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2018 Discovery and evaluation of nNav1.5 sodium channel blockers with potent cell invasion inhibitory activity in breast cancer cells 2018
2016 Translation of a tissue-selective rexinoid, UAB30, to the clinic for breast cancer prevention 2016
2015 Conformationally Defined Rexinoids and Their Efficacy in the Prevention of Mammary Cancers 2015
2014 Methyl substitution of a rexinoid agonist improves potency and reveals site of lipid toxicity 2014
2014 A highly predictive 3D-QSAR model for binding to the voltage-gated sodium channel: Design of potent new ligands 2014
2014 Methyl-substituted conformationally constrained rexinoid agonists for the retinoid X receptors demonstrate improved efficacy for cancer therapy and prevention 2014
2012 Crystal structure of a new benzoic acid inhibitor of influenza neuraminidase bound with a new tilt induced by overpacking subsite C6 2012
2012 Pyrrolidinobenzoic acid inhibitors of influenza virus neuraminidase: The hydrophobic side chain influences type A subtype selectivity 2012
2010 A pilot, first-in-human, pharmacokinetic study of 9cUAB30 in healthy volunteers 2010
2009 SAR studies for a new class of antibacterial NAD biosynthesis inhibitors 2009
2009 Synthesis of biotin-tagged chemical cross-linkers and their applications for mass spectrometry 2009
2009 Virtual screening to identify lead inhibitors for bacterial NAD synthetase (NADs) 2009
2009 Prevention of KLF4-mediated tumor initiation and malignant transformation by UAB30 rexinoid 2009
2009 Prevention of KLF4-mediated tumor initiation and malignant transformation by UAB30 rexinoid 2009
2008 Structure of nicotinic acid mononucleotide adenylyltransferase from Bacillus anthracis 2008
2008 The novel retinoid, 9cUAB30, inhibits telomerase and induces apoptosis in HL60 cells 2008
2007 Structural adaptation of an interacting non-native C-terminal helical extension revealed in the crystal structure of NAD+ synthetase from Bacillus anthracis 2007
2007 In vitro metabolic characterization, phenotyping, and kinetic studies of 9cUAB30, a retinoid X receptor-specific retinoid 2007
2007 Antibacterial nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide synthetase inhibitors: Amide- and ether-linked tethered dimers with α-amino acid end groups 2007
2006 Efficacy of new retinoids in the prevention of mammary cancers and correlations with short-term biomarkers 2006
2005 Tethered dimer inhibitors of NAD synthetase: Parallel synthesis of an aryl-substituted SAR library 2005
2004 Synthesis and structure-activity relationship studies for hydantoins and analogues as voltage-gated sodium channel ligands 2004
2004 A benzoic acid inhibitor induces a novel conformational change in the active site of Influenza B virus neuraminidase 2004
2004 Syntheses and Neuraminidase Inhibitory Activity of Multisubstituted Cyclopentane Amide Derivatives 2004
2004 Dimethyl sulfoxide at 2.5% (v/v) alters the structural cooperativity and unfolding mechanism of dimeric bacterial NAD+ synthetase 2004
2003 9cUAB30, an RXR specific retinoid, and/or tamoxifen in the prevention of methylnitrosourea-induced mammary cancers 2003
2003 Conformationally defined retinoic acid analogues. 5. Large-scale synthesis and mammary cancer chemopreventive activity for (2E,4E,6Z,8E)-8-(3′,4′-dihydro-1′(2′H) -naphthalen-1′-ylidene)-3,7-dimethyl-2,4,6-octatrienoic acid (9cUAB30) 2003
2003 Tethered dimers as NAD synthetase inhibitors with antibacterial activity 2003
2003 Pyrrolidinobenzoic acid inhibitors of influenza virus neuraminidase: Modifications of essential pyrrolidinone ring substituents 2003
2001 Stabilization of active-site loops in NH3-dependent NAD+ synthetase from Bacillus subtilis 2001
1999 Erratum: Design of benzoic acid inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase containing a cyclic substitution for the N-acetyl grouping (Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (1999) 9 (1901) PII: S0960894X99003182) 1999
1999 Novel aromatic inhibitors of influenza virus neuraminidase make selective interactions with conserved residues and water molecules in the active site 1999
1999 Hydrophobic benzoic acids as inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase 1999
1999 Stereoselective synthesis of a conformationally defined cyclohexyl carnitine analogue that binds CPT-1 with high affinity 1999
1999 Design of benzoic acid inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase containing a cyclic substitution for the N-acetyl grouping 1999
1999 Potent inhibition of influenza sialidase by a benzoic acid containing a 2-pyrrolidinone substituent 1999
1999 Comparative molecular field analysis of hydantoin binding to the neuronal voltage-dependent sodium channel 1999
1999 1H and 13C NMR assignments of conformationally defined 6-s-cis-retinoids 1999
