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Year Title Altmetric
2020 Health Literacy in Surgery 2020
2020 Association of Food Access, Recreational Opportunities, and Natural Amenities with Engagement in the Veterans MOVE! Weight Management Program 2020
2020 Recruiting diversity where it exists: The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative 2020
2019 What Is Important When Making Treatment Decisions in Metastatic Breast Cancer? A Qualitative Analysis of Decision-Making in Patients and Oncologists 2019
2019 The Genomic Medicine Integrative Research Framework: A Conceptual Framework for Conducting Genomic Medicine Research 2019
2019 Stakeholders’ views on the value of outcomes from clinical genetic and genomic interventions 2019
2019 A logic model for precision medicine implementation informed by stakeholder views and implementation science 2019
2019 Trust but Verify: Exploring the Role of Treatment-Related Information and Patient-Physician Trust in Shared Decision Making Among Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer 2019
2018 Factors Associated with Family Caregivers' Confidence in Future Surrogate Decision Making for Persons with Cancer 2018
2018 Planning post-discharge destination for gastrointestinal surgery patients: Room for improvement? 2018
2018 The Clinical Sequencing Evidence-Generating Research Consortium: Integrating Genomic Sequencing in Diverse and Medically Underserved Populations 2018
2018 Incongruence between women's survey- and interview-determined decision control preferences: A mixed methods study of decision-making in metastatic breast cancer 2018
2018 Selecting post-acute care settings after abdominal surgery: Are we getting it right? 2018
2018 Achieving health equity in surgery through enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS): The elimination of racial disparities in post-operative length-of-stay is sustained long-term 2018
2018 Improving shared decision-making in chronic lymphocytic leukemia through multidisciplinary education 2018
2017 Social Determinants of Adherence to Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2017
2017 Patient preferences for antiretroviral therapy: Effectiveness, quality of life, access and novel delivery methods 2017
2017 Racial disparities in length-of-stay persist even with no postoperative complications 2017
2017 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Eliminates Racial Disparities in Postoperative Length of Stay After Colorectal Surgery 2017
2017 Erratum to: Military and veteran health behavior research and practice: challenges and opportunities 2017
2017 Military and veteran health behavior research and practice: challenges and opportunities 2017
2017 The Language of Stewardship: Is the “Low-Value” Label Overused? 2017
2016 Barriers and facilitators to adoption of genomic services for colorectal care within the veterans health administration 2016
2016 Postoperative 30-day readmission: Time to focus on what happens outside the hospital 2016
2015 Patient-physician communication about early stage prostate cancer: Analysis of overall visit structure 2015
2015 Value of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Colorectal Cancer in a Probability-Based US Online Sample 2015
2014 A novel website to prepare diverse older adults for decision making and advance care planning: A pilot study 2014
2014 Decision making and prostate cancer screening 2014
2014 Ensuring comprehensive assessment of urinary problems in prostate cancer through patient-physician concordance 2014
2013 Impact of rural residence and health system structure on quality of liver care 2013
2013 Symptom management strategies for men with early-stage prostate cancer: Results from the prostate cancer patient education program (PC PEP ) 2013
2013 Reasons for not prescribing guideline-recommended medications to adults with heart failure 2013
2013 Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Detect Behavior Change in Multiple Advance Care Planning Behaviors 2013
2013 Bridging the gap at the center of patient centeredness: Individual patient preferences in health care decision making 2013
2013 Killing and latent classes of PTSD symptoms in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans 2013
2013 Factors associated with satisfaction with prostate cancer care: Results from Cancer of the Prostate Strategic Urologic Research Endeavor (CaPSURE) 2013
2013 Accelerating innovation and translation through strategic partnerships: Collaborative Research to Enhance and Advance Tranformation and Excellence (CREATE) and Centers of Innovation (COIN) 2013
2013 Advance care planning beyond advance directives: Perspectives from patients and surrogates 2013
2012 Killing in combat may be independently associated with suicidal ideation 2012
2012 Palliative care. 2012
