• Douglas “Doug” Moellering, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Health Professions, and Department of Nutrition Sciences. He also serves as the Director for Nutrition Sciences undergraduate programs and specifically for the undergraduate major in Biobehavioral Nutrition and Wellness. He is a past Chairperson of the UAB Faculty Senate Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the School of Health Professions Academic Affairs Committee. He is also the Director of the Bioanalytical Redox Biology (BARB) Core, serving multiple investigators in measuring functional mitochondrial physiology, bioenergetics, enzyme activity, markers of oxidative stress, and/or reactive oxygen species formation. Doug espouses and thinks education, either formal or informal, is meant to inspire us to think and positively influence a learner’s desire to ask questions and learn. Doug shares and disseminates knowledge from benchtop and clinical research not only in his published manuscripts and courses but to Birmingham and Alabama communities and has served as a representative on the One Great Community Council, which is the community engagement component for UAB’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science. He has been an invited speaker at local libraries to speak about Cities for Life for a Healthier Birmingham, through the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, the Birmingham-Jefferson Food Policy Summit, local schools and other organizations. The School of Health Professions recognized him with an award in 2018 for “Excellence in Service”.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2000 Cytoprotective mechanisms of nitric oxide: the role of cell signaling.  191-199. 2000

    Research Overview

  • Doug’s collaborative research interests support accumulating evidence that many chronic diseases involve mitochondrial dysfunction, retrograde redox mitochondrial signaling and free radical-mediated tissue injury. His research focus includes energy metabolism, mitochondrial physiology, redox biology, exercise and nutrition, psychosocial life stress and their contributions to health & wellness, health disparities, cardiometabolic disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and aging. Model systems include in vitro cell culture, yeast, Drosophila melanogaster, rodents, fish, and human translational research. One of the current projects involves investigating the adverse effects of life stress, including discrimination, and dietary choices that may contribute to increased levels of oxidative stress, cardiometabolic disease risk and obesity.
  • Teaching Overview

  • Teaching is Doug’s passion, extends far beyond the classroom or eLearning platform, and occurs anytime information, ideas, or beliefs are explained and interpreted in a way that inspires and facilitates a better way of thinking or understanding otherwise complex concepts or lessons. Doug is actively engaged in undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral training through mentoring. He teaches an undergraduate course in nutrition and metabolism, multiple sections of graduate courses, and embraces pedagogy. He thinks that there is no end to education; it is a process where we move fluidly between student and teacher based on our acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, our respect for the process, and our ability to share it effectively and accurately with others. In this light, some things he embraces to be the best teacher possible include: a love of learning, possessing an insatiable curiosity and imagination, comprehension and respect for his field of knowledge and expertise, and ensuring that the didactic process is done in a positive, meaningful, easily comprehensible, and inspirational way.
  • Teaching Activities

  • BMD497 - Dir BMD Research Studies (Fall Term 2016)
  • NTR222 - Nutrition and Health (Spring Term 2021)
  • NTR222 - Nutrition and Health (Summer Term 2013)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Spring Term 2019)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Spring Term 2020)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Spring Term 2021)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Spring Term 2022)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Summer Term 2014)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Summer Term 2015)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Summer Term 2016)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Summer Term 2017)
  • NTR330 - Nutrition and Metabolism (Summer Term 2018)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Fall Term 2014)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2016)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2017)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2018)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2019)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2020)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2021)
  • NTR618 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2022)
  • NTR718 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2016)
  • NTR718 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2017)
  • NTR718 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2018)
  • NTR718 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Summer Term 2019)
  • NTR778 - Spec Topics in Nutrition Sci (Fall Term 2021)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Fall Term 2019)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Fall Term 2020)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Fall Term 2021)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Spring Term 2021)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Summer Term 2019)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Summer Term 2020)
  • NTR798 - Doc Level Non-Dissertation Res (Summer Term 2021)
  • NTR799 - Doc Lev Dissertation Research (Fall Term 2022)
  • NTR799 - Doc Lev Dissertation Research (Spring Term 2022)
  • NTR799 - Doc Lev Dissertation Research (Summer Term 2022)
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology Residency Program, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2003
  • Master of Science in Physiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1995
  • Full Name

  • Douglas Moellering