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2019 In Response 2019
2018 Safety Comparison of Laryngeal Mask Use With Endotracheal Intubation in Patients Undergoing Dacryocystorhinostomy Surgery 2018
2018 Incidence of venous air embolism during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography 2018
2017 Cost comparison of intrathecal morphine to intravenous patient-controlled analgesia for the first 24 h post cesarean delivery: a retrospective cohort study 2017
2017 Outcomes of Patients Who Undergo Cardiac Surgical Procedures After Liver Transplantation 2017
2016 Early Postoperative Albumin Administration Contributes to Morbidity After the Fontan Operation 2016
2016 Late Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction Following the Rastelli Operation: Expectations Out to 20 Years 2016
2016 Decreasing the preincision time for pulmonary lobectomy: The process of lean and value stream mapping 2016
2015 Health-Related Quality of Life in Adult Survivors After the Fontan Operation 2015
2015 Surgical and anesthetic management of a mediastinal fatty tumor: Lipoblastoma 2015
2015 Prognostic nomogram to predict survival after surgery for synchronous multiple lung cancers in multiple lobes 2015
2015 Left upper lobectomy after coronary artery bypass grafting 2015
2015 Retention rate of electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopic placed fiducial markers for lung radiosurgery 2015
2014 Comparing robotic lung resection with thoracotomy and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery cases entered into the society of thoracic surgeons database 2014
2014 Comprehensive molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma: The cancer genome atlas research network 2014
2014 Performing robotic lobectomy and segmentectomy: Cost, profitability, and outcomes 2014
2014 Satisfaction and compensatory hyperhidrosis rates 5 years and longer after video-assisted thoracoscopic sympathotomy for hyperhidrosis 2014
2014 The efficacy of restaging endobronchial ultrasound in patients with non-small cell lung cancer after preoperative therapy 2014
2014 The incidence and management of postoperative chylothorax after pulmonary resection and thoracic mediastinal lymph node dissection 2014
2014 The prevalence of nodal upstaging during robotic lung resection in early stage non-small cell lung cancer 2014
2014 The safety and efficacy of mediastinoscopy when performed by general thoracic surgeons 2014
2013 Quality of life after pulmonary resections 2013
2013 How to Teach Robotic Pulmonary Resection 2013
2013 Optimal technique for the removal of chest tubes after pulmonary resection 2013
2013 Technical aspects and early results of robotic esophagectomy with chest anastomosis 2013
2012 Survival and quality of life at least 1 year after pneumonectomy 2012
2012 Complete thoracic mediastinal lymphadenectomy leads to a higher rate of pathologically proven N2 disease in patients with non-small cell lung cancer 2012
2012 Outcomes for lung transplantation for lung cancer in the United Network for Organ Sharing registry 2012
2012 Outcomes of patients with gynecologic malignancies undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusion 2012
2012 Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) with tranbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) versus mediastinoscopy for mediastinal staging in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) thoracic cancer 2012
2012 Operative techniques in robotic thoracic surgery for inferior or posterior mediastinal pathology 2012
2012 Perspectives on robotic pulmonary resection: It's current and future status. 2012
2012 Robotic-assisted pulmonary resection - Right upper lobectomy. 2012
2012 Thoracoscopic and Robotic Dissection of Mediastinal Lymph Nodes 2012
2012 The Management of Anticoagulants Perioperatively 2012
2012 Inflow and outflow occlusion technique of the pulmonary artery and veins for the technically difficult left upper lobectomy 2012
2012 Minimally invasive chest wall resection: Sparing the overlying, uninvolved extrathoracic musculature of the chest 2012
2011 Initial consecutive experience of completely portal robotic pulmonary resection with 4 arms 2011
2011 Management of thoracic esophageal perforations 2011
2011 Efficacy of endoscopic ultrasound in patients with esophageal cancer predicted to have N0 disease 2011
2011 Survival after resection of synchronous non-small cell lung cancer 2011
2011 Daily chest roentgenograms are unnecessary in nonhypoxic patients who have undergone pulmonary resection by thoracotomy 2011
2011 Reply 2011
