Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2012 The Relationships among MRI-Defined Spinal Cord Involvement, Brain Involvement, and Disability in Multiple SclerosisJournal of Neuroimaging.  22:122-128. 2012
2011 A 3T MR imaging investigation of the topography of whole spinal cord atrophy in multiple sclerosisAmerican Journal of Neuroradiology.  32:1138-1142. 2011
2009 3┬áT MRI relaxometry detects T2 prolongation in the cerebral normal-appearing white matter in multiple sclerosisNeuroImage.  46:633-641. 2009
2006 Novel image processing techniques to better understand white matter disruption in multiple sclerosisAutoimmunity Reviews.  5:544-548. 2006
2006 Magnetic resonance and the human brain: Anatomy, function and metabolismCritical Sociology.  63:1106-1124. 2006
2005 Combining classifiers using their receiver operating characteristics and maximum likelihood estimationLecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence.  3749 LNCS:506-514. 2005
2005 Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosisJournal of Neuroimaging.  15. 2005
2005 A global goodness-of-fit test for receiver operating characteristic curve analysis via the bootstrap methodJournal of Biomedical Informatics.  38:395-403. 2005
2005 Assessment of multiple sclerosis lesions with spherical harmonics comparison of MR imaging and pathologic findingsRadiology.  235:1036-1044. 2005
2005 Capturing intraoperative deformations: Research experience at Brigham and Women's hospitalMedical Image Analysis.  9:145-162. 2005
2005 Statistical validation of brain tumor shape approximation via spherical harmonics for image-guided neurosurgeryAcademic Radiology.  12:459-466. 2005
2004 Application of spherical harmonics derived space rotation invariant indices to the analysis of multiple sclerosis lesions' geometry by MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging.  22:815-825. 2004
2003 Three-dimensional analysis of the geometry of individual multiple sclerosis lesions: Detection of shape changes over time using spherical harmonicsJournal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  18:291-301. 2003
2001 3-D surface reconstruction of multiple sclerosis lesions using spherical harmonicsMagnetic Resonance in Medicine.  46:756-766. 2001
1998 Automated detection and characterization of multiple sclerosis lesions in brain MR imagesMagnetic Resonance Imaging.  16:311-318. 1998


Year Title Altmetric
2005 Studying anatomy and disease in medical images using shape analysis.  329-362. 2005

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  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Biomedical / Medical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology 2002
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  • Daniel Goldberg-Zimring