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2022 Topologically associating domains are disrupted by evolutionary genome rearrangements forming species-specific enhancer connections in mice and humansCell Reports.  39:110769. 2022
2021 Conservation and divergence in gene regulation between mouse and human immune cells deserves equal emphasis 2021
2021 Experimental evidence of pathogenic role of IgG autoantibodies in IgA nephropathyJournal of Autoimmunity.  118. 2021
2021 Genome regulation in innate and adaptive immune cellsImmunological Reviews.  300:5-8. 2021
2020 A Future Outlook on Molecular Mechanisms of Immunity 2020
2020 Are You There? Genetic Variation Impacts Long-Distance Connections in Diabetes 2020
2019 Inhibition of IL-2 responsiveness by IL-6 is required for the generation of GC-TFH cellsScience Immunology.  4. 2019
2019 Defining Genetic Variation in Widely Used Congenic and Backcrossed Mouse Models Reveals Varied Regulation of Genes Important for Immune ResponsesImmunity.  51:155-168.e5. 2019
2019 T-bet Transcription Factor Promotes Antibody-Secreting Cell Differentiation by Limiting the Inflammatory Effects of IFN-γ on B CellsImmunity.  50:1172-1187.e7. 2019
2019 Defining Barriers that Impede ChoicesImmunity.  50:542-544. 2019
2019 Deficiency of Socs3 leads to brain-targeted experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis via enhanced neutrophil activation and ROS productionJCI insight.  4. 2019
2018 Connections between Metabolism and Epigenetics in Programming Cellular DifferentiationAnnual Review of Immunology.  36:221-246. 2018
2018 Metabolites, genome organization, and cellular differentiation gene programsCurrent Opinion in Immunology.  51:62-67. 2018
2017 Dynamic regulation of T follicular regulatory cell responses by interleukin 2 during influenza infectionNature Immunology.  18:1249-1260. 2017
2017 CCCTC-Binding Factor Translates Interleukin 2- and α-Ketoglutarate-Sensitive Metabolic Changes in T Cells into Context-Dependent Gene ProgramsImmunity.  47:251-267.e7. 2017
2017 Protein kinase CK2 controls the fate between Th17 cell and regulatory T cell differentiationJournal of Immunology.  198:4244-4254. 2017
2017 Inhibition of STAT3 Signaling Reduces IgA1 Autoantigen Production in IgA NephropathyKidney International Reports.  2:1194-1207. 2017
2015 Transcriptional regulation of T cell metabolismMolecular Immunology.  68:520-526. 2015
2015 TCR-signaling events in cellular metabolism and specializationFrontiers in Immunology.  6. 2015
2014 Bcl-6 directly represses the gene program of the glycolysis pathwayNature Immunology.  15:957-964. 2014
2014 Regulatory mechanisms that control T-follicular helper and T-helper 1 cell flexibilityImmunology and Cell Biology.  92:34-39. 2014
2014 Roles for helper T cell lineage-specifying transcription factors in cellular specializationAdvances in Immunology.  124:171-206. 2014
2013 Multiple mutant T alleles cause haploinsufficiency of Brachyury and short tails in Manx catsMammalian Genome.  24:400-408. 2013
2013 Toward an understanding of the gene-specific and global logic of inducible gene transcription 2013
2012 Master regulators or lineage-specifying? Changing views on CD4+ T cell transcription factorsNature Reviews Immunology.  12:799-804. 2012
2012 Molecular mechanisms that control the expression and activity of Bcl-6 in T H1 cells to regulate flexibility with a T FH-like gene profileNature Immunology.  13:405-411. 2012
2012 Transcriptional mechanisms that regulate T helper 1 cell differentiationCurrent Opinion in Immunology.  24:191-195. 2012
2012 Encoding stability versus flexibility: Lessons learned from examining epigenetics in T helper cell differentiationCurrent Topics in Microbiology and Immunology.  356:145-164. 2012
2012 T-bet employs diverse regulatory mechanisms to repress transcription 2012
2012 Ikaros changes the face of NuRD remodelingNature Immunology.  13:16-18. 2012
2011 The lineage-defining factors T-bet and Bcl-6 collaborate to regulate Th1 gene expression patternsJournal of Experimental Medicine.  208:1001-1013. 2011
2011 Transcription factor T-bet represses expression of the inhibitory receptor PD-1 and sustains virus-specific CD8+ T cell responses during chronic infectionNature Immunology.  12:663-671. 2011
2010 Jmjd3 and UTX play a demethylase-independent role in chromatin remodeling to regulate t-box family member-dependent gene expressionMolecular Cell.  40:594-605. 2010
2010 Molecular mechanisms by which T-bet regulates T-helper cell commitmentImmunological Reviews.  238:233-246. 2010
2009 T-bet-dependent S1P5 expression in NK cells promotes egress from lymph nodes and bone marrowJournal of Experimental Medicine.  206:2469-2481. 2009
2009 CCCTC-Binding Factor and the Transcription Factor T-bet Orchestrate T Helper 1 Cell-Specific Structure and Function at the Interferon-γ LocusImmunity.  31:551-564. 2009
2009 Common themes emerge in the transcriptional control of T helper and developmental cell fate decisions regulated by the T-box, GATA and ROR familiesImmunology.  126:306-315. 2009
2009 An essential interaction between T-box proteins and histone-modifying enzymesEpigenetics.  4:85-88. 2009
2008 Coordinated but physically separable interaction with H3K27-demethylase and H3K4-methyltransferase activities are required for T-box protein-mediated activation of developmental gene expressionGenes and Development.  22:2980-2993. 2008
2007 T-bet's ability to regulate individual target genes requires the conserved T-box domain to recruit histone methyltransferase activity and a separate family member-specific transactivation domainMolecular and Cellular Biology.  27:8510-8521. 2007
2006 T-bet binding to newly identified target gene promoters is cell type-independent but results in variable context-dependent functional effectsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  281:11992-12000. 2006
2005 NFATc2 and T-bet contribute to T-helper-cell-subset-specific regulation of IL-21 expression 2005
2004 T-bet regulates the terminal maturation and homeostasis of NK and Vα14i NKT cellsImmunity.  20:477-494. 2004
2004 Novel ChIP-based strategies to uncover transcription factor target genes in the immune systemNature Reviews Immunology.  4:381-386. 2004
2002 Identification of unknown target genes of human transcription factors using chromatin immunoprecipitationMethods.  26:37-47. 2002
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2001 Use of chromatin immunoprecipitation to clone novel E2F target promotersMolecular and Cellular Biology.  21:6820-6832. 2001
2001 Down-regulation of TDT transcription in CD4+CD8+ thymocytes by Ikaros proteins in direct competition with an Ets activatorGenes and Development.  15:1817-1832. 2001
2001 Nucleosome remodeling at the IL-12 p40 promoter is a TLR-dependent, Rel-independent eventNature Immunology.  2:51-57. 2001
1999 Rapid and selective remodeling of a positioned nucleosome during the induction of IL-12 p40 transcriptionImmunity.  11:665-675. 1999

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology, University of California System : Los Angeles 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of Minnesota System : Morris 1995
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  • Amy Weinmann