• Autumn currently serves as Dean of the UAB School Of Education. She is a former biology teacher and school principal whose line of inquiry focuses on the politics of education, change, and building bridges between those who prepare school leaders and those leading school systems. She has served in the role of department chair (Virginia Commonwealth University), and founding director of the Leadership Academy at The University of Tennessee. In terms of national leadership, Autumn served as a program evaluator for school leadership preparation programs and as president of both The University Council for Educational Administration and The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. Autumn’s research has been recognized nationally via the Paula Silver Case Award and the William J. Davis Award. Her published work is focused for audiences of academics as well as educational leaders and can be found in journals such as Educational Administration Quarterly, Educational Leadership, and Teacher’s College Record. Her most recent books examine the politics of leadership within the professoriate and include Ferocious resolve: Politics, courage, and what it’s like to be a professor and Leadership: Learning, teaching, and practice.
  • Research Overview

  • The study of politics in the professoriate
    The study of politics in educational organizations
    Organizational toxicity and reform
    Qualitative research methodology
    The study of the politics of school with a particular interest in the principalship and building bridges between those who prepare school leaders and those who lead schools.
    Leadership preparation and the socialization of new and aspiring principals
  • Teaching Overview

  • Everyday leadership and change in schools. The politics of change, discourse and politics.
  • Full Name

  • Autumn Cypres