• In the Institute for Communication and Information Research, I work to conduct research in the College of Communication and Information Sciences at The University of Alabama. I also conduct research using Mobile Youth and Poverty Study Data. With respect to this study, I work with students and faculty who are interested in these data to write grant proposals, manuscripts, and conference proposals. I also serve as an evaluator and statistician for externally funded projects. Finally, I am an adjunct faculty member in Social Work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and in Communication Studies at The University of Alabama
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2020 Depression and Intimate Partner Violence Among African American Women Living in Impoverished Inner-City Neighborhoods 2020
    2019 The Effects of Academic Giftedness and Gender on Developmental Trajectories of Hopelessness Among Students Living in Economically Disadvantaged NeighborhoodsGifted Child Quarterly.  63:225-242. 2019
    2019 Let’s Talk About Sexual Immaturity in Adolescence: Implications for School-Based Sex EducationSexuality Research and Social Policy.  16:357-372. 2019
    2019 Household Member Arrest and Adolescent Substance Use: The Mediating Roles of Parenting and Youth Psychological DistressCriminal Justice and Behavior.  46:1088-1105. 2019
    2019 Age of Alcohol Initiation Matters: Examining Gender Differences in the Recency and Frequency of Alcohol Use Across Adolescence Using a Sample of Impoverished Minority AdolescentsYouth and Society.  51:120-145. 2019
    2018 Gifted ‘n the ‘hood: Gender and giftedness as predictors of social risk among low-income studentsExceptionality.  26:190-208. 2018
    2018 The interrelationships among pain interference, depressive symptoms, loneliness, and employment status: a moderated mediation studyClinical Rehabilitation.  32:967-979. 2018
    2018 Suicidality in Black American Youth Living in Impoverished Neighborhoods: Is School Connectedness a Protective Factor?School Mental Health.  10:1-11. 2018
    2018 The Longitudinal Impact of Distal, Non-Familial Relationships on Parental Monitoring: Implications for Delinquent BehaviorYouth and Society.  50:160-182. 2018
    2017 Prospective Relations among Low-Income African American Adolescents’ Maternal Attachment Security, Self-Worth, and Risk BehaviorsFrontiers in Psychology.  8. 2017
    2017 Does Biology Matter in Parent–Child Relationships? Examining Parental Warmth Among Adolescents From Low-Income FamiliesJournal of Family Issues.  38:225-247. 2017
    2017 Does Missing Data in Studies of Hard-to-Reach Populations Bias Results? Not NecessarilyOpen Journal of Statistics.  07:264-289. 2017
    2017 The impact of middle school connectedness on high school outcomes in a Black American sampleMiddle Grades Research Journal.  11:1-12. 2017
    2015 Does permissive parenting relate to levels of delinquency?: An examination of family management practicesJournal of Juvenile Justice.  42:95-110. 2015
    2014 The Effects of Age, Gender, Hopelessness, and Exposure to Violence on Sleep Disorder Symptoms and Daytime Sleepiness Among Adolescents in Impoverished Neighborhoods 2014


    Year Title Altmetric
    2007 Developmental phase as a moderator of the relationship between moral judgment development and intermediate concepts in young professional students 2007

    Research Overview

  • Adolescence, poverty, research methodology, evaluation, school climate, ACEs, HIPs
  • Teaching Overview

  • I approach teaching hierarchically where I first set goals for the course and my students, then identify objectives, teaching with those objectives in mind, and finally, appropriately assess my students. My teaching philosophy can be characterized by three terms: critical thinking, opportunity, and access.
  • Teaching Activities

    Education And Training

  • Utah State University Psychology, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013
  • Full Name

  • Anneliese Bolland