Selected Publications

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Year Title Altmetric
2022 Confronting Racism in Pain Research: A Call to ActionJournal of Pain.  23:878-892. 2022
2022 Making Pain Research More Inclusive: Why and HowJournal of Pain.  23:707-728. 2022
2021 The Imperative for Racial Equality in Pain Science: A Way ForwardJournal of Pain.  22:1578-1585. 2021
2021 The Effect of Literacy-Adapted Psychosocial Treatments on Biomedical and Biopsychosocial Pain ConceptualizationJournal of Pain.  22:1396-1407. 2021
2021 An Initial Psychometric Evaluation of the Pain Concepts Questionnaire in a Low-SES SettingJournal of Pain.  22:57-67. 2021
2021 Race Differences in Resilience Among Older Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain.Journal of Pain Research.  14:653-663. 2021
2020 Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and pain education for people with chronic pain: Tests of treatment mechanisms.Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.  88:1008-1018. 2020
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2019 Racial and ethnic differences in the experience and treatment of noncancer pain.Pain Management.  9:317-334. 2019
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2018 Literacy-adapted cognitive behavioral therapy versus education for chronic pain at low-income clinics a randomized controlled trialAnnals of Internal Medicine.  168:471-480. 2018
2017 An Examination of Cultural Values and Pain Management in Foreign-Born Spanish-Speaking Hispanics Seeking Care at a Federally Qualified Health Center.Pain Medicine.  18:2058-2069. 2017
2017 The relationship of sociodemographic and psychological variables with chronic pain variables in a low-income population.PAIN.  158:1687-1696. 2017
2017 Addressing Acculturative Stress in Psychotherapy: A Case Study of a Latino Man Overcoming Cultural Conflicts and Stress Related to Language UseClinical Case Studies.  16:187-199. 2017
2015 Effect of a perspective-taking intervention on the consideration of pain assessment and treatment decisionsJournal of Pain Research.  8:809-818. 2015
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2014 Using virtual human technology to provide immediate feedback about participants̈ use of demographic cues and knowledge of their cue useJournal of Pain.  15:1141-1147. 2014
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2013 The influence of sex, race, and age on pain assessment and treatment decisions using virtual human technology: a cross-national comparison.Journal of Pain Research.  6:577-588. 2013
2012 The perception of pain in others: how gender, race, and age influence pain expectations.Journal of Pain.  13:220-227. 2012

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  • Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama 2019
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  • Calia Morais