2012 Palliative care: Clinical practice guidelines in oncology 2012
2012 Perception of cancer and inconsistency in medical information are associated with decisional conflict: A pilot study of men with prostate cancer who undergo active surveillance 2012
2012 Disparities in cancer screening in individuals with a family history of breast or colorectal cancer 2012
2012 Preferences for genetic testing to identify hereditary colorectal cancer: Perspectives of high-risk patients, community members, and clinicians 2012
2012 Quality of life in late-life disability: "I Don't Feel Bitter because i Am in a Wheelchair" 2012
2012 Accelerating innovations in behavioral medicine science, practice, and policy: An Update on the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council 2012
2011 Access to care for vulnerable veterans with hepatitis C: A hybrid conceptual framework and a case study to guide translation 2011
2011 Behavioral medicine translation in the Veterans Health Administration: Editorial to the special section on the Department of Veterans Affairs 2011
2011 Early developments in gene-expression profiling of breast tumors: Potential for increasing black-white patient disparities in breast cancer outcomes? 2011
2011 The genome-based knowledge management in Cycles model: A complex adaptive systems framework for implementation of genomic applications 2011
2011 The impact of killing on mental health symptoms in Gulf War veterans 2011
2011 SBM Connections: An Update from the SPLC 2011
2011 Scientific and Professional Liaison Council Update 2011
2010 A taxonomy of reasons for not prescribing guideline-recommended medications for patients with heart failure 2010
2010 The epidemiology of pain during the last 2 years of life 2010
2010 Uncertainty about advance care planning treatment preferences among diverse older adults 2010
2010 Information-seeking at a caregiving website: A qualitative analysis 2010
2010 Impact of radical prostatectomy positive surgical margins on fear of cancer recurrence: Results from CaPSURE™ 2010
2010 Distress management. 2010
2010 The COPD helplessness index A new tool to measure factors affecting patient self-management 2010
2010 The impact of reported direct and indirect killing on mental health symptoms in Iraq war veterans 2010
2010 Capacity building for assessing new technologies: Approaches to examining personalized medicine in practice 2010
2010 Distress management: Clinical practice guidelines in oncology™ 2010
2009 The impact of killing in war on mental health symptoms and related functioning 2009
2009 Patient decision aids for prostate cancer treatment: A systematic review of the literature 2009
2009 NCCN clinical practice guidelines in oncology: palliative care. 2009
2009 Palliative care 2009
2009 Pickard AS, Lin H-W, Knight SJ, et al. Proxy assessment of health-related quality of life in African American and white respondents with prostate cancer: perspective matters. (Med Care. (2009)(47):(176-183)) 2009
2009 Proxy assessment of health-related quality of life in African American and white respondents with prostate cancer perspective matters 2009
2009 A clinical framework for improving the advance care planning process: Start with patients' self-identified barriers 2009
2009 Health and Decision Making SIG News 2009
2009 Sexual rehabilitation after localized prostate cancer. Current interventions and future directions 2009
2009 Sexual side effects and prostate cancer treatment decisions. Patient information needs and preferences 2009
2008 Health-related quality of life following coronary artery bypass graft surgery in post-menopausal women 2008
2008 Effect of BMI on Primary Treatment of Prostate Cancer 2008
2008 Challenges to the translation of genomic information into clinical practice and health policy: Utilization, preferences and economic value 2008
2008 Patient-reported QOL assessment: Sufficient for clinical decision-making? 2008
2007 Processes of adjustment to end-of-life losses: A reintegration model 2007
2007 The Relationship Between Anxiety and Time to Treatment for Patients With Prostate Cancer on Surveillance 2007
2007 Education predicts quality of life among men with prostate cancer cared for in the department of veterans affairs: A longitudinal quality of life analysis from CaPSURE 2007
2007 Distress management. 2007
2006 Palliative care clinical practice guidelines in oncology 2006
2006 Literacy, race, and PSA level among low-income men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer 2006
2006 Effects of depression on quality of life in Medicare beneficiaries with prostate cancer. 2006
2006 That black men might live: My fight against prostate cancer 2006
2005 Determination and documentation of the need for practice guidelines. 2005
2005 Opportunities for disease state management in prostate cancer 2005
