Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Alcohol reduction outcomes following brief counseling among adults with HIV in Zambia: A sequential mixed methods study 2022
2022 Tenofovir Diphosphate in Dried Blood Spots in Pregnant and Postpartum Women with HIV in Kenya: A Novel Approach to Measuring Peripartum Adherence 2022
2022 Exploring COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Stakeholders in African American and Latinx Communities in the Deep South Through the Lens of the Health Belief ModelAmerican Journal of Health Promotion.  36:288-295. 2022
2022 Effects of behavioural interventions on postpartum retention and adherence among women with HIV on lifelong ART: the results of a cluster randomized trial in Kenya (the MOTIVATE trial)Journal of the International AIDS Society.  25. 2022
2021 Testing strategies for couple engagement in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and family health in Kenya: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialTrials.  22. 2021
2021 Experiences, perceptions and potential impact of community-based mentor mothers supporting pregnant and postpartum women with HIV in Kenya: a mixed-methods studyJournal of the International AIDS Society.  24. 2021
2021 Effects of a Home-Based Intervention on HIV Prevention Health Behaviors in Pregnant/Postpartum Kenyan Women: Estimating Moderating Effects of Depressive SymptomsAIDS and Behavior.  25:1026-1036. 2021
2021 Male partner involvement and successful completion of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission continuum of care in Kenya 2021
2021 Behavioral Interventions can Mitigate Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women Conceiving on ART and Those Initiated on ART During Pregnancy: Findings From the MOTIVATE Trial in Southwestern Kenya 2021
2021 The Role of Religion, Philosophy of Life, Global Health, Traditional Medicine, and Past Experiences in the Covid-19 Pandemic Response: Zambia Case Study 2021
2020 HIV status disclosure patterns and male partner reactions among pregnant women with HIV on lifelong ART in Western Kenya 2020
2020 Pathways for HIV Prevention Behaviors Following a Home-Based Couples Intervention for Pregnant Women and Male Partners in KenyaAIDS and Behavior.  24:2091-2100. 2020
2020 Effects of Depression, Stigma and Intimate Partner Violence on Postpartum Women’s Adherence and Engagement in HIV Care in KenyaAIDS and Behavior.  24:1807-1815. 2020
2020 Development of a Novel Scale to Measure Male Partner Involvement in the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in KenyaAIDS and Behavior.  24:291-303. 2020
2019 Acceptability of community-based mentor mothers to support HIV-positive pregnant women on antiretroviral treatment in western Kenya: A qualitative studyBMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.  19. 2019
2018 From ‘half-dead’ to being ‘free’: resistance to HIV stigma, self-disclosure and support for PMTCT/HIV care among couples living with HIV in KenyaCulture, Health and Sexuality.  20:489-503. 2018
2018 A Text Messaging Intervention to Support Option B+ in Kenya: A Qualitative StudyJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  29:287-299. 2018
2018 Development and Piloting of a Home-Based Couples Intervention during Pregnancy and Postpartum in Southwestern KenyaAIDS Patient Care and STDS.  32:92-103. 2018
2018 Maximizing adherence and retention for women living with HIV and their infants in Kenya (MOTIVATE! study): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialTrials.  19. 2018
2018 Hepatitis B virus contact disclosure and testing in Lusaka, Zambia: A mixed-methods studyBMJ Open.  8. 2018
2017 Norms and stigma regarding pregnancy decisions during an unintended pregnancy: Development and predictors of scales among young women in the U.S. SouthPLoS ONE.  12. 2017
2017 Associates of Neonatal, Infant and Child Mortality in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: A Multilevel Analysis Using the 2012–2013 Demographic and Health SurveysMaternal and Child Health Journal.  21:367-375. 2017
2017 Health facility challenges to the provision of Option B+ in western Kenya: A qualitative studyHealth Policy and Planning.  32:283-291. 2017
2016 Social Norms and Stigma Regarding Unintended Pregnancy and Pregnancy Decisions: A Qualitative Study of Young Women in AlabamaPerspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health.  48:73-81. 2016

Investigator On

  • A Home-Based Couples Intervention to Enhance PMTCT and Family Health in Kenya  awarded by National Institute of Mental Health/NIH/DHHS
  • A Naturalistic Driving Study Across the Lifespan  awarded by University of Florida^
  • A Trans-Disciplinary Prevention Center Focused on Rural African American Youth  awarded by Emory University
  • A Website to Teach Children Safety with Dogs: Development and Evaluation  awarded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH/DHHS
  • Center for Translational Research on Aging and Mobility  awarded by National Institute on Aging/NIH/DHHS
  • Doctoral Dissertation Research in DRMS: The Effects of Sleep Restriction on Adolescents' Pedestrian Safety  awarded by NSF - National Science Foundation
  • Home-Based Automated Therapy of Arm Function After Stroke Via Tele-Rehabilitation  awarded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH/DHHS
  • MCH Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities  awarded by Health Resources and Services Administration/DHHS
  • Maximizing Adherence and Retention for Women and Infants in the Context of Option B+ in Kenya  awarded by University of Colorado
  • Mechanisms of HBV Functional Cure During Tenofovir-based ART in HIV/HBV Coinfection  awarded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Neurobiological Mechanisms of Lower Internalizing Disorders in Black Americans  awarded by National Institute of Mental Health/NIH/DHHS
  • Predicting Long-Term Mobility Outcomes for Older Adults  awarded by National Institute on Aging/NIH/DHHS
  • Spirituality and Coping Among Youth with Cancer and Their Caregivers  awarded by American Psychological Association
  • The Effects of Intranasal Oxytocin on Pain Sensitivity, Endogenous Pain Processing and Mood: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study  awarded by American Pain Society
  • The Impact of Language Remediation on Brain Functioning Autism  awarded by LINDAMOOD-BELL
  • UAB Early Head Start  awarded by Administration for Children and Families/DHHS
  • UAB Early Head Start Program  awarded by Administration for Children and Families/DHHS
  • Using Virtual Reality to Train Children in Pedestrian Safety  awarded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH/DHHS
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2020
  • Master of Business Administration in Business Administration and Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2005
  • Master of Public Health in Health / Health Care Administration / Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2005
  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Affairs, 2002
  • Full Name

  • Anna Helova