1999 Bioactivity of peptide analogs of the neutrophil chemoattractant, N- acetyl-proline-glycine-proline 1999
1998 Synthesis of 2-[6-(2,4-Dinitrophenoxy)hexyl]oxiranecarboxylic acid: A selective carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 inhibitor 1998
1998 Conformationally defined retinoic acid analogues. 4. Potential new agents for acute promyelocytic and juvenile myelomonocytic leukemias 1998
1997 Regulation of hepatic lecithin:retinol acyltransferase activity by retinoic acid receptor-selective retinoids 1997
1997 Guanidinobenzoic acid inhibitors of influenza virus neuraminidase 1997
1997 Effects of log P and phenyl ring conformation on the binding of 5- phenylhydantoins to the voltage-dependent sodium channel 1997
1997 A structural model for a new class of conformationally constrained retinoid: (2Z,4E)-4-[3',4'-dihydro-1'(2'H)-naphthalene-1'-ylidene]-2-butenoic acid 1997
1996 Conformationally defined 6-s-trans-retinoic acid analogs. 3. Structure- activity relationships for nuclear receptor binding, transcriptional activity, and cancer chemopreventive activity 1996
1996 Murine toxicology and pharmacology of UAB-8, a conformationally constrained analog of retinoic acid 1996
1995 Structure-Based Inhibitors of Inñuenza Virus Sialidase. A Benzoic Acid Lead with Novel Interaction 1995
1995 Conformationally Defined 6-s-trans-Retinoic Acid Analogs. 2. Selective Agonists for Nuclear Receptor Binding and Transcriptional Activity 1995
1995 Conformationally constrained precursors to retinoic acid analogs which stabilize the 9Z-configuration 1995
1995 4-(Acetylamino)-3-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzoic acid. 1995
1995 13C NMR assignments of conforma‐tionally defined 6‐s‐trans‐retinoids 1995
1995 A strategy for theoretical binding constant, Ki, calculations for neuraminidase aromatic inhibitors designed on the basis of the active site structure of influenza virus neuraminidase 1995
1995 Conformationally defined cyclohexyl carnitine analogs. 1995
1995 Structures of Aromatic Inhibitors of Influenza Virus Neuraminidase 1995
1994 A Conformationally Defined 6-s-trans-Retinoic Acid Isomer: Synthesis, Chemopreventive Activity, and Toxicity 1994
1994 3-Amino-5,5-dimethylhexanoic Acid. Synthesis, Resolution, and Effects on Carnitine Acyltransferases 1994
1994 Bicyclic Hydantoins with a Bridgehead Nitrogen. Comparison of Anticonvulsant Activities with Binding to the Neuronal Voltage-Dependent Sodium Channel 1994
1994 Synthesis and Enzymtic Evaluation of Conformationally Defined Carnitine Analogs 1994
1993 Effects of C-methylated carnitine analogs on rates of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation 1993
1993 Carnitine Acyltransferase Enzymatic Catalysis Requires a Positive Charge on the Carnitine Cofactor 1993
1993 Preparation of the racemate and enantiomers of 3-hydroxy-5,5-dimethylhexanoic acid 1993
1990 Bicyclic Imides with Bridgehead Nitrogen. Synthesis of an Anti-Bredt Bicyclic Hydantoin 1990
1990 Sodium channel binding and anticonvulsant activities of hydantoins containing conformationally constrained 5‐phenyl substituents 1990
1989 Sodium Channel Binding and Anticonvulsant Activities for the Enantiomers of t Bicyclic 2,4-Oxazolidinedione and Monocyclic Models 1989
1989 Reactions of Vinylogous Phosphonate Carbanions and Reformatsky Reagents with a Sterically Hindered Ketone and Enone 1989
1988 Anticonvulsant Activities of Phenyl-Substituted Bicyclic 2,4-Oxazolidinediones and Monocyclic Models. Comparison with Binding to the Neuronal Voltage-Dependent Sodium Channel 1988
1988 Assignment of Absolute Configurations for 4-Methylcarnitine Stereoisomers by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 1988
1987 Syntheses of the Enantiomers of Carnitine and 4-Methylcarnitine via the Chromatographic Resolution of γ-(Dimethylamino)-β-hydroxy Ester Precursors 1987
1987 13C NMR assignments of the isoprenoid chain carbons of retinoids from empirical chemical shift differences 1987
1987 Preparation of the 9-cis, 13-cis-, and all trans-isomers of α- and β2-retinal 1987
1985 An efficient synthesis of d, l-carnitine hydrochloride via the acylation of an α-aminoketone 1985
1985 Syntheses of α-, β-, and γ-Substituted Carnitines via β-Keto Esters 1985
1984 Bicyclic imides with bridgehead nitrogen. synthesis and x-ray crystal structure of a bicyclic 2,4-oxazolidinedione1 1984
1984 Synthesis and Anticonvulsant Activity of Some Substituted Lactams and Amides 1984
1984 Synthesis and carbon-13 nmr of an unusual tricyclic barbituric acid derivativet 1984
1980 Synthesis of α-hydroxyamides via the cyanosilylation of aromatic ketones 1980
1979 N-Acylcarbamates as Intermediates in Synthetic Approaches to a Bicyclic Trimethylene-Bridged 2, 4-Oxazolidinedione and Hydantoin1 1979
1978 An Ethoxycarbonyl Migration from an Amide Nitrogen to Oxygen 1978

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