010 Oseltamivir dosing for influenza infection in premature neonates 2010
2010 Hierarchical Bayesian inference for HIV dynamic differential equation models incorporating multiple treatment factors 2010
2010 Short-course raltegravir intensification does not reduce persistent low-level viremia in patients with HIV-1 suppression during receipt of combination antiretroviral therapy 2010
2010 A cluster-randomized trial of enhanced labor ward-based PMTCT services to increase nevirapine coverage in Lusaka, Zambia 2010
2010 The effect of acid reduction with a proton pump inhibitor on the pharmacokinetics of lopinavir or ritonavir in HIV-infected patients on lopinavir/ritonavir-based therapy. 2010
2009 13C-5-FU breath test current status and future directions: A comprehensive review 2009
2009 Antiretroviral rounds. Happy 50th? Sedation for colonoscopy in HIV-infected patients. 2009
2009 Variable Impact on Mortality of AIDS-Defining Events Diagnosed during Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: Not All AIDS-Defining Conditions Are Created Equal 2009
2009 Associations between CYP2B6 polymorphisms and pharmacokinetics after a single dose of nevirapine or efavirenz in African Americans 2009
2009 Hepatotoxicity and gastrointestinal intolerance when healthy volunteers taking rifampin add twice-daily atazanavir and ritonavir 2009
2009 Pharmacologic aspects of new antiretroviral drugs 2009
2009 Clinical factors associated with plasma F2-isoprostane levels in HIV-infected adults 2009
2009 Electrocardiogram abnormalities with Atazanavir and Lopinavir/Ritonavir 2009
2009 Long-term impact of efavirenz on neuropsychological performance and symptoms in HIV-infected individuals (ACTG 5097s) 2009
2009 Novel methodology for antiretroviral quantitation in the female genital tract 2009
2009 Steady-state amprenavir, tenofovir, and emtricitabine pharmacokinetics before and after reducing ritonavir boosting of a fosamprenavir/tenofovir/ emtricitabine regimen from 200 mg to 100 mg once daily (TELEX II) 2009
2009 Steady-state pharmacokinetics of lopinavir/ritonavir in combination with efavirenz in human immunodeficiency virus-infected pediatric patients 2009
2009 Zidovudine, lamivudine, and nelfinavir concentrations in amniotic fluid and maternal serum. 2009
2008 Pharmacologic aspects of new antiretroviral drugs 2008
2008 Dose-response curve slope sets class-specific limits on inhibitory potential of anti-HIV drugs 2008
2008 A sensitive HPLC-MS-MS method for the determination of raltegravir in human plasma 2008
2008 Treatment response in acute/early infection versus advanced AIDS: Equivalent first and second phases of HIV RNA decline 2008
2008 Efavirenz-Based regimens in treatment-naive patients with a range of pretreatment HIV-1 RNA levels and CD4 cell counts 2008
2008 Fish oil and fenofibrate for the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia in HIV-infected subjects on antiretroviral therapy: Results of ACTG A5186 2008
2008 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessment of oral valganciclovir in the treatment of symptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus disease 2008
2008 Preexisting resistance to nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors predicts virologic failure of an efavirenz-based regimen in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected subjects 2008
2008 Pharmacokinetics of an indinavir-ritonavir-fosamprenavir regimen in patients with human immunodeficiency virus 2008
2007 Cloning and characterization of recombinant rhesus macaque IL-10/Fcala-ala fusion protein: A potential adjunct for tolerance induction strategies 2007
2007 Population pharmacokinetics of lamivudine in human immunodeficiency virus-exposed and -infected infants 2007
2007 Intracellular nucleoside triphosphate concentrations in HIV-infected patients on dual nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor therapy 2007
2007 Effect of concomitantly administered rifampin on the pharmacokinetics and safety of atazanavir administered twice daily 2007
2007 Lopinavir/ritonavir pharmacokinetic profile: Impact of sex and other covariates following a change from twice-daily to once-daily therapy 2007
2007 Persistence of nevirapine in breast milk after discontinuation of treatment 2007
2007 A randomized study of antiviral medication switch at lower- versus higher-switch thresholds: AIDS clinical trials group study A5115 2007
2007 Development of a sensitive and specific liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry method for the determination of tenofovir in human plasma 2007
2007 Clinical response and tolerability to and safety of saquinavir with low-dose ritonavir in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected mothers and their infants 2007
2007 Ganciclovir population pharmacokinetics in neonates following intravenous administration of ganciclovir and oral administration of a liquid valganciclovir formulation 2007
