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2019 Use of a plastic scintillator detector for patient-specific quality assurance of VMAT SRS 2019
2019 Optical surface guidance for submillimeter monitoring of patient position during frameless stereotactic radiotherapy 2019
2019 Assessing the feasibility of single target radiosurgery quality assurance with portal dosimetry 2019
2019 Stereotactic radiosurgery with MLC-defined arcs: Verification of dosimetry, spatial accuracy, and end-to-end tests 2019
2018 The virtual cone: A novel technique to generate spherical dose distributions using a multileaf collimator and standardized control-point sequence for small target radiation surgery 2018
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgery 2016
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgery 2016
2014 End-to-end test of spatial accuracy in Gamma Knife treatments for trigeminal neuralgia 2014
2014 Comparison of plan quality and delivery time between volumetric arc therapy (rapidarc) and gamma knife radiosurgery for multiple cranial metastases 2014
2013 Optimal planning target volume margins for elective pelvic lymphatic radiotherapy in high-risk prostate cancer patients. 2013
2012 A Preliminary Study of Reconstructing Four-Dimensional CT Image Sets by Limited Phase-Specific CT Scans and Image Registration 2012
2012 Hypofractionated Prostate Radiotherapy with or without Conventionally Fractionated Nodal Irradiation: Clinical Toxicity Observations and Retrospective Daily Dosimetry. 2012
2012 SU‐E‐T‐434: Use of Deformable Registration for Cumulated Dose Calculation in Image‐Guided Intracavitary Bracytherapy for Cervical Cancer 2012
2010 Impact of Dose Rate on Outcomes of Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery in Patients with Face Pain 2010
2009 Bi- and tri-exponential fitting to TG-43 radial dose functions of brachytherapy sources based on a genetic algorithm 2009
2009 Development of an accelerated GVF semi-automatic contouring algorithm for radiotherapy treatment planning 2009
2009 Performance of a commercial macro Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm for determining output factors of clinical electron fields 2009
2007 SU‐FF‐J‐78: 3‐D Target Localization at the End of Expiration Prior to Respiration‐Gated Radiotherapy Treatment 2007
2007 SU‐FF‐T‐372: Registration of Frameless High‐Field MRI to Low‐Field Frame‐Based MRI Images in Leksell Gamma‐Knife (LGK) Radiosurgery 2007
2007 TH‐C‐AUD‐03: Impact of Respiratory Motion On Helical Tomotherapy Dose Delivery: A Phantom Study with 3‐D Volumetric Dose Measurements 2007
2006 An improved MLC segmentation algorithm and software for step-and-shoot IMRT delivery without tongue-and-groove error 2006
2005 SU‐EE‐A1‐04: Integrated Complementary IMRT Combined with Image‐Guided HDR Brachytherapy for Cancers of the Uterine Cervix 2005
2004 Automatic CT-SPECT registration of livers treated with radioactive microspheres 2004
2004 Deformable image registration for the use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in prostate treatment planning 2004
2004 Radiation absorbed dose distribution in a patient treated with yttrium-90 microspheres for hepatocellular carcinoma 2004
2001 A maximum-entropy method for the planning of conformal radiotherapy. 2001
2001 Verification of the super-omni wedge concept. 2001
2001 Reply to `Comment on genetic and global algorithms for optimization of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy treatment planning' 2001
2001 An optimization method for importance factors and beam weights based on genetic algorithms for radiotherapy treatment planning. 2001
2001 A global optimization method for three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy treatment planning. 2001
2000 A mixed-encoding genetic algorithm with beam constraint for conformal radiotherapy treatment planning. 2000
2000 Selection and determination of beam weights based on genetic algorithms for conformal radiotherapy treatment planning. 2000
2000 A neural network regression model for relative dose computation 2000
2000 Linear programming based on neural networks for radiotherapy treatment planning 2000

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  • Xingen Wu