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2018 The virtual cone: A novel technique to generate spherical dose distributions using a multileaf collimator and standardized control-point sequence for small target radiation surgery.Advances in Radiation Oncology.  3:421-430. 2018
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgery*.Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  17:246-253. 2016
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgery().Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  17:246-253. 2016
2014 End-to-end test of spatial accuracy in Gamma Knife treatments for trigeminal neuralgia.Medical Physics.  41:111703. 2014
2013 Optimal planning target volume margins for elective pelvic lymphatic radiotherapy in high-risk prostate cancer patients.ISRN Oncology.  2013:941269. 2013
2012 SU-E-T-434: Use of Deformable Registration for Cumulated Dose Calculation in Image-Guided Intracavitary Bracytherapy for Cervical Cancer.Medical Physics.  39:3804. 2012
2012 A Preliminary Study of Reconstructing Four-Dimensional CT Image Sets by Limited Phase-Specific CT Scans and Image RegistrationJournal of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy.  01. 2012
2009 Bi- and tri-exponential fitting to TG-43 radial dose functions of brachytherapy sources based on a genetic algorithm.Brachytherapy.  8:361-366. 2009
2009 Development of an accelerated GVF semi-automatic contouring algorithm for radiotherapy treatment planning.Computers in Biology and Medicine.  39:650-656. 2009
2007 SU‐FF‐J‐78: 3‐D Target Localization at the End of Expiration Prior to Respiration‐Gated Radiotherapy TreatmentMedical Physics.  34:2386. 2007
2007 SU‐FF‐T‐372: Registration of Frameless High‐Field MRI to Low‐Field Frame‐Based MRI Images in Leksell Gamma‐Knife (LGK) RadiosurgeryMedical Physics.  34:2487. 2007
2007 TH‐C‐AUD‐03: Impact of Respiratory Motion On Helical Tomotherapy Dose Delivery: A Phantom Study with 3‐D Volumetric Dose MeasurementsMedical Physics.  34:2626-2627. 2007
2006 An improved MLC segmentation algorithm and software for step-and-shoot IMRT delivery without tongue-and-groove error.Medical Physics.  33:1199-1212. 2006
2005 SU‐EE‐A1‐04: Integrated Complementary IMRT Combined with Image‐Guided HDR Brachytherapy for Cancers of the Uterine CervixMedical Physics.  32:1902. 2005
2004 Radiation absorbed dose distribution in a patient treated with yttrium-90 microspheres for hepatocellular carcinoma.Medical Physics.  31:2449-2453. 2004
2004 Deformable image registration for the use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in prostate treatment planning.International Journal of Radiation Oncology - Biology - Physics.  58:1577-1583. 2004
2001 A maximum-entropy method for the planning of conformal radiotherapy.Medical Physics.  28:2241-2246. 2001
2000 A mixed-encoding genetic algorithm with beam constraint for conformal radiotherapy treatment planning.Medical Physics.  27:2508-2516. 2000

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