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Year Title Altmetric
2019 Quantitative Image Analysis of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Immunohistochemistry for Breast Cancer: Guideline From the College of American Pathologists.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  143:1180-1195. 2019
2016 Mitochondrial DNA Repair through OGG1 Activity Attenuates Breast Cancer Progression and Metastasis.Cancer Research.  76:30-34. 2016
2015 ErbB2-intronic microRNA-4728: a novel tumor suppressor and antagonist of oncogenic MAPK signaling.Cell Death and Disease.  6:e1742. 2015
2015 Splenic lymphangioma.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  139:278-282. 2015
2014 Increased reactive oxygen species, metabolic maladaptation, and autophagy contribute to pulmonary arterial hypertension-induced ventricular hypertrophy and diastolic heart failure.Hypertension.  64:1266-1274. 2014
2014 Contractile protein expression is upregulated by reactive oxygen species in aorta of Goto-Kakizaki rat. 2014
2011 Regulation and distribution of squirrel monkey chorionic gonadotropin and secretogranin II in the pituitary.General and Comparative Endocrinology.  170:509-513. 2011
2009 Primary renal zygomycotic infarction mimicking renal neoplasia in an immunocompetent patient.American Journal of the Medical Sciences.  338:330-333. 2009
2009 Tricuspid valve and pacemaker endocarditis due to Pseudallescheria boydii (Scedosporium apiospermum).Southern Medical Journal.  102:515-517. 2009
2009 A case of bone metaplasia of the gallbladder epithelium.Southern Medical Journal.  102:322-324. 2009
2008 Sentinel node in melanoma patients: Triple negativity with routine techniques and PCR as positive prognostic factor for survivalModern Pathology.  21:438-444. 2008
2004 Sentinel lymph node: Detection of micrometastases of melanoma in a molecular study 2004
2004 Pathologic quiz case: a 69-year-old man with a brown-black facial papule. Melanocytic matricoma.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  128:e163-e164. 2004
2001 Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the lung.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  125:397-399. 2001
1997 Pathological case of the month. Infantile acute hemorrhagic edema.JAMA Pediatrics.  151:523-524. 1997
1997 Morphometric determination of AgNORs in breast carcinoma. Correlation with flow cytometry and proliferating cell nuclear antigen. 1997
1997 Immunoglobulin lambda light chains are the precursors of ureteral localized amyloidosis: A micromethod for extraction of amyloid 1997

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