Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Workshop report. Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders: Gaps and opportunitiesSLEEP.  44. 2021
2021 Team Science: American Heart Association's Hypertension Strategically Focused Research Network ExperienceHypertension.  1857-1866. 2021
2021 The Impact of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy on Dream Enactment in a Patient With REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder: A Case Study 2021
2020 Association of Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Nighttime Blood Pressure in African Americans: The Jackson Heart StudyAmerican Journal of Hypertension.  33:949-957. 2020
2020 Association of sleep characteristics with nocturnal hypertension and nondipping blood pressure in the cardia study 2020
2018 Cumulative incidence of hypertension by 55 years of age in blacks and whites: The cardia study 2018
2017 Clinic and ambulatory blood pressure in a population-based sample of African Americans: the Jackson Heart StudyJournal of the American Society of Hypertension.  11:204-212.e5. 2017
2017 Sleep, insomnia, and hypertension: current findings and future directionsJournal of the American Society of Hypertension.  11:122-129. 2017
2016 Introduction to the American Heart Association's hypertension strategically focused research networkHypertension.  67:674-680. 2016
2014 Epidemiology of Bedtime, Arising Time, and Time in Bed: Analysis of Age, Gender, and EthnicityBehavioral Sleep Medicine.  12:169-182. 2014
2013 Telehealth cognitive behavior therapy for co-occurring insomnia and depression symptoms in older adultsJournal of Clinical Psychology.  69:1056-1065. 2013
2013 Co-occurring insomnia and obstructive sleep apneaSleep Medicine.  14:824-829. 2013
2012 Cognitive arousal and sleep complaints in chronic painCognitive Therapy and Research.  36:149-155. 2012
2010 Severity of obstructive sleep apnea is related to aldosterone status in subjects with resistant hypertension 2010
2010 Spironolactone reduces severity of obstructive sleep apnoea in patients with resistant hypertension: A preliminary reportJournal of Human Hypertension.  24:532-537. 2010
2005 Basic principles of polysomnography including electrical conceptsRespiratory Care Clinics of North America.  11:587-595. 2005


Year Title Altmetric
2012 Multiple sleep latency test and maintenance of wakefulness test.  468-473. 2012
2011 Relaxation for Insomnia.  45-54. 2011
2011 Sleep Compression.  55-59. 2011

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama 2014
  • Master of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama 2011
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2004
  • Full Name

  • Stephen Thomas