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    Gillespie, George, Professor - Emeritus (P) 2017 -

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    Leavenworth Ph.D., Jianmei, Assistant Professor (P) 2016 -

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    Nakano M.D., Ph.D., Ichiro, Professor (P) 2016 -

    By training, I am an academic neurosurgeon conducting both brain tumor translational research and clinical brain tumor surgery. As a physician, I surgically treat patients with brain tumors. As a scientist, I focus on the molecular characterization of brain cancer heterogeneity and plasticity and translate that knowledge to cancer therapeutics. My research is highlighted with the discovery of brain cancer stem cells, published in PNAS in 2003, and the discovery of glioblastoma subtype-specific c...

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    Osuka, Satoru, Assistant Professor (P) 2019 -

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    Van Meir, Erwin, Professor (P) 2019 -

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