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Year Title Altmetric
2019 The 2018 fellow cohort of the American College of Medical Informatics 2019
2019 A visual interactive analytic tool for filtering and summarizing large health data sets coded with hierarchical terminologies (VIADS) 2019
2019 Clinicians' reasoning as reflected in electronic clinical note-entry and reading/retrieval: a systematic review and qualitative synthesis 2019
2019 Unintended consequences of nationwide electronic health record adoption: Challenges and opportunities in the post-meaningful use era 2019
2018 Sustainability considerations for clinical and translational research informatics infrastructure. 2018
2018 An Exploration of the Terminology of Clinical Cognition and Reasoning 2018
2018 Is Multiclass Automatic Text De-Identification Worth the Effort? 2018
2018 Phenotype Detection Registry System (PheDRS) - Implementation of a Generalizable Single Institution Clinical Registry Architecture 2018
2017 The UAB Informatics Institute and 2016 CEGS N-GRID de-identification shared task challenge 2017
2017 A survey of practices for the use of electronic health records to support research recruitment. 2017
2017 A learning health care system using computer-aided diagnosis 2017
2017 Computer-aided assessment of the generalizability of clinical trial results 2017
2017 Context-sensitive decision support (infobuttons) in electronic health records: A systematic review 2017
2017 Improving precision medicine using individual patient data from trials 2017
2017 Classifying Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria to Facilitate Phased Cohort Identification Using Clinical Data Repositories 2017
2017 Clinical informatics researcher’s desiderata for the data content of the next generation electronic health record 2017
2016 User-centered design of multi-gene sequencing panel reports for clinicians 2016
2016 A multi-site cognitive task analysis for biomedical query mediation 2016
2016 Impending Challenges for the Use of Big Data 2016
2016 Visual assessment of the similarity between a patient and trial population: Is this clinical trial applicable to my patient? 2016
2016 Facilitating biomedical researchers' interrogation of electronic health record data: Ideas from outside of biomedical informatics 2016
2016 DREAM: Classification scheme for dialog acts in clinical research query mediation 2016
2016 i3b3: Infobuttons for i2b2 as a Mechanism for Investigating the Information Needs of Clinical Researchers 2016
2015 Usability and acceptance of the librarian infobutton tailoring environment: An open access online knowledge capture, management, and configuration tool for openinfobutton 2015
2015 Standardizing data exchange for clinical research protocols and case report forms: An assessment of the suitability of the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) Operational Data Model (ODM) 2015
2015 Clinicians' evaluation of computer-assisted medication summarization of electronic medical records 2015
2015 Characterization of the Context of Drug Concepts in Research Protocols: An Empiric Study to Guide Ontology Development 2015
2015 Clinical documentation in the 21st century: Executive summary of a policy position paper from the American College of Physicians 2015
2015 Identifying the Clinical Laboratory Tests from Unspecified "Other Lab Test" Data for Secondary Use 2015
2015 Point-of-care knowledge-based resource needs of clinicians: A survey from a large academic medical center 2015
2015 Reproducing a Prospective Clinical Study as a Computational Retrospective Study in MIMIC-II 2015
2015 eHealth 2015 Special Issue: Impact of Electronic Health Records on the Completeness of Clinical Documentation Generated during Diabetic Retinopathy Consultations. 2015
2014 Developing genomic knowledge bases and databases to support clinical management: current perspectives 2014
2014 Health data use, stewardship, and governance: Ongoing gaps and challenges: A report from AMIA's 2012 health policy meeting 2014
2014 A complementary graphical method for reducing and analyzing large data sets: Case studies demonstrating thresholds setting and selection 2014
2014 A rapid matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry-based method for single-plasmid tracking in an outbreak of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae 2014
2014 Adapting a Clinical Data Repository to ICD-10-CM through the use of a Terminology Repository 2014
2014 Consumer-mediated health information exchanges: The 2012 ACMI debate 2014
