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2018 Defining the epigenetic status of blood cells using a cyanine-based fluorescent probe for PRMT1 2018
2017 The assembly competence domain is essential for inv(16)-associated acute myeloid leukemia 2017
2017 Enhanced Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self-Renewal-Promoting Ability of Clonal Primary Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem cells Versus Their Osteogenic Progeny 2017
2016 The tumor-associated glycosyltransferase ST6Gal-I regulates stem cell transcription factors and confers a cancer stem cell phenotype 2016
2016 Surveying the serologic proteome in a tissue-specific kras(G12D) knockin mouse model of pancreatic cancer 2016
2016 The histone H2A deubiquitinase Usp16 regulates hematopoiesis and hematopoietic stem cell function 2016
2012 Validation of a robust proteomic analysis carried out on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues of the pancreas obtained from mouse and human 2012
2012 GM-CSFRα: The sex-chromosome link to t(8;21)+ AML? 2012
2012 Distinct classes of c-Kit-activating mutations differ in their ability to promote RUNX1-ETO-associated acute myeloid leukemia 2012
2011 Limited transplantation of antigen-expressing hematopoietic stem cells induces long-lasting cytotoxic T cell responses 2011
2009 Ebf1-mediated down-regulation of Id2 and Id3 is essential for specification of the B cell lineage 2009
2008 Applying proteomic-based biomarker tools for the accurate diagnosis of pancreatic cancer 2008
2008 Contribution of intrarenal cells to cellular repair after acute kidney injury: Subcapsular implantation technique 2008
2008 Roles of p15Ink4b and p16Ink4a in myeloid differentiation and RUNX1-ETO-associated acute myeloid leukemia 2008
2008 FLT3-ITD cooperates with inv(16) to promote progression to acute myeloid leukemia 2008
2007 Inactivation of Smad4 accelerates KrasG12D-mediated pancreatic neoplasia 2007
2007 Expression of a non-DNA-binding isoform of Helios induces T-cell lymphoma in mice 2007
2006 TGFβ/BMP inhibits the bone marrow transformation capability of Hoxa9 by repressing its DNA-binding ability 2006
2005 The inv(16) cooperates with ARF haploinsufficiency to induce acute myeloid leukemia 2005
2004 The ETS family transcription factor PU.1 is necessary for the maintenance of fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells 2004
2004 Mutation of CpGs in the Murine Stem Cell Virus Retroviral Vector Long Terminal Repeat Represses Silencing in Embryonic Stem Cells 2004
2003 Activated Notch2 Potentiates CD8 Lineage Maturation and Promotes the Selective Development of B1 B Cells 2003
2003 Determination of lymphoid cell fate is dependent on the expression status of the IL-7 receptor 2003
2003 Enforced expression of EBF in hematopoietic stem cells restricts lymphopoiesis to the B cell lineage 2003
2003 Notch2 haploinsufficiency results in diminished B1 B cells and a severe reduction in marginal zone B cells 2003
2003 Pax5 determines B- versus T-cell fate and does not block early myeloid-lineage development 2003
2003 The ETO domain is necessary for the developmental abnormalities associated with AML1-ETO expression in the hematopoietic stem cell compartment in vivo 2003
2002 Hematopoietic stem cell expansion and distinct myeloid developmental abnormalities in a murine model of the AML1-ETO translocation 2002
2002 Mechanisms that regulate silencing of gene expression from retroviral vectors 2002
2002 Differential gene expression profiling of adult murine hematopoietic stem cells 2002
2002 Retroviral Transduction of FACS-Purified Hematopoietic Stem Cells. 2002
2001 Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel regulator of G-protein signaling from mouse hematopoietic stem cells 2001
2000 Inactivation of a GFP retrovirus occurs at multiple levels in long-term repopulating stem cells and their differentiated progeny 2000
1999 Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in lymphocyte progenitors: Insight from an analysis of the terminal transferase promoter 1999
1998 Erratum: Helios, a T cell-restricted Ikaros family member that quantitatively associates with Ikaos at centromeric heterochromatin (Genes and Development (1998) 12 (782-796)) 1998
1998 Helios, a T cell-restricted Ikaros family member that quantitatively associates with Ikaros at centromeric heterochromatin 1998
1998 Hematopoietic stem cells and lymphoid progenitors express different Ikaros isoforms, and Ikaros is localized to heterochromatin in immature lymphocytes 1998
1994 Regional induction of tumor necrosis factor α expression in the mouse brain after systemic lipopolysaccharide administration 1994
1994 The v-abl tyrosine kinase negatively regulates NF-κB/Rel factors and blocks κ gene transcription in pre-B lymphocytes 1994
1993 Targeted disruption of the Oct-2 locus in a B cell provides genetic evidence for two distinct cell type-specific pathways of octamer element-mediated gene activation 1993
1992 BLyF, a novel cell-type- and stage-specific regulator of the B-lymphocyte gene mb-1 1992

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Genetics, University of Chicago 1993
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  • Christopher Klug