2007 Pharmacokinetics of once-daily tenofovir, emtricitabine, ritonavir and fosamprenavir in HIV-infected subjects 2007
2007 Pharmacokinetic study of puerarin in rat serum by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry 2007
2007 Improving data reliability using a non-compliance detection method versus using pharmacokinetic criteria 2007
2007 Pharmacokinetics of saquinavir with atazanavir or low-dose ritonavir administered once daily (ASPIRE I) or twice daily (ASPIRE II) in seronegative volunteers 2007
2006 Design issues in initial HIV-treatment trials: Focus on ACTG A5095 2006
2006 Field performance of a thin-layer chromatography assay for detection of nevirapine in umbilical cord blood. 2006
2006 Three- vs four-drug antiretroviral regimens for the initial treatment of HIV-1 infection: A randomized controlled trial 2006
2006 Reply to Tong et al. [4] 2006
2006 Pharmacodynamics of antiretroviral agents in HIV-1 infected patients: Using viral dynamic models that incorporate drug susceptibility and adherence 2006
2006 Tipranavir: A novel nonpeptidic protease inhibitor of HIV 2006
2006 Clinical pharmacodynamics of HIV-1 protease inhibitors: Use of inhibitory quotients to optimise pharmacotherapy 2006
2006 Pharmacogenetics of plasma efavirenz exposure after treatment discontinuation: An adult AIDS clinical trials group study 2006
2006 Adherence-resistance relationships for protease and non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors explained by virological fitness 2006
2006 Field performance of a thin-layer chromatography assay for detection of nevirapine in umbilical cord blood 2006
2005 Impact of efavirenz on neuropsychological performance and symptoms in HIV-infected individuals 2005
2005 Four measures of antiretroviral medication adherence and virologic response in AIDS clinical trials group study 359 2005
2005 Effectiveness of a city-wide program to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission in Lusaka, Zambia 2005
2005 Indinavir protein-free concentrations when used in indinavir/ritonavir combination therapy 2005
2005 Modeling long-term HIV dynamics and antiretroviral response: Effects of drug potency, pharmacokinetics, adherence, and drug resistance 2005
2005 Combining fosamprenavir with lopinavir/ritonavir substantially reduces amprenavir and lopinavir exposure: ACTG protocol A5143 results 2005
2005 Efficacy, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of two nelfinavir-based regimens in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children and adolescents: Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol 403 2005
2004 Pharmacogenetics of efavirenz and central nervous system side effects: An Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group study 2004
2004 Comparison of two indinavir/ritonavir regimens in the treatment of HIV-infected individuals 2004
2004 Pharmacokinetics of antiretrovirals administered to HIV-infected children via gastrostomy tube 2004
2004 Weighted phenotypic susceptibility scores are predictive of the HIV-1 RNA response in protease inhibitor-experienced HIV-1-infected subjects 2004
2004 Pharmacokinetic enhancement of protease inhibitor therapy 2004
2004 Antiretroviral drug content in products from developing countries 2004
2004 Triple-nucleoside regimens versus efavirenz-containing regimens for the initial treatment of HIV-1 infection 2004
2004 Universal nevirapine upon presentation in labor to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission in high prevalence settings 2004
2004 Sex-based differences in saquinavir pharmacology and virologic response in AIDS Clinical Trials group study 359 2004
2004 Detection of Nevirapine in Plasma Using Thin-Layer Chromatography 2004
2004 Pharmacokinetics of Saquinavir plus Low-Dose Ritonavir in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Pregnant Women? 2004
2004 Effects of Concentration and Temperature on the Stability of Nevirapine in Whole Blood and Serum 2004
2003 HIV Protease Inhibitor Ritonavir Induces Lipoatrophy in Male Mice 2003
2003 Duration of highly active antiretroviral therapy regimens 2003
2003 Timing of the maternal drug dose and risk of perinatal HIV transmission in the setting of intrapartum and neonatal single-dose nevirapine 2003
2003 Intermittent administration of high-dose stavudine to nucleoside-experienced individuals infected with HIV-1 2003
2003 Analysis of Generic Nevirapine Products in Developing Countries [7] 2003
2003 Comparison of two strategies for administering nevirapine to prevent perinatal HIV transmission in high-prevalence, resource-poor settings 2003
2003 Evaluation of multiple drug therapy in human immunodeficiency virus-infected pediatric patients 2003
2003 Evaluation of multiple drug therapy in human immunodeficiency virus-infected pediatric patients. 2003
2003 Simultaneous determination of nine antiretroviral compounds in human plasma using liquid chromatography 2003
2003 Methods for integration of pharmacokinetic and phenotypic information in the treatment of infection with human immunodeficiency virus 2003
