Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Liver circadian clock disruption alters perivascular adipose tissue gene expression and aortic function in mice 2021
2021 Endothelin B receptors impair baroreflex function and increase blood pressure variability during high salt dietAutonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical.  232. 2021
2021 Timing of Food Intake Drives the Circadian Rhythm of Blood PressureFunction.  2. 2021
2020 Diurnal Control of Blood Pressure Is Uncoupled from Sodium ExcretionHypertension.  75:1624-1634. 2020
2020 Circadian regulation of membrane physiology in neural oscillators throughout the brainEuropean Journal of Neuroscience.  51:109-138. 2020
2019 Autonomic nerves and circadian control of renal functionAutonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical.  217:58-65. 2019
2018 Shining light on the paraventricular nucleus: The role of glutamatergic pvn neurons in blood pressure control 2018
2018 Maternal separation enhances anticontractile perivascular adipose tissue function in male rats on a high-fat diet 2018
2018 Acute pressor response to psychosocial stress is dependent on endothelium-derived endothelin-1Journal of the American Heart Association.  7. 2018
2018 High dietary sodium causes dyssynchrony of the renal molecular clock in rats 2018
2017 Renal denervation attenuates hypertension but not salt sensitivity in ETB receptor-deficient rats 2017
2017 Ovariectomy uncovers purinergic receptor activation of endothelin-dependent natriuresis 2017
2017 Central TrkB blockade attenuates ICV angiotensin II-hypertension and sympathetic nerve activity in male Sprague-Dawley ratsAutonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical.  205:77-86. 2017
2017 Activation of neuronal endothelin B receptors mediates pressor response through alpha-1 adrenergic receptorsPhysiological Reports.  5. 2017
2017 A day of immersive physiology experiments increases knowledge and excitement towards physiology and scientific careers in Native American studentsAdvances in Physiology Education.  41:137-144. 2017
2016 Influence of brain-derived neurotrophic factor-tyrosine receptor kinase B signalling in the nucleus tractus solitarius on baroreflex sensitivity in rats with chronic heart failure 2016
2015 BDNF contributes to angiotensin II-mediated reductions in peak voltage-gated K+ current in cultured CATH.a cellsPhysiological Reports.  3. 2015

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cell Physiology, University of Nebraska System : Omaha 2015
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  • Bryan Becker