Selected Publications

Academic Article

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2021 Consequences of phosphorylation in a mononegavirales polymerase-cofactor systemJournal of Virology.  95. 2021
2020 Structure of the Capsid Size-Determining Scaffold of “Satellite” Bacteriophage P4Viruses.  12. 2020
2020 The gp44 Ejection Protein of Staphylococcus aureus Bacteriophage 80α Binds to the Ends of the Genome and Protects It from DegradationViruses.  12. 2020
2020 Structure of the host cell recognition and penetration machinery of a Staphylococcus aureus bacteriophagePLoS Pathogens.  16. 2020
2019 Molecular piracy: Redirection of bacteriophage capsid assembly by mobile genetic elementsViruses.  11. 2019
2018 A novel ejection protein from bacteriophage 80α that promotes lytic growthVirology.  525:237-247. 2018
2018 Exosomal transfer of mitochondria from airway myeloid-derived regulatory cells to T cellsRedox Biology.  18:54-64. 2018
2018 The impact of elevated CO 2 on Prochlorococcus and microbial interactions with â € helper' bacterium Alteromonas 2018
2017 Cleavage and structural transitions during maturation of Staphylococcus aureus bacteriophage 80α and SaPI1 capsidsViruses.  9. 2017
2017 Competing scaffolding proteins determine capsid size during mobilization of Staphylococcus aureus pathogenicity islandseLife.  6. 2017
2017 Derepression of SaPIbov1 Is Independent of φNM1 Type 2 dUTPase Activity and Is Inhibited by dUTP and dUMPJournal of Molecular Biology.  429:1570-1580. 2017
2017 φX174 procapsid assembly: Effects of an inhibitory external scaffolding protein and resistant coat proteins in vitroJournal of Virology.  91. 2017
2016 Convergent evolution of pathogenicity islands in helper cos phage interference 2016
2016 Phosphate induces formation of matrix vesicles during odontoblast-initiated mineralization in vitro 2016
2016 The Type 2 dUTPase of Bacteriophage PdblNM1 Initiates Mobilization of Staphylococcus aureus Bovine Pathogenicity Island 1Journal of Molecular Biology.  428:142-152. 2016
2015 Structure and Assembly of the Bacillus anthracis ExosporiumMicroscopy and Microanalysis.  21:897-898. 2015
2015 Specific N-terminal cleavage of ribosomal protein L27 in Staphylococcus aureus and related bacteria 2015
2014 Structural studies on the authentic mumps virus nucleocapsid showing uncoiling by the phosphoprotein 2014
2014 Cryo-EM analysis of the organization of BclA and BxpB in the Bacillus anthracis exosporium 2014
2013 LRRK2 secretion in exosomes is regulated by 14-3-3Human Molecular Genetics.  22:4988-5000. 2013
2013 Direct observation of membrane insertion by enveloped virus matrix proteins by phosphate displacement.PLoS ONE.  8:e57916. 2013
2013 Grape exosome-like nanoparticles induce intestinal stem cells and protect mice from DSS-induced colitisMolecular Therapy.  21:1345-1357. 2013
2012 Assembly of bacteriophage 80α capsids in a Staphylococcus aureus expression systemVirology.  434:242-250. 2012
2012 Pirates of the CaudoviralesVirology.  434:210-221. 2012
2012 The roles of SaPI1 proteins gp7 (CpmA) and gp6 (CpmB) in capsid size determination and helper phage interferenceVirology.  432:277-282. 2012
2012 Structure and size determination of bacteriophage P2 and P4 procapsids: Function of size responsiveness mutations 2012
2012 Mobilization of pathogenicity islands by Staphylococcus aureus strain Newman bacteriophages.Bacteriophage.  2:70-78. 2012
2011 Cryo-transmission electron tomography of native casein micelles from bovine milkJournal of Dairy Science.  94:5770-5775. 2011
2011 The staphylococcus aureus pathogenicity island 1 protein gp6 functions as an internal scaffold during capsid size determinationJournal of Molecular Biology.  412:710-722. 2011
2011 Molecular Piracy via Capsid Size Determination by Staphylococcus aureus Pathogenicity Island 1Microscopy and Microanalysis.  17:132-133. 2011
2011 A conformational switch involved in maturation of staphylococcus aureus bacteriophage 80α capsidsJournal of Molecular Biology.  405:863-876. 2011
2010 The structural biology of PRRSVVirus Research.  154:86-97. 2010
2010 Assembly of bacteriophage P2 capsids from capsid protein fused to internal scaffolding proteinVirus Genes.  40:298-306. 2010