2014 Designing a clinical dashboard to fill information gaps in the emergency department 2014
2014 Don't take your EHR to heaven, donate it to science: Legal and research policies for EHR post mortem 2014
2014 Enhancing electronic health records to support clinical research. 2014
2014 Locating relevant patient information in electronic health record data using representations of clinical concepts and database structures 2014
2014 Piloting a deceased subject integrated data repository and protecting privacy of relatives 2014
2014 Reply to "tn4401 Carrying blaKPC is inserted within another insertion in pKpQIL and related plasmids" 2014
2014 The National Institutes of Health's Biomedical Translational Research Information System (BTRIS): Design, contents, functionality and experience to date 2014
2014 Toward a cognitive task analysis for biomedical query mediation. 2014
2013 Evaluating adherence to the international committee of medical journal editors' policy of mandatory, timely clinical trial registration 2013
2013 Caveats for the use of operational electronic health record data in comparative effectiveness research 2013
2013 Linking ClinicalTrials.gov and PubMed to Track Results of Interventional Human Clinical Trials 2013
2013 Improving the electronic health record - Are clinicians getting what they wished for? 2013
2013 Terminology challenges implementing the HL7 context-aware knowledge retrieval ('infobutton') standard 2013
2013 A comparison of clinicians' access to online knowledge resources using two types of information retrieval applications in an academic hospital setting 2013
2013 Characterization of the biomedical query mediation process. 2013
2013 Desiderata for healthcare integrated data repositories based on architectural comparison of three public repositories. 2013
2013 Practical choices for infobutton customization: experience from four sites. 2013
2013 Providing pharmacogenomics clinical decision support using whole genome sequencing data as input. 2013
2013 Recommendations for the use of operational electronic health record data in comparative effectiveness research. 2013
2012 A study of terminology auditors' performance for UMLS semantic type assignments 2012
2012 The false security of blind dates: Chrononymization's lack of impact on data privacy of laboratory data 2012
2012 Development of a prototype continuity of care record with context-specific links to meet the information needs of case managers for persons living with HIV 2012
2012 Implementations of the HL7 Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval (" Infobutton" ) Standard: Challenges, strengths, limitations, and uptake 2012
2012 Development and evaluation of an ontology for guiding appropriate antibiotic prescribing 2012
2012 Incorporating personalized gene sequence variants, molecular genetics knowledge, and health knowledge into an EHR prototype based on the Continuity of Care Record standard 2012
2012 Meeting the electronic health record "meaningful use" criterion for the HL7 infobutton standard using OpenInfobutton and the Librarian Infobutton Tailoring Environment (LITE). 2012
2012 Precision and negative predictive value of links between ClinicalTrials.gov and PubMed. 2012
2011 High-quality, standard, controlled healthcare terminologies come of age 2011
2011 Information needs of case managers caring for persons living with HIV 2011
2011 A comparison of two methods for retrieving ICD-9-CM data: The effect of using an ontology-based method for handling terminology changes 2011
2011 AskHERMES: An online question answering system for complex clinical questions 2011
2011 An investigation into the feasibility of spoken clinical question answering. 2011
2011 Graphical methods for reducing, visualizing and analyzing large data sets using hierarchical terminologies. 2011
2011 Improving adherence to research protocol drug exclusions using a clinical alerting system. 2011
2010 Automatically extracting information needs from complex clinical questions 2010
2010 A network-theoretic approach for decompositional translation across Open Biological Ontologies 2010
2010 The use of therapeutic listening with preschoolers with developmental disabilities: A look at the outcomes 2010
2010 A large-scale knowledge management method based on the analysis of the use of online knowledge resources 2010
2010 Interpreting nurses' responses to clinical documentation alerts 2010
2010 Multi-National, Multi-Institutional Analysis of Clinical Decision Support Data Needs to Inform Development of the HL7 Virtual Medical Record Standard 2010
