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2019 The Global Prader-Willi Syndrome Registry: Development, Launch, and Early Demographics 2019
2018 Caregiver priorities for endpoints to evaluate treatments for Prader-Willi syndrome: a best–worst scaling 2018
2018 High levels of caregiver burden in Prader-Willi syndrome 2018
2018 Use of Mobile Devices to Measure Outcomes in Clinical Research, 2010-2016: A Systematic Literature Review. 2018
2017 Toxicity and Pharmacokinetic Profile for Single-Dose Injection of ABY-029: a Fluorescent Anti-EGFR Synthetic Affibody Molecule for Human Use 2017
2016 Prader-Willi syndrome mental health research strategy workshop proceedings: the state of the science and future directions 2016
2016 The High Direct Medical Costs of Prader-Willi Syndrome 2016
2016 Vision 20/20: Molecular-guided surgical oncology based upon tumor metabolism or immunologic phenotype: Technological pathways for point of care imaging and intervention 2016
2016 Single dose GLP toxicity and biodistribution study of a conditionally replicative adenovirus vector, CRAd-S-pk7, administered by intracerebral injection to Syrian hamsters 2016
2015 Safety and tumor specificity of cetuximab-IRDye800 for surgical navigation in head and neck cancer 2015
2015 Medication Trials for Hyperphagia and Food-Related Behaviors in Prader-Willi Syndrome. 2015
2015 Advancing molecular-guided surgery through probe development and testing in a moderate cost evaluation pipeline 2015
2014 IND-Directed Safety and Biodistribution Study of Intravenously Injected Cetuximab-IRDye800 in Cynomolgus Macaques 2014
2009 A genetically engineered adenovirus vector targeted to CD40 mediates transduction of canine dendritic cells and promotes antigen-specific immune responses in vivo 2009
2007 Whole genome microarray analysis of gene expression in Prader-Willi syndrome 2007
2006 DNA vaccines for cancer 2006
2006 Enhanced transduction of mouse bone marrow-derived dendritic cells by repetitive infection with self-complementary adeno-associated virus 6 combined with immunostimulatory ligands 2006
2005 A DNA vaccine encoding genetic fusions of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) 2005
2005 Antitumor activity of the intratumoral injection of fowlpox vectors expressing a triad of costimulatory molecules and granulocyte/macrophage colony stimulating factor in mesothelioma 2005
2005 Intratumoral administration of a recombinant canarypox virus expressing interleukin 12 in patients with metastatic melanoma 2005
2004 Mesothelin: A new target for immunotherapy (multiple letter) [1] 2004
2004 Some remarks on the somatic expression of sperm protein 17 [1] (multiple letters) 2004
2004 Augmentation of antitumor activity of a recombinant adeno-associated virus carcinoembryonic antigen vaccine with plasmid adjuvant 2004
2004 Evaluation of a selectively oncolytic adenovirus for local and systemic treatment of cervical cancer 2004
2004 Characterization of human mesothelin transcripts in ovarian and pancreatic cancer 2004
2004 Expression of sperm protein 17 (Sp17) in ovarian cancer 2004
2003 CD40 is expressed on ovarian cancer cells and can be utilized for targeting adenoviruses 2003
2002 Serum and ascites neutralizing antibodies in ovarian cancer patients treated with intraperitoneal adenoviral gene therapy 2002
2002 Safety and immunogenicity of a DNA vaccine encoding carcinoembryonic antigen and hepatitis B surface antigen in colorectal carcinoma patients 2002
2001 Expression of human endogenous retrovirus K envelope transcripts in human breast cancer 2001
2000 Gene therapy for carcinoma of the breast genetic immunotherapy 2000
2000 A cancer gene therapy approach utilizing an anti-erbB-2 single-chain antibody-encoding adenovirus (AD21): A phase I trial 2000
2000 Adenoviral-mediated suicide gene therapy for ovarian cancer 2000
2000 Development of a Polynucleotide Vaccine from Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T Cells-1 and Recombinant Protein from Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T Cells-1 for Melanoma Vaccine Clinical Trials 2000
2000 Ovarian cancer gene therapy: Repeated treatment with thymidine kinase in an adenovirus vector and ganciclovir improves survival in a novel immunocompetent murine model 2000
2000 SEREX analysis for tumor antigen identification in a mouse model of adenocarcinoma 2000
2000 Using a tropism-modified adenoviral vector to circumvent inhibitory factors in ascites fluid 2000
1999 Selective gene delivery to head and neck cancer cells via an integrin targeted adenoviral vector 1999
1999 Retargeting to EGFR enhances adenovirus infection efficiency of squamous cell carcinoma 1999
1998 Polynucleotide immunization of nonhuman primates against carcinoembryonic antigen 1998
1998 Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) anion binding as a probe of the pore 1998
1997 CFTR activation: Additive effects of stimulatory and inhibitory phosphorylation sites in the R domain 1997
1997 CFTR activation: additive effects of stimulatory and inhibitory phosphorylation sites in the R domain. 1997
1997 Gene therapy strategies for carcinoma of the breast 1997
1997 Epithelial localization of a reptilian Na+/H+ exchanger homologous to NHE-1. 1997
1997 Epithelial localization of a reptilian Na+/H+ exchanger homologous to NHE-1 1997
1997 Identification of a splice site mutation (2789 + 5 G>A) associated with small amounts of normal CFTR mRNA and mild cystic fibrosis 1997
1997 An intracellular anti-erbB-2 single-chain antibody is specifically cytotoxic to human breast carcinoma cells overexpressing erbB-2 1997
1997 Identification of a splice site mutation (2789 +5 G > A) associated with small amounts of normal CFTR mRNA and mild cystic fibrosis. 1997
1997 Incorporation of β-globin untranslated regions into a Sindbis virus vector for augmentation of heterologous mRNA expression 1997
1996 E1A RNA transcripts amplify adenovirus-mediated tumor reduction 1996
1996 Novel missense mutation (G314R) in a cystic fibrosis patient with hepatic failure 1996
1996 Novel missense mutation (G314R) in a cystic fibrosis patient with hepatic failure. 1996
1995 Missense mutation (G480C) in the CFTR gene associated with protein mislocalization but normal chloride channel activity 1995
1994 Identification of a CFTR frameshift mutation (1013 delAA) in trans to ΔF508 in a pancreatic sufficient cystic fibrosis patient 1994
1994 Localization of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator mRNA in the human gastrointestinal tract by in situ hybridization 1994
1993 Molecular basis of defective anion transport in L cells expressing recombinant forms of CFTR 1993
1993 Expression of an abundant alternatively spliced form of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene is not associated with a camp-activated chloride conductance 1993
1993 Localization of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in human bile duct epithelial cells 1993
1993 Widespread expression of the human and rat Huntington's disease gene in brain and nonneural tissues 1993
1992 Characterization of an intron 12 splice donor mutation in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene 1992
1991 Cystic fibrosis gene mutation in two sisters with mild disease and normal sweat electrolyte levels 1991
1991 Evidence for tau expression in cells of monocyte lineage and its in vitro phosphorylation by v-fms kinase 1991
1991 Two frameshift mutations in the cystic fibrosis gene 1991
1991 Chloride conductance expressed by ΔF508 and other mutant CFTRs in xenopus oocytes 1991
1990 Polyacrylamide gel analysis of polypeptides in gene transfer cell lines 1990


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2017 Cancer Genetics and Biology.  41-46. 2017

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