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2019 The effect of endothelial nitric oxide synthase on the hemodynamics and wall mechanics in murine arteriovenous fistulas 2019
2019 Clinical Outcomes and Economic Impact of Starting Hemodialysis with a Catheter after Predialysis Arteriovenous Fistula Creation 2019
2019 Arteriovenous conduits for hemodialysis: how to better modulate the pathophysiological vascular response to optimize vascular access durability 2019
2019 Mineral Metabolism Disturbances and Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation 2019
2019 Correction to: High resolution hemodynamic profiling of murine arteriovenous fistula using magnetic resonance imaging and computational fluid dynamics (Theor Biol Med Model (2017) 14 (5) DOI: 10.1186/s12976-017-0053-x) 2019
2019 A randomized trial of vonapanitase (PATENCY-1) to promote radiocephalic fistula patency and use for hemodialysis 2019
2019 Gender Disparities in Vascular Access Surgical Outcomes in Elderly Hemodialysis Patients 2019
2018 Choice of a second vascular access in hemodialysis patients whose initial arteriovenous fistula failed to mature 2018
2018 Implementing core outcomes in kidney disease: report of the Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology (SONG) implementation workshop 2018
2018 Tradeoffs in Vascular Access Selection in Elderly Patients Initiating Hemodialysis With a Catheter 2018
2018 Postoperative ultrasound, unassisted maturation, and subsequent primary patency of arteriovenous fistulas 2018
2018 Acute Kidney Injury before Dialysis Initiation Predicts Adverse Outcomes in Hemodialysis Patients 2018
2018 Medicare Costs Associated With Arteriovenous Fistulas Among US Hemodialysis Patients 2018
2018 Relationships Between Clinical Processes and Arteriovenous Fistula Cannulation and Maturation: A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study 2018
2018 Report of the Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology–Hemodialysis (SONG-HD) Consensus Workshop on Establishing a Core Outcome Measure for Hemodialysis Vascular Access 2018
2018 Definitions and end points for interventional studies for arteriovenous dialysis access 2018
2018 Comparison of postoperative ultrasound criteria to predict unassisted use of arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis 2018
2018 Vascular Access Outcomes Reported in Maintenance Hemodialysis Trials: A Systematic Review 2018
2017 The clinical and economic effect of vascular access selection in patients initiating hemodialysis with a catheter 2017
2017 Vascular access type and clinical outcomes among elderly patients on hemodialysis 2017
2017 Fistula First Initiative: Historical Impact on Vascular Access Practice Patterns and Influence on Future Vascular Access Care 2017
2017 Micro-RNA profiling as a predictor of clinical outcomes for head and neck cancer patients 2017
2017 High resolution hemodynamic profiling of murine arteriovenous fistula using magnetic resonance imaging and computational fluid dynamics 2017
2017 Reassessing recommendations for choice of vascular access 2017
2017 The use of a multidimensional measure of dialysis adequacy—moving beyond small solute kinetics 2017
2016 Predictors of initiation for predialysis arteriovenous fistula 2016
2016 Reduced Cardiovascular Mortality Associated with Early Vascular Access Placement in Elderly Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease 2016
2016 Association of peritonitis with hemodialysis catheter dependence after modality switch 2016
2016 From barrier protection to showering: Extraluminal prophylaxis and management of catheter infections 2016
2016 New insights into dialysis vascular access: Molecular targets in arteriovenous fistula and arteriovenous graft failure and their potential to improve vascular access outcomes 2016
2015 Outcomes of elderly patients after predialysis vascular access creation 2015
2015 Accessory Vein Obliteration for Early Fistula Failure: A Myth or Reality? 2015
2015 Influence of drugs on arteriovenous vascular access dysfunction 2015
2015 New Developments in Our Understanding of Neointimal Hyperplasia 2015
2014 Elderly patients with CKD - Dilemmas in dialysis therapy and vascular access 2014
2014 Comparative analysis of cellular phenotypes within the neointima from vein segments collected prior to vascular access surgery and stenotic arteriovenous dialysis accesses 2014
2014 Important topics and issues in vascular biology 2014
2014 Natural history of venous morphologic changes in dialysis access stenosis 2014
2014 Pathogenetic role for early focal macrophage infiltration in a pig model of arteriovenous fistula (AVF) stenosis 2014
2014 Proliferation patterns in a pig model of AV fistula stenosis: Can we translate biology into novel therapies? 2014
2014 Vascular access calcification and arteriovenous fistula maturation 2014
2013 Novel paradigms for dialysis vascular access: Downstream vascular biology-is there a final common pathway? 2013
2013 Arteriovenous Fistula Failure: Is There a Role for Epigenetic Regulation? 2013
2013 Understanding surgical preference and practice in hemodialysis vascular access creation 2013
2013 Education in vascular access 2013
2013 Improved Cumulative Survival in Fistulas Requiring Surgical Interventions to Promote Fistula Maturation Compared with Endovascular Interventions 2013
2013 Predicting dialysis vascular access blood flow and diameter: Too much, too little, or just right 2013
2012 Of veins, valves, and vascular access! 2012
2012 Balloon-Assisted Maturation (BAM) of the Arteriovenous Fistula: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 2012
2012 Optimal Hemodialysis Vascular Access in the Elderly Patient 2012
2012 Minimizing hemodialysis catheter dysfunction: An ounce of prevention 2012
2012 Back to the future: How biology and technology could change the role of ptfe grafts in vascular access management 2012
2012 Preexisting venous calcification prior to dialysis vascular access surgery 2012
2012 Genetic causation of neointimal hyperplasia in hemodialysis vascular access dysfunction 2012
2011 Standardized Definitions for Hemodialysis Vascular Access 2011
2011 Severe venous neointimal hyperplasia prior to dialysis access surgery 2011
2011 Decreased cumulative access survival in arteriovenous fistulas requiring interventions to promote maturation 2011
2011 Improving incident fistula rates: A process of care issue 2011
2010 "Venopathy" at work: Recasting neointimal hyperplasia in a new light 2010
2010 Who should be referred for a fistula? A survey of nephrologists 2010
2009 Combining novel technologies with improved logistics to reduce hemodialysis vascular access dysfunction 2009
2009 Advances and New Frontiers in the Pathophysiology of Venous Neointimal Hyperplasia and Dialysis Access Stenosis 2009
2007 Vascular stenosis: Biology and interventions 2007
2007 Comparison of survival of upper arm arteriovenous fistulas and grafts after failed forearm fistula 2007
2006 In Reply 2006
2006 Needle Infiltration of Arteriovenous Fistulae in Hemodialysis: Risk Factors and Consequences 2006
2005 Tunneled catheters in hemodialysis patients: Reasons and subsequent outcomes 2005
2004 Associations with predialysis vascular access management 2004


Year Title Altmetric
2016 Vascular access in hemodialysis.  71-91. 2016
2012 What the general nephrologist needs to know about neointimal hyperplasia.  363-384. 2012

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