2005 Patients' values and clinical substituted judgments: The case of localized prostate cancer 2005
2005 Proxy evaluation of health-related quality of life: A conceptual framework for understanding multiple proxy perspectives 2005
2005 American Psychological Association, Committee on Professional Practice and Standards. Determination and documentation of the need for practice guidelines 2005
2005 Patient preferences in prostate cancer: A clinician's guide to understanding health utilities 2005
2004 Results of mujeres felices por ser saludables: A dietary/breast health randomized clinical trial for latino women 2004
2004 Agreement between prostate cancer patients and their clinicians about utilities and attribute importance 2004
2004 Success with oral contraceptives: A pilot study 2004
2004 Commentary on enhanced patient participation versus treatment protocol in choice of treatment in prostate cancer: A randomized trial 2004
2004 Ethnic variation in localized prostate cancer: A pilot study of preferences, optimism, and quality of life among black and white veterans 2004
2003 Mujeres Felices por ser Saludables: A breast cancer risk reduction program for Latino women 2003
2003 Impact of patient educational level on treatment for patients with prostate cancer: Data from CaPSURE 2003
2003 Importance and Knowledge of Oral Contraceptives in Antepartum, Low-income, African American Adolescents 2003
2003 Quality of life after a diagnosis of prostate cancer among men of lower socioeconomic status: Results from the Veterans Affairs Cancer of the Prostate Outcomes Study 2003
2002 Lack of caregivers limits use of outpatient hematopoietic stem cell transplant program 2002
2002 Pilot study of a utilities-based treatment decision intervention for prostate cancer patients 2002
2001 The relationship between agentic and communal personality traits and psychosocial adjustment to breast cancer 2001
2001 Health literacy and shared decision making for prostate cancer patients with low socioeconomic status 2001
2001 Spouse ratings of quality of life in patients with metastatic prostate cancer of lower socioeconomic status: An assessment of feasibility, reliability, and validity 2001
2000 NCCN Practice Guidelines for Cancer-Related Fatigue. 2000
2000 NCCN Practice Guidelines for Cancer-Related Fatigue. 2000
2000 National Comprehensive Cancer Network. NCCN practice guidelines for cancer-related fatigue. 2000
1999 Body, mind and spirit: Towards the integration of religiosity and spirituality in cancer quality of life research 1999
1999 Quality of life in low-income patients with metastatic prostate cancer: Divergent and convergent validity of three instruments 1999
1999 Internet resources for end-of-life care: Opportunities for medical education 1999
1999 QOL and outcomes research in prostate cancer patients with low socioeconomic status. 1999
1998 Quality of life in metastatic prostate cancer among men of lower socioeconomic status: Feasibility and criterion related validity of 3 measures 1998
1997 A comparison of perspectives on prostate cancer: Analysis of utility assessments of patients and physicians 1997
1997 Comparison of perspectives on prostate cancer: Analyses of survey data 1997
1996 Coping strategies and psychological distress in cancer patients before autologous Bone Marrow Transplant 1996
1995 Development of a sleep management program for people with severe mental illness. 1995
1995 Psycho-oncology services at Northwestern University: Program development progress 1995
1988 Toward a treatment logic for sleep apnea: The place of the tongue retaining device 1988
1987 Silent partners: the wives of sleep apneic patients 1987
1985 Learned helplessness versus reactance: The effects of sex-role stereotypy 1985
1984 Broken Dreams: A Study of the Effects of Divorce and Depression on Dream Content 1984


Year Title Altmetric
2016 Using the veterans health administration as a laboratory for integrated decision tools for patients and clinicians.  239-250. 2016
2016 The Veterans Health Administration as a Laboratory for Integrated Decision Support 2016
2011 Loss, Bereavement, and Adaptation.  242-254. 2011
2009 Discounting 2009
2007 Loss, Bereavement, and Adaptation.  193-205. 2007
2004 Health Psychology and Medicine: The Art and Science of Healing 2004
2004 Oncology and Hematology 2004
1998 Health Psychology and Medicine: The Art and Science of Healing 1998

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  • Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Palliative Medicine, Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Quality of Life and Patient-Reported Outcomes, Medical Decision Making, Patient Values, Patient Preferences, Shared Decision Making, Patient and Clinician Education
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