2009 Understanding workflow in telehealth video visits: Observations from the IDEATel project 2009
2009 A Randomized Trial Comparing Telemedicine Case Management with Usual Care in Older, Ethnically Diverse, Medically Underserved Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: 5 Year Results of the IDEATel Study 2009
2009 A review of auditing methods applied to the content of controlled biomedical terminologies 2009
2009 Practical experience with the maintenance and auditing of a large medical ontology 2009
2009 The caBIG terminology review process 2009
2009 Using Semantic and Structural Properties of the Unified Medical Language System to Discover Potential Terminological Relationships 2009
2009 The effects of redesigning the IDEATel architecture on glucose uploads 2009
2009 Lay public's knowledge and decisions in response to symptoms of acute myocardial infarction 2009
2009 Information Needs, Infobutton Manager Use, and Satisfaction by Clinician Type: A Case Study 2009
2009 The contribution of observational studies and clinical context information for guiding the integration of infobuttons into clinical information systems. 2009
2009 Use of clinical alerting to improve the collection of clinical research data. 2009
2008 Effectiveness of Topic-specific Infobuttons: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2008
2008 A conversation between Belding Scribner & Jack Cimino. 2008
2008 Integrating evidence into clinical information systems for nursing decision support 2008
2008 Extracting structured medication event information from discharge summaries. 2008
2008 Identifying logical clinical context clusters in nursing orders for the purpose of information retrieval. 2008
2008 Infobuttons: anticipatory passive decision support. 2008
2008 Leading a horse to water: using automated reminders to increase use of online decision support. 2008
2008 Using semantic and structural properties of the UMLS to discover potential terminological relationships. 2008
2007 Development, implementation, and a cognitive evaluation of a definitional question answering system for physicians 2007
2007 Analysis of a Study of the Users, Uses, and Future Agenda of the UMLS 2007
2007 Collect once, use many: Enabling the reuse of clinical data through controlled terminologies 2007
2007 A comparison of two methods for retrieving ICD-9-CM data: The effect of using an ontology-based method for handling terminology changes. 2007
2007 A methodology for meeting context-specific information needs related to nursing orders. 2007
2007 A scale-free network view of the UMLS to learn terminology translations. 2007
2007 An integrated approach to computer-based decision support at the point of care. 2007
2007 Auditing dynamic links to online information resources. 2007
2007 Decompositional terminology translation using network analysis. 2007
2007 Evaluation of a UMLS Auditing Process of Semantic Type Assignments. 2007
2007 Information needs related to antibiotic prescribing while using CPOE. 2007
2007 Medication reconciliation using natural language processing and controlled terminologies 2007
2007 Multitasking by clinicians in the context of CPOE and CIS use 2007
2007 Piecewise synonyms for enhanced UMLS source terminology integration. 2007
2007 Redesign of the Columbia University Infobutton Manager. 2007
2007 Semantic query generation from eligibility criteria in clinical trials. 2007
2007 Understanding dimensions of complexity in nurse case managers' workflow in a telemedicine program. 2007
2006 Terminology model discovery using natural language processing and visualization techniques 2006
2006 How well do electronic systems represent colorectal cancer surgery concepts? Evaluation of SNOMED-CT, ICD9-CM, and CPT-4 for content coverage 2006
2006 Heuristic evaluation of paper-based Web pages: A simplified inspection usability methodology 2006
2006 In defense of the Desiderata 2006
2006 Introduction: International Medical Informatics Association Working Group 6 and the 2005 Rome Conference 2006
2006 Representation of Ophthalmology Concepts by Electronic Systems. Intercoder Agreement among Physicians Using Controlled Terminologies 2006
2006 Beyond information retrieval--medical question answering. 2006
2006 Interruptions during the use of a CPOE system for MICU rounds. 2006
2006 Mining cross-terminology links in the UMLS. 2006
2006 Reliability of SNOMED-CT coding by three physicians using two terminology browsers. 2006
