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Year Title Altmetric
2020 A Qualitative Study of Pulmonary and Palliative Care Clinician Perspectives on Early Palliative Care in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2020
2020 Effects of a Telehealth Early Palliative Care Intervention for Family Caregivers of Persons With Advanced Heart Failure: The ENABLE CHF-PC Randomized Clinical Trial 2020
2020 Forging a new frontier: Providing palliative care to people with cancer in rural and remote areas 2020
2020 Comparing Specialty and Primary Palliative Care Interventions: Analysis of a Systematic Review 2020
2020 Update in Hospice and Palliative Care 2020
2020 Effect of instrumental support on distress among family caregivers: Findings from a nationally representative study 2020
2020 The Family Caregiving Crisis Meets an Actual Pandemic 2020
2019 Supporting Family Caregivers of Adult and Pediatric Persons with Leukemia 2019
2019 The project ENABLE Cornerstone randomized pilot trial: Protocol for lay navigator-led early palliative care for African-American and rural advanced cancer family caregivers 2019
2019 What do family caregivers know about palliative care? Results from a national survey 2019
2019 Strategies and Resources for Increasing the PhD Pipeline and Producing Independent Nurse Scientists 2019
2019 Surrogates’ Perceptions of Service Quality While Making Decisions for ICU Patients 2019
2019 Needs Assessment for Turkish Family Caregivers of Older Persons with Cancer: First-Phase Results of Adapting an Early Palliative Care Model 2019
2019 A formative evaluation of patient and family caregiver perspectives on early palliative care in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease across disease severity 2019
2019 Comparison of Palliative Care Interventions for Cancer versus Heart Failure Patients: A Secondary Analysis of a Systematic Review 2019
2019 HPNA 2019-2022 Research Agenda: Development and Rationale 2019
2019 Top Ten Tips Palliative Care Clinicians Should Know about Telepalliative Care 2019
2019 Disparities in Hospice Utilization for Older Cancer Patients Living in the Deep South 2019
2019 Toward a Conceptual Model of Affective Predictions in Palliative Care 2019
2019 Using Patients and Their Caregivers Feedback to Develop ENABLE CHF-PC: An Early Palliative Care Intervention for Advanced Heart Failure 2019
2019 Update in Hospice and Palliative Care 2019
2019 How family caregivers of persons with advanced cancer assist with upstream healthcare decision-making: A qualitative study 2019
2019 Population-based profile of mental health and support service need among family caregivers of adults with cancer 2019
2018 Factors Associated with Family Caregivers' Confidence in Future Surrogate Decision Making for Persons with Cancer 2018
2018 Protocol driven palliative care consultation: Outcomes of the ENABLE CHF-PC pilot study 2018
2018 Educate, Nurture, Advise, Before Life Ends Comprehensive Heartcare for Patients and Caregivers (ENABLE CHF-PC): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2018
2018 Incongruence between women's survey- and interview-determined decision control preferences: A mixed methods study of decision-making in metastatic breast cancer 2018
2018 Introduction 2018
2018 Adapting an Early Palliative Care Intervention to Family Caregivers of Persons With Advanced Cancer in the Rural Deep South: A Qualitative Formative Evaluation 2018
2018 Family companions’ involvement during pre-surgical consent visits for major cancer surgery and its relationship to visit communication and satisfaction 2018
2018 Mind-Body Interventions for Individuals With Heart Failure: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials 2018
2018 Participation and interest in support services among family caregivers of older adults with cancer 2018
2018 Developing a toolkit to measure implementation of concurrent palliative care in rural community cancer centers 2018
2018 Lay patient navigators’ perspectives of barriers, facilitators and training needs in initiating advance care planning conversations with older patients with cancer 2018
2018 Translating a US early palliative care model for Turkey and Singapore 2018
2018 What happens during early outpatient palliative care consultations for persons with newly diagnosed advanced cancer? A qualitative analysis of provider documentation 2018
2017 The role of a palliative care intervention in moderating the relationship between depression and survival among individuals with advanced cancer 2017
2017 Update in Hospice and Palliative Care 2017
