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Faculty Administrative Position

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    Andres Azuero PhD, MBA, Program Director 2016 -

    Dr. Azuero's focus is on the design, management, and analysis of clinical trials and health interventions, and the use of statistical and machine learning techniques for modeling personalized treatment response and observational data. He specializes in a broad spectrum of classical statistical and machine learning techniques. He collaborates in several research projects within and outside UAB.

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    David Vance PhD, MGS, MS, Interim Director ORS 2020 -

    Dr. David Vance is a psychologist who actively researches neurocognitive aging and HIV. His funded studies focus on transcranial direct current stimulation, olfactory dysfunction, cognitive prescriptions, and others. He co-chairs the Neurocognitive Group of the MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study, a national longitudinal cohort study. His scholarship has led to numerous publications (+245 peer-reviewed articles) and presentations (+450) as well as being an invited member to a White House forum an...

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    Rita Jablonski PhD, CRNP, FGSA, FAAN, Director 2019 -

    Dr. Rita Jablonski’s internationally-renowned program of research is focused on improving the lives of older adults, especially those with dementia who reside in nursing homes. Her most recent studies have tested interventions that improve oral hygiene for persons with dementia who resist care. The strategies for reducing threat perception using dementia-centric communication strategies are congruent with the principles of person-centered care and nursing home culture change initiatives.

  • Non-academic Position

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    Lauren Antia, Program Manager II 1999 -

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    Lisa Knighting, Program Manager II 2007 -

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    Sheila Wallace, Program Manager II 2002 -

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