Genomic Diagnostics & Bioinformatics

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    Shuko Harada M.D., Interim Division Director

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    Alexander Mackinnon, Professor (P)

    Alexander “Craig” Mackinnon Jr., M.D., Ph.D., is the inaugural director of the Division of Genomics Diagnostics and Bioinformatics in the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Mackinnon will lead ongoing efforts to establish the Precision Diagnostic Laboratory at UAB.

    A board-certified anatomical and molecular genetic pathologist, Mackinnon joins UAB after serving as associate professor in the Department of Pathology at the Medical Colle...

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    Diana Morlote, Assistant Professor (P)

    Dr. Morlote is board certified in molecular genetic pathology and hematopathology. She completed fellowship training in both subspecialties in the Department of Pathology at UAB.

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    Shuko Harada M.D., Professor (P)

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    Yulong Fu, Assistant Professor (P)

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    Elizabeth Worthey, Associate Professor (S)

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    Micky Edmonds Ph.D., Assistant Professor (S)

    The overall goal of my research is to determine the genetic and epigenetic events that drive epithelial cancer progression and metastasis. Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in the United States. The genes required for cancer progression and dissemination remain an area of active investigation. The main research focus of my lab is to understand how non-coding RNA regulate these processes and, specifically, the functional role of microRNA (miRNA). miRNAs are small, non-coding RNA mol...

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