2017 Family caregiving for persons with heart failure at the intersection of heart failure and palliative care: a state-of-the-science review 2017
2017 Highlighting implementation findings in early palliative care 2017
2017 Supporting cancer family caregivers: How can frontline oncology clinicians help? 2017
2017 Engaging patients and families to create a feasible clinical trial integrating palliative and heart failure care: Results of the ENABLE CHF-PC pilot clinical trial 2017
2017 The self-care practices of family caregivers of persons with poor prognosis cancer: differences by varying levels of caregiver well-being and preparedness 2017
2017 When it comes to death, there is no place like home… Or is there? 2017
2017 Implementation and Impact of Patient Lay Navigator-Led Advance Care Planning Conversations 2017
2017 Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Retrospective Review of Care Trends in an Academic Palliative and Supportive Care Program from 2004-2015 (S744) 2017
2017 Perioperative Palliative Care Considerations for Surgical Oncology Nurses 2017
2017 There were more decisions and more options than just yes or no: Evaluating a decision aid for advanced cancer patients and their family caregivers 2017
2016 Association between palliative care and patient and caregiver outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2016
2016 Family Caregiver Depressive Symptom and Grief Outcomes From the ENABLE III Randomized Controlled Trial 2016
2016 Supporting family caregivers of Turkish elders: A systematic review 2016
2016 Associations between advanced cancer patients' survival and family caregiver presence and burden 2016
2016 Update in Hospice and Palliative Care 2016
2016 Vulnerable Population Challenges in the Transformation of Cancer Care 2016
2016 Coaching Family Caregivers to Become Better Problem Solvers When Caring for Persons with Advanced Cancer 2016
2016 A Blue Ocean Strategy for Palliative Care: Focus on Family Caregivers 2016
2016 An integrated review of interventions to improve psychological outcomes in caregivers of patients with heart failure 2016
2016 Complex Care Options for Patients With Advanced Heart Failure Approaching End of Life 2016
2016 Racial differences in processes of care at end of life in VA medical centers: Planned secondary analysis of data from the BEACON trial 2016
2015 Reply to R.A. Ferrer et al and B.W. Corn 2015
2015 Improving the quality of palliative care through national and regional collaboration efforts 2015
2015 Systematic review of palliative care in the rural setting 2015
2015 Predictors of physical restraint use in hospitalized veterans at end of life: An analysis of data from the BEACON trial 2015
2015 Benefits of early versus delayed palliative care to informal family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer: Outcomes from the ENABLE III randomized controlled trial 2015
2015 Early versus delayed initiation of concurrent palliative oncology care: Patient outcomes in the ENABLE III randomized controlled trial 2015
2015 A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Understanding of Men’s Healing From Childhood Maltreatment 2015
2015 Conceptualizing surrogate decision making at end of life in the intensive care unit using cognitive task analysis 2015
2015 Priorities for Evaluating Palliative Care Outcomes in Intensive Care Units 2015
2015 What were they thinking? 2015
2014 Translating and testing the ENABLE: CHF-PC concurrent palliative care model for older adults with heart failure and their family caregivers 2014
2013 Palliative care consultations for heart failure patients: How many, when, and why? 2013
2013 A synthesis of theoretical models to guide decision support interventions for surrogate decision-making at adult end-of-life 2013
2012 Why Surrogates Don’t Make Decisions the Way We Think They Ought To: Insights from Moral Psychology 2012


Year Title Altmetric
2019 Palliative Care in Heart Failure.  559-570. 2019
2019 Psychoeducational Interventions for Cancer Caregivers 2019
2019 Rural Palliative Care.  670-681. 2019
2019 Supporting Families in Palliative Care 2019
2015 Rural Palliative Care 2015

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, Boston College 2013
  • Master of Nursing in Adult Health Nurse / Nursing, Boston College 2010
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy, Teachers College/Columbia University 2006
  • Bachelor of Nursing in Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse, Florida State University 2002
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  • James Dionne-Odom