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2022 mRNA modifications in cardiovascular biology and disease: with a focus on m6A modificationCardiovascular Research.  118:1680-1692. 2022
2021 ALKBH5 Regulates SPHK1-Dependent Endothelial Cell Angiogenesis Following Ischemic Stress.Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.  8:817304. 2021
2021 Myofibroblast-Derived Exosome Induce Cardiac Endothelial Cell Dysfunction.Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.  8:676267. 2021
2021 Serum-derived small extracellular vesicles from diabetic mice impair angiogenic property of microvascular endothelial cells: Role of ezh2Journal of the American Heart Association.  10. 2021
2020 Author Correction: Circular RNA CircFndc3b modulates cardiac repair after myocardial infarction via FUS/VEGF-A axis (Nature Communications, (2019), 10, 1, (4317), 10.1038/s41467-019-11777-7)Nature Communications.  11. 2020
2020 IL-10 provides cardioprotection in diabetic myocardial infarction via upregulation of Heme clearance pathwaysJCI insight.  5. 2020
2020 Targeting exosome-associated human antigen R attenuates fibrosis and inflammation in diabetic heartThe FASEB Journal.  34:2238-2251. 2020
2019 Cardiac Fibroblasts and Cardiac Fibrosis: Precise Role of ExosomesFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.  7. 2019
2019 Circular RNA CircFndc3b modulates cardiac repair after myocardial infarction via FUS/VEGF-A axisNature Communications.  10. 2019
2018 Glycogen synthase kinase 3β helps heart to pump better in obese patientsInternational Journal of Cardiology.  259:166-167. 2018
2018 Egr-1 mediated cardiac miR-99 family expression diverges physiological hypertrophy from pathological hypertrophyExperimental Cell Research.  365:46-56. 2018
2017 Interleukin-10 Deficiency Impairs Reparative Properties of Bone Marrow-Derived Endothelial Progenitor Cell Exosomes.Tissue Engineering Part A.  23:1241-1250. 2017
2017 Interleukin-10 inhibits bone marrow fibroblast progenitor cell-mediated cardiac fibrosis in pressure-overloaded myocardiumCirculation.  136:940-953. 2017
2017 Therapeutic inhibition of miR-375 attenuates post-myocardial infarction inflammatory response and left ventricular dysfunction via PDK-1-AKT signalling axisCardiovascular Research.  113:938-949. 2017
2017 Mitochondrial dysfunction and its impact on diabetic heart.BBA: Molecular Basis of Disease.  1863:1098-1105. 2017
2017 Reprogrammed Human Endothelial Cells: A Novel Cell Source for Regenerative Vascular Medicine.Circulation Research.  120:756-758. 2017
2017 A novel acetyltransferase p300 inhibitor ameliorates hypertension-associated cardio-renal fibrosis.Epigenetics.  12:1004-1013. 2017
2016 Restoration of Hydrogen Sulfide Production in Diabetic Mice Improves Reparative Function of Bone Marrow Cells.Circulation.  134:1467-1483. 2016
2016 Response to Letter Regarding Article, "MiR-125b Is Critical for Fibroblast-to-Myofibroblast Transition and Cardiac Fibrosis".Circulation.  133:e714. 2016
2016 MiR-125b Is Critical for Fibroblast-to-Myofibroblast Transition and Cardiac Fibrosis.Circulation.  133:291-301. 2016
2016 IL-10 accelerates re-endothelialization and inhibits post-injury intimal hyperplasia following carotid artery denudationPLoS One.  11. 2016
2015 The Nervous Heart: Role of Sympathetic Reinnervation in Cardiac Regeneration.Circulation Research.  117:980-981. 2015
2015 Interleukin-10 inhibits chronic angiotensin II-induced pathological autophagyJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  89:203-213. 2015
2015 Negative Regulation of miR-375 by Interleukin-10 Enhances Bone Marrow-Derived Progenitor Cell-Mediated Myocardial Repair and Function after Myocardial InfarctionStem Cells.  33:3519-3529. 2015
2015 Enhanced cardiac regenerative ability of stem cells after ischemia-reperfusion injury: Role of human CD34+ cells deficient in microRNA-377Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  66:2214-2226. 2015
2015 Sirtuin-6 deficiency exacerbates diabetes-induced impairment of wound healingExperimental Dermatology.  24:773-778. 2015