2006 The practical impact of ontologies on biomedical informatics. 2006
2006 Towards a reference model for representing nursing information needs 2006
2006 Use, usability, usefulness, and impact of an infobutton manager. 2006
2005 Relationship structures and semantic type assignments of the UMLS enriched semantic network 2005
2005 Toward semantic interoperability in home health care: Formally representing OASIS items for integration into a concept-oriented terminology 2005
2005 Personal digital educators 2005
2005 Representation of ophthalmology concepts by electronic systems: Adequacy of controlled medical terminologies 2005
2005 Participant perceptions of the influences of the NLM-sponsored woods hole medical informatics course 2005
2005 Using patient data to retrieve health knowledge. 2005
2004 Towards the development of a conceptual distance metric for the UMLS 2004
2004 An Enriched Unified Medical Language System Semantic Network with a Multiple Subsumption Hierarchy 2004
2004 Development and representation of a fall-injury risk assessment instrument in a clinical information system 2004
2004 Development and representation of a fall-injury risk assessment instrument in a clinical information system. 2004
2004 PalmCIS: A Wireless Handheld Application for Satisfying Clinician Information Needs 2004
2004 Patterns of usage for a Web-based clinical information system. 2004
2004 Patterns of usage for a web-based clinical information system 2004
2004 Practical considerations for exploiting the World Wide Web to create infobuttons. 2004
2004 Practical considerations for exploiting the world wide web to create infobuttons 2004
2004 Promoting patient safety and enabling evidence-based practice through informatics. 2004
2004 Scenario-based assessment of physicians' information needs. 2004
2003 Adequacy of evolving national standardized terminologies for interdisciplinary coded concepts in an automated clinical pathway 2003
2003 Automated discovery of patient-specific clinician information needs using clinical information system log files. 2003
2003 Automated identification of shortcuts to patient data for a wireless handheld clinical information system. 2003
2003 Characterizing information needs and cognitive processes during CIS use. 2003
2003 Clinical information needs in context: an observational study of clinicians while using a clinical information system. 2003
2003 Consistency across the hierarchies of the UMLS Semantic Network and Metathesaurus 2003
2003 Development of infobuttons in a wireless environment. 2003
2003 Integrating nursing diagnostic concepts into the Medical Entities Dictionary using the ISO Reference Terminology Model for Nursing Diagnosis 2003
2003 Linking molecular imaging terminology to the gene ontology (GO). 2003
2003 Sharing infobuttons to resolve clinicians' information needs. 2003
2003 The classification of clinicians' information needs while using a clinical information system. 2003
2003 Use of online resources while using a clinical information system. 2003
2002 Providing concept-oriented views for clinical data using a knowledge-based system: An evaluation 2002
2002 Enriching the structure of the UMLS semantic network. 2002
2002 The cognitive demands of an innovative query user interface. 2002
2002 Theoretical, empirical and practical approaches to resolving the unmet information needs of clinical information system users. 2002
2002 Web-based tailoring and its effect on self-efficacy: results from the MI-HEART randomized controlled trial. 2002
2001 Terminology tools: State of the art and practical lessons 2001
2001 Partitioning an object-oriented terminology schema 2001
2001 Clinical Knowledge and Practice in the Information Age: A Handbook for Health Professionals 2001
2001 'Televaluation' of clinical information systems: An integrative approach to assessing Web-based systems 2001
2001 A knowledge-based, concept-oriented view generation system for clinical data 2001
2001 Accessing heterogeneous sources of evidence to answer clinical questions 2001
2001 Battling Scylla and Charybdis: the search for redundancy and ambiguity in the 2001 UMLS metathesaurus. 2001
2001 Book reviews 2001
2001 Building a knowledge base to support a digital library. 2001
2001 Developing tailored theory-based educational content for WEB applications: illustrations from the MI-HEART project. 2001
2001 Development of an ontology to model medical errors, information needs, and the clinical communication space. 2001