2003 Therapeutic drug monitoring in the treatment of HIV-infection 2003
2002 Single-dose pharmacokinetics of enteric-coated didanosine in HIV-infected children 2002
2002 Immunologic and virologic consequences of temporary antiretroviral treatment interruption in clinical practice 2002
2002 Effect of Seville orange juice and grapefruit juice on indinavir pharmacokinetics 2002
2002 Durability of response to treatment among antiretroviral-experienced subjects: 48-Week results from AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol 359 2002
2002 The pharmacokinetics of amprenavir, zidovudine, and lamivudine in the genital tracts of men infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (aids clinical trials group study 850) 2002
2002 Pharmacokinetic enhancement of protease inhibitors 2002
2002 Antiretroviral pharmacokinetics in the paediatric population: A review 2002
2002 Position paper on therapeutic drug monitoring of antiretroviral agents 2002
2001 Acyclovir for treatment of postherpetic neuralgia: Efficacy and pharmacokinetics 2001
2001 Pharmacological basis for concentration-controlled therapy with zidovudine, lamivudine, and indinavir 2001
2001 Combination therapy with indinavir, ritonavir, and delavirdine and nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors in patients with HIV/AIDS who have failed multiple antiretroviral combinations 2001
2001 Indinavir, nevirapine, stavudine, and lamivudine for human immunodeficiency virus-infected, amprenavir-experienced subjects: AIDS clinical trials group protocol 373 2001
2001 Pharmacokinetics of saquinavir-SGC in HIV-infected pregnant women 2001
2000 Long-term stability of nelfinavir mesylate in human plasma [5] 2000
2000 Pharmacodynamics of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease inhibitors 2000
2000 Plasma population pharmacokinetics and penetration into cerebrospinal fluid of indinavir in combination with zidovudine and lamivudine in HIV-1-infected patients 2000
2000 Competing drug-drug interactions among multidrug antiretroviral regimens used in the treatment of HIV-infected subjects: ACTG 884 2000
2000 Continued lamivudine versus delavirdine in combination with indinavir and zidovudine or stavudine in lamivudine-experienced patients: Results of adult AIDS clinical trials group protocol 370 2000
2000 Phase I dose escalation pharmacokinetics of O-(chloroacetylcarbamoyl) fumagillol (TNP-470) and its metabolites in AIDS patients with Kaposi's sarcoma 2000
1999 Indinavir concentrations and antiviral effect 1999
1999 Pharmacokinetic strategies for concentration-targeted therapy with zidovudine (ZDV), lamivudine (3TC), and indinavir (IDV) 1999
1998 Potential confusion with antiretroviral drugs 1998
1998 Concentration-controlled zidovudine therapy 1998
1997 Pharmacokinetics and safety of concentration-controlled oral zidovudine therapy 1997
1997 Valacyclovir 1997
1996 Effect of foscarnet on quantities of cytomegalovirus and human immunodeficiency virus in blood of persons with AIDS 1996
1996 Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Zidovudine: An Update 1996
1996 Disposition of zidovudine in obese pregnant women with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection [4] 1996
1996 Hepatotoxicity and rash associated with zidovudine and zalcitabine chemoprophylaxis [2] 1996
1995 Antiretroviral drug interactions 1995
1995 Pentamidine Concentrations in a Mother with AIDS and in Her Neonate 1995
1994 Agents for treating human immunodeficiency virus infection 1994
1994 Gender differences in human pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics 1994
1993 Advances in pharmacotherapy: treatment of HIV infection 1993
1993 Leukotriene-receptor antagonists and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors in asthma 1993
1988 Thromboxane synthesis and actions in isolated adrenergic nerve (pheochromocytoma-12) cells 1988

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  • Predictors of Treatment Toxicity, Failure, and Relapse in HIV-related Tuberculosis  awarded by VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY 2019 - 2020
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  • AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG 5324) -- A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial Comparing Antiretroviral Intensification with Maraviroc and Dolutegravir with No Intensification or Intensification with Dolutegravir Alone for the Treatment of Cognitive Impairment in HIV  awarded by Brigham and Women's Hospital 2017 - 2018
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  • A Multicenter, Open-Label, Noncomparative Study for the International Maternal, Pediatric, Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Group to Evaluate the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Antiretroviral Activity of MK-0518 in HIV-1 Infected Children (Study)  awarded by SOCIAL & SCIENTIFIC SYSTEMS 2010 - 2013
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