2011 The society of thoracic surgeons expert consensus for the surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis 2011
2011 Discussion 2011
2011 Discussion 2011
2011 Optimal care of patients with non-small cell lung cancer reduces perioperative morbidity 2011
2010 The Management of Chest Tubes After Pulmonary Resection 2010
2010 Photodynamic Laser Therapy for Lesions in the Airway 2010
2010 The 30- Versus 90-Day Operative Mortality After Pulmonary Resection 2010
2010 Reply 2010
2010 A large single-center experience of EUS-guided FNA of the left and right adrenal glands: diagnostic utility and impact on patient management 2010
2010 General thoracic surgery is safe in patients taking clopidogrel (Plavix) 2010
2010 The true false negative rates of esophageal and endobronchial ultrasound in the staging of mediastinal lymph nodes in patients with non-small cell lung cancer 2010
2009 Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancer for the surgeon 2009
2009 Changes in Pulmonary Function Tests After Neoadjuvant Therapy Predict Postoperative Complications 2009
2009 Effect of sympathectomy level on the incidence of compensatory hyperhidrosis after sympathectomy for palmar hyperhidrosis 2009
2009 Survival of Patients With True Pathologic Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2009
2009 Different Diffusing Capacity of the Lung for Carbon Monoxide as Predictors of Respiratory Morbidity 2009
2009 The Removal of Chest Tubes Despite an Air Leak or a Pneumothorax 2009
2009 Non-imaged pulmonary nodules discovered during thoracotomy for metastasectomy by lung palpation 2009
2009 The analysis of a prospective surgical database improves postoperative fast-tracking algorithms after pulmonary resection 2009
2009 Pulmonary resection after concurrent chemotherapy and high dose (60 Gy) radiation for non-small cell lung cancer is safe and may provide increased survival 2009
2009 Change in maximum standardized uptake value on repeat positron emission tomography after chemoradiotherapy in patients with esophageal cancer identifies complete responders 2009
2009 Is botulinum toxin injection of the pylorus during Ivor-Lewis esophagogastrectomy the optimal drainage strategy? 2009
2009 The quantification of postoperative air leaks. 2009
2008 Restaging After Neo-Adjuvant Chemoradiotherapy for N2 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2008
2008 The Treatment of Patients with Stage IIIA Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer From N2 Disease: Who Returns to the Surgical Arena and Who Survives 2008
2008 Does Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery Warrant Fast Tracking of Thoracic Surgical Patients? 2008
2008 Survival of Patients With Unsuspected N2 (Stage IIIA) Nonsmall-Cell Lung Cancer 2008
2008 The Benefits of Continuous and Digital Air Leak Assessment After Elective Pulmonary Resection: A Prospective Study 2008
2008 Rigid bronchoscopy and surgical resection for broncholithiasis and calcified mediastinal lymph nodes 2008
2008 A Nondivided Intercostal Muscle Flap Further Reduces Pain of Thoracotomy: A Prospective Randomized Trial 2008
2008 Is the "perfect fontan" operation routinely achievable in the modern era? 2008
2008 Differences in Outcomes Between Younger and Older Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2008
2008 Management of Subcutaneous Emphysema After Pulmonary Resection 2008
2008 Impact of staging transesophageal EUS on treatment and survival in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer 2008
2008 Is palpation of the nonresected pulmonary lobe(s) required for patients with non-small cell lung cancer? A prospective study 2008
2008 Results of a prospective algorithm to remove chest tubes after pulmonary resection with high output 2008
2008 The Influence of Preoperative Risk Stratification on Fast-Tracking Patients After Pulmonary Resection 2008
2008 Impact of race on outcomes of patients with non-small cell lung cancer 2008
2007 The Role of Integrated Positron Emission Tomography-Computerized Tomography in Evaluating and Staging Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2007
2007 Reply 2007
2007 When is it Best to Repeat a 2-Fluoro-2-Deoxy-d-Glucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Scan on Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Who Have Received Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy? 2007
2007 Accessing the Aortopulmonary Window (#5) and the Paraaortic (#6) Lymph Nodes in Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2007
2007 Predictors of Survival and Disease-Free Survival in Patients With Resected N1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2007