2001 Integrating existing drug formulation terminologies into an HL7 standard classification using OpenGALEN. 2001
2001 Integration of nursing assessment concepts into the medical entities dictionary using the LOINC semantic structure as a terminology model. 2001
2001 Perceived information needs and communication difficulties of inpatient physicians and nurses. 2001
2001 Studying the human-computer-terminology interface 2001
2001 Using narrative reports to support a digital library. 2001
2001 What do patients do with access to their medical records? 2001
2000 An "infobutton" for enabling patients to interpret on-line Pap smear reports. 2000
2000 An evaluation of patient access to their electronic medical records via the World Wide Web. 2000
2000 Automated knowledge extraction from MEDLINE citations. 2000
2000 Evaluation of Web-based patient information resources: application in the assessment of a patient clinical information system. 2000
2000 Evaluation of the clinical LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers, Names, and Codes) semantic structure as a terminology model for standardized assessment measures 2000
2000 Formal combinations of guidelines: a requirement for self-administered personalized health education. 2000
2000 From data to knowledge through concept-oriented terminologies: Experience with the medical entities dictionary 2000
2000 Representing the UMLS as an object-oriented database: Modeling issues and advantages 2000
2000 Toward vocabulary domain specifications for health level 7-coded data elements 2000
1999 Toward a framework for computer-mediated collaborative design in medical informatics 1999
1999 Letter to the editor [1] 1999
1999 Evaluation of a proposed method for representing drug terminology. 1999
1999 Evaluation of a system to identify relevant patient information and its impact on clinical information retrieval. 1999
1999 Evaluation of the Information Sources Map. 1999
1999 Modeling patient response to acute myocardial infarction: implications for a tailored technology-based program to reduce patient delay. 1999
1999 Modeling the UMLS using an OODB. 1999
1999 The Columbia medical informatics story: from clinical system to major department. 1999
1999 WebCIS: large scale deployment of a Web-based clinical information system. 1999
1998 Desiderata for controlled medical vocabularies in the twenty-first century 1998
1998 The concepts of language and the language of concepts 1998
1998 Combining laboratory data sets from multiple institutions using the logical observation identifier names and codes (LOINC) 1998
1998 A study of collaboration among medical informatics research laboratories 1998
1998 Distributed cognition and knowledge-based controlled medical terminologies 1998
1998 A proposal for incorporating health level seven (HL7) vocabulary in the UMLS Metathesaurus. 1998
1998 Architecture for a Web-based clinical information system that keeps the design open and the access closed. 1998
1998 Auditing the Unified Medical Language System with semantic methods 1998
1998 Automated knowledge extraction from the UMLS. 1998
1998 Reproducibility of interpreting "and" and "or" in terminology systems. 1998
1998 Use of alternative therapies by a low price income population 1998
1997 Beyond the Superhighway: Exploiting the Internet with Medical Informatics 1997
1997 Controlled Vocabulary and Design of Laboratory Results Displays 1997
1997 Controlled vocabulary and design of laboratory results displays. 1997
1997 Linking a Clinical System to Heterogeneous Information Resources 1997
1997 Linking a clinical system to heterogeneous information resources. 1997
1997 Medical language and terminologies 1997
1997 Partitioning a Vocabulary's IS-A Hierarchy into Trees 1997
1997 Partitioning a vocabulary's IS-A hierarchy into trees. 1997
1997 Supporting Infobuttons with Terminological Knowledge 1997
1997 Supporting infobuttons with terminological knowledge. 1997
1997 Usability Testing in Medical Informatics: Cognitive Approaches to Evaluation of Information Systems and User Interfaces 1997
1997 Usability testing in medical informatics: cognitive approaches to evaluation of information systems and user interfaces. 1997
1997 Using Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) to Exchange Laboratory Data among Three Academic Hospitals 1997
1997 Using Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) to exchange laboratory data among three academic hospitals. 1997
1996 Review paper: Coding systems in health care 1996
