• In college, I joined philosophy club because I didn’t know anything about philosophy. Philosophy club turned into taking a philosophy course. I took some more courses, and a philosophy minor turned into a philosophy major, along with my original major, psychobiology. At the time, I still fully intended to pursue cognitive neuroscience. After college, I worked in a brain scanning laboratory as a research assistant before eventually returning to philosophy. Now I do the philosophy of the sciences that I love – neuroscience and psychology! I use feminist philosophy of science to investigate the practices involved in the neuroimaging of human sex/gender differences.
  • Research Overview

  • In philosophy of science, I’m interested in the practices of science – how a research question turns into an hypothesis and how it is experimentally tested, analyzed, and interpreted. I’m also interested in the relationship between society and science – how do social trends affect science and how does science affect the rest of society? I see these questions as connected to the ethics of scientific research.

    Keywords - Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Bioethics, Neuroethics, Feminist Epistemology
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cincinnati 2015
  • Full Name

  • Vanessa Bentley