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2021 Academic/clinical nursing integration in academic health systemsNursing Outlook.  69:234-242. 2021
2020 Alignment of a PhD program in nursing with the AACN report on the research-focused doctorate in nursing: A descriptive analysisJournal of Professional Nursing.  36:604-610. 2020
2020 An Innovative Approach for Graduate Education for Psychiatric Nurse PractitionersJournal of Professional Nursing.  36:526-530. 2020
2020 Sustainability of an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Model for Population HealthNursing Administration Quarterly.  44:221-234. 2020
2020 Development of an academic practice partnership to improve maternal child healthJournal of Professional Nursing.  36:116-122. 2020
2020 Interprofessional collaborative practice model to advance population healthPopulation Health Management2020
2020 Essential global health competencies for baccalaureate nursing students in the United States: A mixed methods Delphi studyJournal of Advanced Nursing.  76:725-740. 2020
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2019 Introduction to the Special Issue on Healthcare Quality Initiatives for VeteransJournal for Healthcare Quality.  41:65-66. 2019
2019 Introduction to the Special Issue on Healthcare Quality Initiatives for VeteransJournal for Healthcare Quality.  41:65-66. 2019
2019 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residents Improve Quality and Mental Health Outcomes for Veterans Through Measurement-Based CareJournal for Healthcare Quality.  41:118-124. 2019
2019 Strengthening universal health: Development of a nursing and midwifery education quality improvement toolkit 2019
2018 Meeting health care needs in rural Alabama: The power of partnershipsJournal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.  29:1177-1187. 2018
2018 Meeting healthcare needs in rural Alabama: The power of partnershipsJournal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.  29:1177-1187. 2018
2017 Clinical residency training: Is it essential to the Doctor of Nursing Practice for nurse practitioner preparation?Nursing Outlook.  65:50-57. 2017
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2015 On Leadership ... Again 2015
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2013 Equipping the nursing workforce to care for the unique needs of veterans and their familiesNurse Leader.  11:45-48. 2013
2013 Equipping the nursing workforce to care for the unique needs of veterans and their families.Nurse Leader2013
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2007 Forging a quality healthcare agenda for ARNP's 2007
2006 Educating nurses to improve quality care 2006
2006 Erratum: Quality improvement learning collaboratives (Quality Management in Health Care (2005) 14, 4 (239)) 2006
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1997 Interdisciplinary education for continuous improvement in healthcare: Nursing roles and perspectives 1997
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1991 Unity impossible without reorganization of NANPNurse Practitioner1991
1990 25 Years later: 25 exceptional nurse practitioners look at the movement's evolution and address future challenges for the roleNurse Practitioner1990
1990 Perimenopause and beyond 1990
1990 The principle of justice: Case analysis 1990
1988 Clinical leadershipNursing Connections1988
1988 The patient's guide to medical tests 1988
1988 Who are our leaders?Nursing Connections1988
1987 Implementation of the model in the University of Maryland RN-to-BSN program.NLN publications.  67-83. 1987
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1982 Decision making for patient care 1982
1982 The extinction of the nurse practitioner: Threat or reality?Nurse Practitioner.  7:22-30. 1982
1981 Concepts of nursing interaction for the childbearing family 1981

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  • Doreen Harper