• Interventional cardiologist with keen interest in both imaging and procedural aspects of structural and adult congenital heart disease. Also interested in quality improvement in the cath lab especially with respect to patient safety.
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    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2021 Evaluation of detection efficiency and neutron scattering in NAND detector array: FLUKA simulation and experimental validation 2021
    2021 De-Escalation of DAPT After ACS: Escalating the Odds of Getting It RightJournal of the American College of Cardiology.  78:778-780. 2021
    2021 Crushed Prasugrel Improves Pharmacodynamics But Little Else: Where Are the Missing Pieces?JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions.  14:1334-1336. 2021
    2021 Persistent mitral regurgitation after left ventricular assist device: a clinical conundrumESC Heart Failure.  8:1039-1046. 2021
    2021 Performance results of National Array of Neutron Detectors (NAND) facility at IUAC 2021
    2021 A Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Analysis of Plasmonic Silver Nanoparticle Sensor Towards Detailed Microscopic Understanding of Heavy Metal DetectionPlasmonics2021
    2021 Optical Coherence Tomography in Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy: State-of-the-Art ReviewCirculation: Heart Failure.  1021-1031. 2021
    2021 Outcomes of COVID-19 in CKD patients: A multicenter electronic medical record cohort studyClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  16:785-786. 2021
    2021 Transcatheter pulmonic valve implantation: Techniques, current roles, and future implicationsWorld Journal of Cardiology.  13:117-129. 2021
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    2020 Systematic review and meta-analysis of outcomes of anatomic repair in congenitally corrected transposition of great arteriesWorld Journal of Cardiology.  12:427-436. 2020
    2020 Realization of high-quality InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot growth on Ge substrate and improvement of optical property through ex-situ ion implantationJournal of Luminescence.  223. 2020
    2020 Effects of rapid thermal annealing in InGaN/GaN quantum disk-in-GaN nanowire arraysJournal of Luminescence.  222. 2020
    2020 Non-equilibrium emission of alpha particles in the interaction of 14N with 59Co and 93Nb at incident energy of 250 MeVNuclear Physics A.  996. 2020
    2020 Persistent Mitral Regurgitation after Left Ventricular Assist Device: A Clinical Conundrum 2020
    2020 The Liquid Argon in A Testbeam (LArIAT) experimentJournal of Instrumentation.  15. 2020
    2019 Asymmetric fission around lead: The case of Po 198Physical Review C.  100. 2019
    2019 Effects of Crushed Ticagrelor Versus Eptifibatide Bolus Plus Clopidogrel in Troponin-Negative Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A Randomized Clinical Trial 2019
    2019 Evidence of Outflow-induced Soft Lags of Galactic Black Holes 2019
    2019 Charge-dependent pair correlations relative to a third particle in p + Au and d + Au collisions at RHIC 2019
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    2019 Measurement of inclusive J/ψ suppression in Au+Au collisions at sNN=200 GeV through the dimuon channel at STAR 2019
    2019 Observation of Excess J /ψ Yield at Very Low Transverse Momenta in Au+Au Collisions at sNN =200 GeV and U+ U Collisions at sNN =193 GeVPhysical Review Letters.  123. 2019
    2019 Polarization of Λ (Λ ̄) Hyperons along the Beam Direction in Au+Au Collisions at sNN =200 GeVPhysical Review Letters.  123. 2019
    2019 Measurements of the transverse-momentum-dependent cross sections of J /ψ production at mid-rapidity in proton+proton collisions at s =510 and 500 GeV with the STAR detectorPhysical Review D.  100. 2019
    2019 Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry for inclusive jet and dijet production in pp collisions at s =510 GeVPhysical Review D.  100. 2019
    2019 Intra-aortic Balloon Pump As a Bridge to Heart Transplant after Non-ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction in Palliated Hypoplastic Left Heart SyndromeCirculation: Heart Failure.  12. 2019
    2019 Role of target shell structure in direct reactions involving weakly bound Li 7Physical Review C.  100. 2019
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    2019 Complete white out of a single transplanted lung in the immediate postoperative period 2019
    2019 Intravascular ultrasound of normal left main arteries: Insights for stent optimization and standardizationCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.  93:239-240. 2019
    2019 Performance of noninvasive assessment in the diagnosis of right heart failure after left ventricular assist deviceASAIO Journal.  65:449-455. 2019
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    2018 “Expanding the frame” for valve-in-valve therapy in small bioprostheses: Encouraging signs for the road aheadCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.  92:555-556. 2018
    2018 Transcatheter Repair of Pulmonary Venous Baffle StenosisJACC: Cardiovascular Interventions.  11:e129-e130. 2018
    2018 Surgical aortic valve replacement and transcatheter aortic valve implantation for severe aortic stenosis: Equipoise remains a tenable assumptionCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.  92:431-432. 2018
    2018 Azimuthal anisotropy in Cu+Au collisions at s NN =200 GeVPhysical Review C.  98. 2018
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    2017 Length and pressure matter: Expediting evidence-based progress in femoropoliteal interventionCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.  89:1257-1258. 2017
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    2017 No Wire Fracture Is Great News, But Is Polymer Shearing the Real Danger?JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions.  10:203-204. 2017
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2018 Evolution of imaging of black hole accretion-outflow system over half a century.  29-38. 2018
    2018 Stent thrombosis: Early, late, and very late.  217-224. 2018
    2015 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 2015

    Education And Training

  • University of Louisville Hospital, Internship
  • University of Louisville Hospital, Residency
  • UAB Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • UAB Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship
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  • Arka Chatterjee