2015 Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes Promote Endogenous Repair Mechanisms and Enhance Cardiac Function Following Myocardial InfarctionCirculation Research.  117:52-64. 2015
2013 Anthrax lethal toxin induces acute diastolic dysfunction in rats through disruption of the phospholamban signaling networkInternational Journal of Cardiology.  168:3884-3895. 2013
2013 Caveolin and β1-integrin coordinate angiotensinogen expression in cardiac myocytesInternational Journal of Cardiology.  168:436-445. 2013
2013 Alcohol consumption negates estrogen-mediated myocardial repair in ovariectomized mice by inhibiting endothelial progenitor cell mobilization and functionJournal of Biological Chemistry.  288:18022-18034. 2013
2013 Bone Marrow Progenitor Cell Therapy-Mediated Paracrine Regulation of Cardiac miRNA-155 Modulates Fibrotic Response in Diabetic HeartsPLoS One.  8. 2013
2012 Histone deacetylase 1 deficiency impairs differentiation and electrophysiological properties of cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent cellsStem Cells.  30:2412-2422. 2012
2012 Elucidation of a Novel Pathway through Which HDAC1 Controls Cardiomyocyte Differentiation through Expression of SOX-17 and BMP2PLoS One.  7. 2012
2012 Interleukin-10 treatment attenuates pressure overload-induced hypertrophic remodeling and improves heart function via signal transducers and activators of transcription 3-dependent inhibition of nuclear factor-κBCirculation.  126:418-429. 2012
2012 Enhanced angiogenic and cardiomyocyte differentiation capacity of epigenetically reprogrammed mouse and human endothelial progenitor cells augments their efficacy for ischemic myocardial repairCirculation Research.  111:180-190. 2012
2012 Roles of STATs signaling in cardiovascular diseases.JAK-STAT.  1:118-124. 2012
2011 Interleukin-10 deficiency impairs bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cell survival and function in ischemic myocardiumCirculation Research.  109:1280-1289. 2011
2011 Rac1 and RhoA differentially regulate angiotensinogen gene expression in stretched cardiac fibroblastsCardiovascular Research.  90:88-96. 2011
2010 Myocardial knockdown of mRNA-stabilizing protein HuR attenuates post-MI inflammatory response and left ventricular dysfunction in IL-10-null miceThe FASEB Journal.  24:2484-2494. 2010
2009 Role of muscarinic signal transduction and CREB phosphorylation in dichlorvos-induced memory deficits in rats: an acetylcholine independent mechanism.Toxicology.  256:175-182. 2009
2009 Anthrax toxin: Pathologic effects on the cardiovascular systemFrontiers in Bioscience.  14:2335-2357. 2009
2009 Integrins and proximal signaling mechanisms in cardiovascular diseaseFrontiers in Bioscience.  14:2307-2334. 2009
2008 Stretch-induced regulation of angiotensinogen gene expression in cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts: Opposing roles of JNK1/2 and p38α MAP kinasesJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  45:770-778. 2008
2007 Stretch-induced MAP kinase activation in cardiac myocytes: Differential regulation through β1-integrin and focal adhesion kinaseJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  43:137-147. 2007
2007 Hyperamylasemia and acute pancreatitis following anticholinesterase poisoning.Human and Experimental Toxicology.  26:467-471. 2007
2006 The L-type calcium channel blocker nimodipine mitigates cytoskeletal proteins phosphorylation in dichlorvos-induced delayed neurotoxicity in rats.Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.  98:447-455. 2006
2006 Cytochrome-c oxidase inhibition in 26 aluminum phosphide poisoned patients.Clinical Toxicology.  44:155-158. 2006
2005 Impaired Energy Metabolism after Co‐Exposure to Leadand EthanolBasic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.  96:475-479. 2005
2005 Impaired energy metabolism after co-exposure to lead and ethanol.Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.  96:475-479. 2005


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2009 Molecular Signaling Mechanisms of Myocardial Stretch: Implications for Heart Disease 2009

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