1996 Formal descriptions and adaptive mechanisms for changes in controlled medical vocabularies 1996
1996 An approach to coping with the annual changes in ICD9-CM. 1996
1996 Linking patient information systems to bibliographic resources 1996
1996 Access to Data: Comparing AccessMed with Query by Review 1996
1996 Access to data: comparing AccessMed with Query by Review. 1996
1996 Cognitive evaluation of the user interface and vocabulary of an outpatient information system. 1996
1996 Collaborative medical informatics research using the Internet and the World Wide Web. 1996
1996 Design of a clinical event monitor 1996
1996 Integrating DXplain into a clinical information system using the World Wide Web. 1996
1996 Just tell me what you want!: the promise and perils of rapid prototyping with the World Wide Web. 1996
1996 Mapping medical vocabularies to the Unified Medical Language System. 1996
1996 Utilizing OODB schema modeling for vocabulary management. 1996
1995 Internet as clinical information system: Application development using the world wide web 1995
1995 Applying a controlled medical terminology to a distributed, production clinical information system. 1995
1995 Internet as clinical information system: Application development using the World Wide Web 1995
1995 Managing vocabulary for a centralized clinical system. 1995
1995 Medical decision support: experience with implementing the Arden Syntax at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. 1995
1995 The canon group's effort: Working toward a merged model 1995
1995 The informatics superhighway: prototyping on the World Wide Web. 1995
1995 Vocabulary and health care information technology: State of the art 1995
1994 A general natural-language text processor for clinical radiology 1994
1994 A schema for representing medical language applied to clinical radiology 1994
1994 Controlled medical vocabulary construction: methods from the Canon Group. 1994
1994 Coping with changing controlled vocabularies. 1994
1994 Data storage and knowledge representation for clinical workstations 1994
1994 IAIMS and sharing 1994
1994 Knowledge-based approaches to the maintenance of a large controlled medical terminology 1994
1994 Mapping clinically useful terminology to a controlled medical vocabulary. 1994
1994 Patient care applications on Internet. 1994
1994 Toward a medical-concept representation language 1994
1993 A conceptual model for clinical radiology reports. 1993
1993 Automatic knowledge acquisition from MEDLINE 1993
1993 From ICD9-CM to MeSH using the UMLS: a how-to guide. 1993
1993 Generating MEDLINE search strategies using a librarian knowledge-based system. 1993
1993 Interpreting natural language queries using the UMLS. 1993
1993 Saying what you mean and meaning what you say: Coupling biomedical terminology and knowledge 1993
1992 As we may think: The concept space and medical hypertext 1992
1992 The MEDLINE Button. 1992
1992 The integrated academic information management system at Columbia- Presbyterian Medical Center 1992
1991 Adding your terms and relationships to the UMLS Metathesaurus. 1991
1991 Conceptual data model for a central patient database. 1991
1991 Representation of clinical laboratory terminology in the Unified Medical Language System. 1991
1991 The Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center decision-support system as a model for implementing the Arden Syntax. 1991
1990 Automated translation between medical terminologies using semantic definitions 1990
1989 Nosocomial Clostridium difficile Infections 1989
1989 Constrictive pericarditis after cardiac surgery: Report of three cases and review of the literature 1989
1987 In Reply 1987
1987 Prolactin Levels after Pregnancy 1987
1987 DXplain: An Evolving Diagnostic Decision-Support System 1987
1986 Hematologic Data in the Case Records 1986
1983 Symposium Introduction 1983


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Preface to the fourth edition 2014


Year Title Altmetric
2017 Clinical Research Data: Characteristics, Representation, Storage, and Retrieval.  547-557. 2017
2016 Data Systems and Global Health Informatics Research.  109-128. 2016
2014 Clinical research informatics.  755-777. 2014
2014 Infobuttons and Point of Care Access to Knowledge.  515-549. 2014
2014 Standards in biomedical informatics.  211-253. 2014
2012 Clinical Research Data: Characteristics, Representation, Storage, and Retrieval.  501-508. 2012
2012 James Ernest (Jack) cimino: Inventor of arteriovenous fistula.  125-134. 2012
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