Advanced Safety Engineering Management



Faculty Administrative Position

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    Donald Burke, Director 2016 -

  • Faculty Position

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    Charles Shivers, Professor (P) 2012 -

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    Randy Cadieux, Instructor - Adjunct (P) 2017 -

  • Non-faculty Academic Position

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    Carla Silver, Credentialed Course Instructor 2013 -

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    Harry Floyd II, Credentialed Course Instructor 2013 -

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    Ivan Pupulidy, Credentialed Course Instructor 2018 -

    Dr. Ivan Pupulidy applies his experience and research to operations in complex systems and high-risk environments, such as wildland firefighting, aviation, military and medicine. As a U.S. Forest Service Director, Ivan developed and implemented the Learning Review, which is a process designed to improve how large and small organizations respond to accidents and incidents. The Learning Review is centered on understanding and mapping systemic conditions that influence human actions.


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