Selected Publications

Academic Article

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2018 Calmodulin antagonist enhances DR5-mediated apoptotic signaling in TRA-8 resistant triple negative breast cancer cells.Journal of Cellular Biochemistry.  119:6216-6230. 2018
2016 Characterization of the Interactions between Calmodulin and Death Receptor 5 in Triple-negative and Estrogen Receptor-positive Breast Cancer Cells: AN INTEGRATED EXPERIMENTAL AND COMPUTATIONAL STUDY.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  291:12862-12870. 2016
2016 Structural Insight for Roles of DR5 Death Domain Mutations on Oligomerization of DR5 Death Domain-FADD Complex in the Death-Inducing Signaling Complex Formation: A Computational Study.Journal of Molecular Modeling.  22:89. 2016
2014 Molecular insight into the effect of lipid bilayer environments on thrombospondin-1 and calreticulin interactions.Biochemistry.  53:6309-6322. 2014
2014 Characterization of calmodulin-Fas death domain interaction: an integrated experimental and computational study.Biochemistry.  53:2680-2688. 2014
2011 Effects of altered restraints in beta1 integrin on the force-regulated interaction between the glycosylated I-like domain of beta1 integrin and fibronectin III9-10: a steered molecular dynamic study.Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics.  8:233-252. 2011
2011 Cell surface engineering with polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films.Journal of the American Chemical Society.  133:7054-7064. 2011
2011 Molecular and structural insight into the role of key residues of thrombospondin-1 and calreticulin in thrombospondin-1-calreticulin binding.Biochemistry.  50:566-573. 2011
2010 Role of altered sialylation of the I-like domain of beta1 integrin in the binding of fibronectin to beta1 integrin: thermodynamics and conformational analyses.Biophysical Journal.  99:208-217. 2010
2010 Structural insight into the role of thrombospondin-1 binding to calreticulin in calreticulin-induced focal adhesion disassembly.Biochemistry.  49:3685-3694. 2010
2010 Amiloride docking to acid-sensing ion channel-1.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  285:9627-9635. 2010
2009 Psalmotoxin-1 docking to human acid-sensing ion channel-1.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  284:17625-17633. 2009
2008 Conformation and free energy analyses of the complex of calcium-bound calmodulin and the Fas death domain.Biophysical Journal.  95:5913-5921. 2008
2008 Molecular dynamics simulations of asymmetric NaCl and KCl solutions separated by phosphatidylcholine bilayers: potential drops and structural changes induced by strong Na+-lipid interactions and finite size effects.Biophysical Journal.  94:3565-3576. 2008
2007 D-periodic collagen-mimetic microfibers.Journal of the American Chemical Society.  129:14780-14787. 2007
2005 Molecular dynamics simulations of salicylate effects on the micro- and mesoscopic properties of a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer.Biochemistry.  44:13425-13438. 2005
2004 Continuum diffusion reaction rate calculations of wild-type and mutant mouse acetylcholinesterase: adaptive finite element analysis.Biophysical Journal.  87:1558-1566. 2004
2004 Finite element analysis of the prestress wire-winding pressJournal of Materials Processing Technology.  151:255-257. 2004
2004 Finite element solution of the steady-state Smoluchowski equation for rate constant calculations.Biophysical Journal.  86:2017-2029. 2004
2004 A three-dimensional finite element model of the human anterior cruciate ligament: a computational analysis with experimental validation.Journal of Biomechanics.  37:383-390. 2004
2001 Three dimensional non-linear coupled thermo-mechanical FEM analysis of the dimensional accuracy for casting dies in rapid toolingFinite Elements in Analysis and Design.  38:79-91. 2001

Education And Training

  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Materials Engineering, Jilin University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Master of Science in Materials Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology
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  • Yuhua Song
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  • yhsong