2007 Surgical Techniques and Results for Partial or Circumferential Sleeve Resection of the Pulmonary Artery for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2007
2007 Ratio of the Maximum Standardized Uptake Value on FDG-PET of the Mediastinal (N2) Lymph Nodes to the Primary Tumor May Be a Universal Predictor of Nodal Malignancy in Patients With Nonsmall-Cell Lung Cancer 2007
2007 Esophageal Trauma 2007
2007 Differences in epidemiology, histology, and survival between cigarette smokers and never-smokers who develop non-small cell lung cancer 2007
2006 The clinical stage of non-small cell lung cancer as assessed by means of fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomographic/computed tomographic scanning is less accurate in cigarette smokers 2006
2006 Satellite Pulmonary Nodule in the Same Lobe (T4N0) Should Not Be Staged as IIIB Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2006
2006 The Maximum Standardized Uptake Values on Integrated FDG-PET/CT Is Useful in Differentiating Benign From Malignant Pulmonary Nodules 2006
2006 Efficacy of Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery With Talc Pleurodesis for Porous Diaphragm Syndrome in Patients With Refractory Hepatic Hydrothorax 2006
2006 Maximum Standard Uptake Value of Mediastinal Lymph Nodes on Integrated FDG-PET-CT Predicts Pathology in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2006
2006 Maximum Standardized Uptake Values on Positron Emission Tomography of Esophageal Cancer Predicts Stage, Tumor Biology, and Survival 2006
2006 Survival and Outcomes of Pulmonary Resection for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Elderly: A Nested Case-Control Study 2006
2006 Distribution and Likelihood of Lymph Node Metastasis Based on the Lobar Location of Nonsmall-Cell Lung Cancer 2006
2006 Native aortic valve insufficiency in patients with left ventricular assist devices 2006
2006 Restaging patients with N2 (stage IIIa) non-small cell lung cancer after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy: A prospective study 2006
2006 Routine mediastinoscopy and esophageal ultrasound fine-needle aspiration in patients with non-small cell lung cancer who are clinically N2 negative: A prospective study 2006
2006 Women with pathologic stage I, II, and III non-small cell lung cancer have better survival than men 2006
2005 Improving the inaccuracies of clinical staging of patients with NSCLC: A prospective trial 2005
2005 Intercostal muscle flap reduces the pain of thoracotomy: A prospective randomized trial 2005
2005 Pulmonary resection after high-dose and low-dose chest irradiation 2005
2005 Intercostal muscle flap to buttress the bronchus at risk and the thoracic esophageal-gastric anastomosis 2005
2005 The accuracy of endoscopic ultrasonography with fine-needle aspiration, integrated positron emission tomography with computed tomography, and computed tomography in restaging patients with esophageal cancer after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy 2005
2005 The management of chest tubes in patients with a pneumothorax and an air leak after pulmonary resection 2005
2005 The maximum standardized uptake values on positron emission tomography of a non-small cell lung cancer predict stage, recurrence, and survival 2005
2004 Repeat FDG-PET after neoadjuvant therapy is a predictor of pathologic response in patients with non-small cell lung cancer 2004
2004 The accuracy of integrated PET-CT compared with dedicated PET alone for the staging of patients with nonsmall cell lung cancer 2004
2004 Fast tracking after ivor lewis esophagogastrectomy 2004
2004 Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery using single-lumen endotracheal tube anesthesia 2004
2003 A prospective, double-blinded, randomized trial evaluating the use of preemptive analgesia of the skin before thoracotomy 2003
2003 Intraoperative solumedrol helps prevent postpneumonectomy pulmonary edema 2003
2003 The role of FDG-PET scan in staging patients with nonsmall cell carcinoma 2003
2003 Intracostal sutures decrease the pain of thoracotomy 2003


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Robotic pulmonary resection using a completely portal four-arm technique.  85-91. 2014

Research Overview

  • Outcomes based clinical research; Quality Improvement; Clinical trials; post-operative outcomes assessment and improvement (pain, quality of life, quality metrics, survival)
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  • Photodynamic Therapy Oncology Registry  awarded by Ohio State University 2013 - 2015
  • Private Grant  awarded by NEOMEND, INC. 2012 - 2014
  • Full Name

  • Ayesha Bryant