2009 Back to the basics: The fundamentals of cryo-electron microscopyMicroscopy and Microanalysis.  15:1538-1539. 2009
2009 Cryo-electron tomography of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus: Organization of the nucleocapsidJournal of General Virology.  90:527-535. 2009
2009 Functional domains of the bacteriophage P2 scaffolding protein: Identification of residues involved in assembly and protease activityVirology.  384:144-150. 2009
2009 Structural heterogeneity and protein composition of exosome-like vesicles (prostasomes) in human semen 2009
2008 Capsid Size Determination by Staphylococcus aureus Pathogenicity Island SaPI1 Involves Specific Incorporation of SaPI1 Proteins into ProcapsidsJournal of Molecular Biology.  380:465-475. 2008
2008 Incorporation of scaffolding protein gpO in bacteriophages P2 and P4Virology.  370:352-361. 2008
2007 Incorporation of high levels of chimeric human immunodeficiency virus envelope glycoproteins into virus-like particlesJournal of Virology.  81:10869-10878. 2007
2007 The gpQ portal protein of bacteriophage P2 forms dodecameric connectors in crystals 2007
2006 Assembly of bacteriophage P2 and P4 procapsids with internal scaffolding proteinVirology.  348:133-140. 2006
2005 The last five amino acid residues at the C-terminus of PRK1/PKN is essential for full lipid responsivenessCellular Signalling.  17:1084-1097. 2005
2004 West Nile virus core protein: Tetramer structure and ribbon formationStructure.  12:1157-1163. 2004
2003 Cleavage leads to expansion of bacteriophage P4 procapsids in vitroVirology.  314:1-8. 2003
2003 Structure of the nucleocapsid protein of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusStructure.  11:1445-1451. 2003
2003 Three-dimensional reconstruction of hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus 2003
2002 The structure of P4 procapsids produced by coexpression of capsid and external scaffolding proteinsVirology.  298:224-231. 2002
2000 In vitro assembly of bacteriophage P4 procapsids from purified capsid and scaffolding proteinsVirology.  275:133-144. 2000
2000 Freedom and restraint: Themes in virus capsid assemblyStructure.  8. 2000
1999 Scaffolding proteins and their role in viral assemblyCellular and Molecular Life Sciences.  56:580-603. 1999
1999 X-ray crystallographic structure of the Norwalk virus capsidScience.  286:287-290. 1999
1999 The role of scaffolding proteins in the assembly of the small, single-stranded DNA virus phiX174.Journal of Molecular Biology.  288:595-608. 1999
1999 The role of scaffolding proteins in the assembly of the small, single-stranded DNA virus φX174 1 1Edited by I. A. WilsonJournal of Molecular Biology.  288:595-608. 1999
1997 Structure of a viral procapsid with molecular scaffolding.Nature.  389:308-313. 1997
1995 The capsid size-determining protein Sid forms an external scaffold on phage P4 procapsidsJournal of Molecular Biology.  251:59-75. 1995
1995 DNA packaging intermediates of bacteriophage φX174Structure.  3:353-363. 1995
1994 Bacteriophage P2 and P4 morphogenesis: Assembly precedes proteolytic processing of the capsid proteinsVirology.  205:51-65. 1994
1994 Bacteriophage P2 and P4 assembly: Alternative scaffolding proteins regulate capsid sizeVirology.  200:702-714. 1994
1993 Structural transitions during maturation of bacteriophage lambda capsids.Journal of Molecular Biology.  233:682-694. 1993
1993 Capsid localization of the bacteriophage p4 psu proteinVirology.  194:682-687. 1993
1993 Characterization of the capsid associating activity of bacteriophage p4’s psu proteinVirology.  194:674-681. 1993
1990 Three‐dimensional structure of the surface layer of Wolinella recta 1990


Year Title Altmetric
2013 gpO Peptidase (Enterobacteria phage P2).  3557-3560. 2013

Research Overview

  • Virus Structure and Assembly; Bacteriophages; Genetic mobilization in bacteria; Staphylococci and streptococci; antibacterial development; phage therapy; cryo-electron microscopy; structural biology
  • Education And Training

  • Master of Sciences or Mathematics in Biology, University of Oslo 1998
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, University of Oslo 1993
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology, University of Oslo 1987
  • Full Name

  • Terje Dokland