Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Initial experience with patient visible light images obtained simultaneously with portable radiographs 2020
2019 Interpreting radiographs with concurrently obtained patient photographs 2019
2019 Medical students' perceptions regarding the use of patient photographs integrated with medical imaging studies 2019
2019 Artificial intelligence in cardiothoracic radiology 2019
2019 Patient photographs: Privacy versus protection 2019
2019 Near Real-Time Implementation of An Adaptive Seismocardiography - ECG Multimodal Framework for Cardiac Gating 2019
2018 Deep Learning in Radiology 2018
2018 Radiology “Hits Refresh” with Artificial Intelligence 2018
2018 Search pattern training for evaluation of central venous catheter positioning on chest radiographs 2018
2018 An adaptive seismocardiography (SCG)-ECG multimodal framework for cardiac gating using artificial neural networks 2018
2017 Trainees may add value to patient care by decreasing addendum utilization in radiology reports 2017
2017 Seismocardiography-Based Cardiac Computed Tomography Gating Using Patient-Specific Template Identification and Detection 2017
2017 Extra-hepatic sarcoma metastasis surveillance in the liver: is arterial phase imaging necessary? 2017
2016 Top 100 cited articles in cardiovascular magnetic resonance: a bibliometric analysis 2016
2016 Beyond complications: Comparison of procedural differences and diagnostic success between nurse practitioners and radiologists performing image-guided renal biopsies 2016
2016 Impact of Patient Photographs on Radiologists’ Visual Search of Chest Radiographs 2016
2016 Image-Guided Nontargeted Renal Biopsies Performed by Radiology-Trained Nurse Practitioners: A Safe Practice Model 2016
2016 Echocardiography as an indication of continuous-time cardiac quiescence 2016
2016 Stakeholders’ Perceptions Regarding the Use of Patient Photographs Integrated with Medical Imaging Studies 2016
2016 Clinical Radiology and Radiology Research in a Sea of Change 2016
2016 Teaching search patterns to medical trainees in an educational laboratory to improve perception of pulmonary nodules. 2016
2016 The "Unconference" in Radiological Society Meetings 2016
2015 Improvement in Detection of Wrong-Patient Errors When Radiologists Include Patient Photographs in Their Interpretation of Portable Chest Radiographs 2015
2015 Seismocardiography-based detection of cardiac quiescence 2015
2015 A Novel Technology for Automatically Obtaining Digital Facial Photographs Near-Simultaneously with Portable Radiographs 2015
2015 Characterization of cardiac quiescence from retrospective cardiac computed tomography using a correlation-based phase-to-phase deviation measure 2015
2015 Evaluation of near-miss wrong-patient events in radiology reports 2015
2015 Highly Flexible Silicone Coated Neural Array for Intracochlear Electrical Stimulation 2015
2015 Performance of bedside diagnostic ultrasound in an ebola isolation unit: The emory university hospital experience 2015
2015 Radiographic imaging for patients with contagious infectious diseases: How to acquire chest radiographs of patients infected with the Ebola virus 2015
2015 Simulation for Teaching and Assessment of Nodule Perception on Chest Radiography in Nonradiology Health Care Trainees 2015
2014 A multiobserver study of the effects of including point-of-care patient photographs with portable radiography: A means to detect wrong-patient errors 2014
2014 Comparison of image-guided nonfocal hepatic biopsies performed by physicians and nurse midlevel providers 2014
2014 Detection of Quiescent Cardiac Phases in Echocardiography Data Using Nonlinear Filtering and Boundary Detection Techniques 2014
2014 Diagnostic Accuracy of ultrasonic histogram features to evaluate radiation toxicity of the parotid glands: A clinical study of xerostomia following head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy 2014
2014 Ultrasonic Nakagami-parameter characterization of parotid-gland injury following head-and-neck radiotherapy: A feasibility study of late toxicity 2014
2013 Digitization of Medicine: How Radiology Can Take Advantage of the Digital Revolution 2013
2013 Integrating patient digital photographs with medical imaging examinations 2013
2013 Increasing rate of detection of wrong-patient radiographs: Use of photographs obtained at time of radiography 2013
2013 A faculty awards program in an academic radiology department: How we do it 2013
2013 Detection of Cardiac Quiescence from B-Mode Echocardiography Using a Correlation-Based Frame-to-Frame Deviation Measure 2013
2013 Noninvasive evaluation of vaginal fibrosis following radiotherapy for gynecologic malignancies: A feasibility study with ultrasound B-mode and Nakagami parameter imaging 2013
2013 Novel Tool for Complete Digitization of Paper Electrocardiography Data. 2013
2012 The Figley Fellowship: A once-in-a-lifetime experience for an academic radiologist 2012
2012 Grand Rounds and a Visiting Professorship Program in a Department of Radiology. How We Do It 2012
2012 A system for seismocardiography-based identification of quiescent heart phases: Implications for cardiac imaging 2012
2012 Ultrasound Histogram Assessment of Parotid Gland Injury Following Head-and-Neck Radiotherapy: A Feasibility Study 2012
2012 A phantom study of the effect of heart rate, coronary artery displacement and vessel trajectory on coronary artery calcium score: Potential for risk misclassification 2012
2012 Therapeutic ultrasound: Bubble, bubble, tumor in trouble 2012
2012 Colon cancer screening: A less controversial colon cleanser? 2012
2012 Ultrasound GLCM texture analysis of radiation-induced parotid-gland injury in head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy: An in vivo study of late toxicity 2012
2011 Cirrhosis: A sound treatment 2011
2011 Roaming cancers are cooked 2011
2011 Ultrasound therapy: Bubbles and sound, what a blast! 2011
2011 The Midas touch 2011
2011 Johnny, Johnny, eating sugar? 2011
2011 Connecting the dots for obsessive-compulsive disorder 2011
2011 Leave no stone unturned 2011
2011 Drug delivery: "Captain, shields are down, we can't survive another hit" 2011
2011 Breast cancer imaging goes green 2011
2011 The hunt for red October 2011
2005 Echocardiography-based selection of quiescent heart phases: Implications for cardiac imaging 2005
2002 Integrating security in the MAC layer of WDM optical networks 2002
1999 Approximate bounds and expressions for the link utilization of shortest-path multicast network traffic 1999
1997 Channel sharing in multi-hop WDM lightwave networks: Do we need more channels? 1997
1997 Channel sharing in multi-hop WDM lightwave networks: Realization and performance of multicast traffic 1997
1995 Low Overhead Multiprocessor Allocation Strategies Exploiting System Spare Capacity for Fault Detection and Location 1995
1995 Supporting multipoint connections in multi-hop wdm optical networks 1995
1994 Efficient Decomposition Methods for the Analysis of Multi-Facility Blocking Models 1994
1994 Priority performance of banyan-based broadband-isdn switches 1994

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Michigan System : Ann Arbor 2001
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, University of Washington 1994
  • Full Name

  • Srini Tridandapani