Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Carcinosarcoma with chondroid differentiation and neuroendocrine carcinoma: unusual triphasic tumour arising from intracholecystic papillary neoplasm of the gall bladderBMJ Case Reports.  15. 2022
2022 Videoconference microscopy is a reliable alternative to conventional microscopy in the evaluation of Barrett's esophagus: Zooming into a new eraGullet.  35. 2022
2022 Gastrointestinal Manifestations of COVID-19 Infection: Clinicopathologic Findings in Intestinal Resections Performed at Single InstitutionFrontiers in Medicine.  9. 2022
2021 Atypical spindle cell/pleomorphic lipomatous tumor of the stomach: A case reportHuman Pathology: Case Reports.  25. 2021
2021 Gastric Sclerosing Epithelioid Fibrosarcoma Harboring a Rare FUS-CREM FusionInternational Journal of Surgical Pathology.  29:565-570. 2021
2021 Osteosarcoma with Telangiectatic Features Metastatic to the Small BowelHuman Pathology: Case Reports.  24. 2021
2021 Acute Liver Failure Due to Toxoplasmosis After Orthotopic Liver TransplantationJournal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports.  9. 2021
2021 EBV Positive Mucocutaneous Ulcer (EBVMCU): Single Center Series of Three Cases and Review of LiteratureAnnals of Clinical and Laboratory Science.  51:124-130. 2021
2020 Monomorphic Epitheliotropic Intestinal T-cell Lymphoma: A Study of Four Cases and Review of LiteratureAnnals of Clinical and Laboratory Science.  50:806-812. 2020
2020 Alcohol and Liver Clock Disruption Increase Small Droplet Macrosteatosis, Alter Lipid Metabolism and Clock Gene mRNA Rhythms, and Remodel the Triglyceride Lipidome in Mouse LiverFrontiers in Physiology.  11. 2020
2020 Cirrhotomimetic hepatocellular carcinoma: experience of a single institution and review of the literature.Hepatic Oncology.  8:HEP28. 2020
2018 Not so Cryptogenic AnymoreAmerican Journal of Gastroenterology.  113:s1262. 2018
2018 Two for One: B-Cell Lymphomas with Features of Marginal and Follicular LymphomasActa Haematologica.  139:84-88. 2018
2017 The renin inhibitor aliskiren protects rat lungs from the histopathologic effects of fat embolism.Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  82:338-344. 2017

Education And Training

  • University of Missouri - Kansas City, Residency
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Missouri System : Kansas City 2013
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Studies and Humanities, University of Missouri System : Kansas City 2011
  • Full Name

  • Chirag Patel