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2022 Pediatric injury due to wheeled recreational devices: a single-institution retrospective studyInjury Epidemiology.  9. 2022
2020 Evaluating teen driving knowledge and behaviors following educational outreachInjury Epidemiology.  7. 2020
2019 Teen Driving Education in a Pediatric Emergency Department: Effectiveness of a ToolkitSouthern Medical Journal.  112:562-565. 2019
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2017 Pediatric Residents' perceptions of potential professionalism violations on social media: A US national surveyJMIR Medical Education.  3. 2017
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2014 Teen driving behaviors in a rural Southern stateSouthern Medical Journal.  107:735-738. 2014
2014 Trends in Alabama teen driving death and injuryJournal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  77. 2014
2012 Emergency department poisoning visits in children younger than 6 years: Comparing referrals by a regional poison control center to referrals by other sourcesPediatric Emergency Care.  28:1343-1347. 2012
2012 Inappropriate home albuterol use during an acute asthma exacerbation 2012
2012 A new after-hours clinic model provides cost-saving, faster care compared with a pediatric emergency departmentPediatric Emergency Care.  28:1162-1165. 2012
2012 Paramedic King Laryngeal tube airway insertion versus endotracheal intubation in simulated pediatric respiratory arrest 2012
2011 Analysis of child passenger safety restraint use at a pediatric emergency departmentPediatric Emergency Care.  27:102-105. 2011
2011 Most common sports-related injuries in a pediatric emergency departmentClinical Pediatrics.  50:17-20. 2011
2010 Effects on a Poison Center's (PC) Triage and Follow-up After Implementing the No Ipecac Use PolicyJournal of Medical Toxicology.  6:122-125. 2010
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2004 A randomized clinical trial to assess the effects of tympanometry on the diagnosis and treatment of acute otitis mediaPediatrics.  114:177-181. 2004
2004 A pilot trial comparing cerebral perfusion pressure-targeted therapy to intracranial pressure-targeted therapy in children with severe traumatic brain injury.Journal of Neurosurgery.  100:454-459. 2004
2004 A pilot trial comparing cerebral perfusion pressure-targeted therapy to intracranial pressure-targeted therapy in children with severe traumatic brain injuryJournal of Neurosurgery.  100:454-459. 2004
2003 Comparison of Two Forms of Albuterol for Treatment of Acute Bronchospasm in Pediatric PatientsSouthern Medical Journal.  96:440-444. 2003
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2000 Evaluation of emergency department referrals by telephone triagePediatrics.  105:819-821. 2000
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1980 Syrup of ipecac: A drug reviewClinical Toxicology.  17:353-358. 1980

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  • Doctor of Public Health in Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1989
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  • William King