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2022 Meta-analysis of the robustness of COVID-19 diagnostic kit performance during the early pandemicBMJ Open.  12. 2022
2022 Mucociliary Transport Deficiency and Disease Progression in Syrian Hamsters with SARS-CoV-2 Infection. 2022
2021 Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes Associated With the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Delta (B.1.617.2) VariantObstetrics and Gynecology.  138:842-844. 2021
2021 Decreasing High-risk Exposures for Healthcare Workers through Universal Masking and Universal Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Testing on Entry to a Tertiary Care FacilityClinical Infectious Diseases.  73:E3113-E3115. 2021
2021 Predictors of Nonseroconversion after SARS-CoV-2 InfectionEmerging Infectious Diseases.  27:2454-2458. 2021
2021 Diagnosis of Clostridioides difficile infection by analysis of volatile organic compounds in breath, plasma, and stool: A cross-sectional proof-of-concept studyPLoS ONE.  16. 2021
2021 Recognition of Diagnostic Gaps for Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Diseases: Expert Opinion from the Fungal Diagnostics Laboratories Consortium (FDLC)Journal of Clinical Microbiology.  59:e0178420. 2021
2021 Practical guidance for clinical microbiology laboratories: Diagnosis of ocular infectionsClinical Microbiology Reviews.  34. 2021
2021 Meta-Analysis of Robustness of COVID-19 Diagnostic Kits During Early Pandemic. 2021
2020 Hyperammonemia syndrome due to Ureaplasma urealyticum in a kidney transplant recipient: A case of disseminated disease from a fluoroquinolone-resistant isolateTransplant Infectious Disease.  22. 2020
2020 In vitro activities of eravacycline and other antimicrobial agents against human mycoplasmas and ureaplasmasAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  64. 2020
2020 Perioperative and critical care management of a patient with severe acute respiratory syndrome Corona virus 2 infection and aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhageNeurosurgery.  87:E243-E244. 2020
2020 Evaluation of commercial molecular diagnostic methods for detection and determination of macrolide resistance in mycoplasma pneumoniaeJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  58. 2020
2020 Prospective evaluation of molecular assays for diagnosis of vaginitisJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  58. 2020
2019 Disseminated metacestode versteria species infection in woman, pennsylvania, usaEmerging Infectious Diseases.  25:1429-1431. 2019
2019 Aspergillus fumigatus corneal infection is regulated by chitin synthases and by neutrophil–derived acidic mammalian chitinaseEuropean Journal of Immunology.  49:918-927. 2019
2019 Evaluation of the ELITe InGenius PCR platform for detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniaeJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  57. 2019
2019 Mycoplasma pneumoniae Carriage with De Novo Macrolide-Resistance and Breakthrough PneumoniaPediatrics.  144. 2019
2018 Quantitative thresholds enable accurate identification of clostridium difficile infection by the luminex xTAG gastrointestinal pathogen panelJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  56. 2018
2017 Current and Emerging Molecular Tests for Human Papillomavirus–Related Neoplasia in the Genomic Era 2017
2016 Clinical significance of commensal gram-positive rods routinely isolated from patient samplesJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  54:2928-2936. 2016
2016 Closing the brief case: Recurrent granulomatous mastitis due to corynebacterium kroppenstedtiiJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  54:2212. 2016
2016 Recurrent granulomatous mastitis due to corynebacterium kroppenstedtiiJournal of Clinical Microbiology.  54:1938-1941. 2016
2016 Histidine biosynthesis plays a crucial role in metal homeostasis and virulence of Aspergillus fumigatusVirulence.  7:465-476. 2016
2015 Erratum: Activation of neutrophils by autocrine IL-17A-IL-17RC interactions during fungal infection is regulated by IL-6, IL-23, RORγt and dectin-2 (Nat. Immunol., 14, (143-151))Nature Immunology.  16:214. 2015
2014 Aspergillus and Fusarium corneal infections are regulated by Th17 cells and IL-17-producing neutrophilsJournal of Immunology.  192:3319-3327. 2014
2014 Mgat2 ablation in the myeloid lineage leads to defective glycoantigen T cell responsesGlycobiology.  24:262-271. 2014
2014 Activation of neutrophils by autocrine IL-17A-IL-17RC interactions during fungal infection is regulated by IL-6, IL-23, RORγt and dectin-2Nature Immunology.  15:143-151. 2014
2014 Fatal metacestode infection in Bornean orangutan caused by unknown Versteria species.Emerging Infectious Diseases.  20:109-113. 2014
2013 The rodA hydrophobin on Aspergillus fumigatus spores masks dectin-1- and dectin-2-dependent responses and enhances fungal survival in vivoJournal of Immunology.  191:2581-2588. 2013
2013 Targeting Iron Acquisition Blocks Infection with the Fungal Pathogens Aspergillus fumigatus and Fusarium oxysporumPLoS Pathogens.  9. 2013
2013 Host Response and Bacterial Virulence Factor Expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Streptococcus pneumoniae Corneal UlcersPLoS ONE.  8. 2013
2012 Fungal antioxidant pathways promote survival against neutrophils during infectionJournal of Clinical Investigation.  122:2482-2498. 2012
2012 The role of cytokines and pathogen recognition molecules in fungal keratitis - Insights from human disease and animal modelsCytokine.  58:107-111. 2012
2011 Expression of innate and adaptive immune mediators in human corneal tissue infected with Aspergillus or FusariumJournal of Infectious Diseases.  204:942-950. 2011
2011 Co-regulation of β-lactam resistance, alginate production and quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosaJournal of Medical Microbiology.  60:147-156. 2011
2010 Distinct roles for Dectin-1 and TLR4 in the pathogenesis of Aspergillus fumigatus keratitisPLoS Pathogens.  6:1-16. 2010
2008 Attenuation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence by medicinal plants in a Caenorhabditis elegans model systemJournal of Medical Microbiology.  57:809-813. 2008


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2010 Encyclopedia of the Eye 2010


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2010 Pathogenesis of fungal keratitis.  268-272. 2010
2010 Pathogenesis of fungal keratitis.  268-272. 2010

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  • Development of novel molecular assays to more accurately diagnose infectious diseases. Utilizing model systems to identify key mediators of microbial detection and killing by phagocytic cells.
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