Selected Publications

Academic Article

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2018 Characterization of paint dust aerosol generated from mechanical abrasion of TiO2-containing paintsApplied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene.  15:629-640. 2018
2017 Dose-response analysis of epigenetic, metabolic, and apical endpoints after short-term exposure to experimental hepatotoxicantsFood and Chemical Toxicology.  109:690-702. 2017
2017 Synergistic effects of engineered nanoparticles and organics released from laser printers using nano-enabled toners: Potential health implications from exposures to the emitted organic aerosolEnvironmental Science: Nano.  4:2144-2156. 2017
2016 Multiyear analyses of ground-level air contaminants over Paris metropolitan region using real-time observations and air mass backward trajectoriesChina Particuology.  28:60-71. 2016
2016 Characterization of water-soluble organic matter in urban aerosol by 1H-NMR spectroscopyAtmospheric Environment.  128:235-245. 2016
2015 An integrated methodology for the assessment of environmental health implications during thermal decomposition of nano-enabled productsEnvironmental Science: Nano.  2:262-272. 2015
2015 Erratum: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the functional content of organic aerosols: A review (Environ. Pollut. (2014) 191 (232-249))Environmental Pollution.  196:479. 2015
2014 Functional characterization of the water-soluble organic carbon of size-fractionated aerosol in the southern Mississippi ValleyAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics.  14:6075-6088. 2014
2014 Air pollution and hospital emergency room and admissions for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in Doña Ana County, New MexicoEnvironmental Research.  129:39-46. 2014
2014 Epigenetic alterations induced by ambient particulate matter in mouse macrophagesEnvironmental and Molecular Mutagenesis.  55:428-435. 2014
2014 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the functional content of organic aerosols: A reviewEnvironmental Pollution.  191:232-249. 2014
2014 The effect of anthropogenic volatile organic compound sources on ozone in Boise, IdahoEnvironmental Chemistry.  11:445-458. 2014
2013 NMR Analysis of the Water-Soluble Fraction of Airborne Pollen ParticlesApplied Magnetic Resonance.  44:1347-1358. 2013
2013 Soil humic-like organic compounds in prescribed fire emissions using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyEnvironmental Pollution.  181:167-171. 2013
2013 The impact of wind on particle mass concentrations in four European urban areasGlobal NEST Journal.  15. 2013
2013 Assessment of the contribution of wildfires to ozone concentrations in the central US-Mexico border regionAerosol and air quality research.  13:838-848. 2013
2013 Sources, trends and regional impacts of fine particulate matter in southern Mississippi valley: Significance of emissions from sources in the Gulf of Mexico coastAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics.  13:3721-3732. 2013
2013 Quantification of environmental tobacco smoke contribution on outdoor particulate aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsArchives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.  64:347-356. 2013
2013 Quantitative determination of regional contributions to fine and coarse particle mass in urban receptor sitesEnvironmental Pollution.  176:1-9. 2013
2013 Spatial attribution of sulfate and dust aerosol sources in an urban area using receptor modeling coupled with Lagrangian trajectoriesAtmospheric Pollution Research.  4:346-353. 2013
2012 Environmental tobacco smoke aerosol in non-smoking households of patients with chronic respiratory diseasesAtmospheric Environment.  62:82-88. 2012
2011 Temporal variations of atmospheric aerosol in four European urban areasEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research.  18:1202-1212. 2011
2010 Ambient air pollution and respiratory health effects in mail carriersEnvironmental Research.  110:278-285. 2010
2006 Chemical composition and mass closure of particulate matter at six urban sites in EuropeAtmospheric Environment.  40:212-223. 2006
2003 Bis[(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)ethyl] disulfideActa Crystallographica Section E.  59. 2003
2003 Structure and electronic properties of [Ni(dsdm){Fe(CO)3}2], an unusual, triangular nickel diiron compoundEuropean Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.  453-457. 2003


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2014 Occupational safety and health 2014
2014 Preface 2014


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2014 Assessment of tunnel NO2 and O3 concentrations using passive samplers: Applicability for occupational exposures.  29-41. 2014

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Science or Mathematics in Biochemistry, Paris-Sud University (Paris 11) 2000
  • Full Name

  • Marie Cecile Chalbot