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2020 Longitudinal and azimuthal evolution of two-particle transverse momentum correlations in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=2.76TeV 2020
2020 Measurement of electrons from semileptonic heavy-flavour hadron decays at midrapidity in pp and Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV 2020
2020 Cutaneous lewisite exposure causes acute lung injury. 2020
2020 GRAPES-3 experimental system 2020
2020 Simulation of atmospheric pressure dependence on GRAPES-3 particle density 2020
2020 Underlying event properties in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV 2020
2020 Experimental thermophysical properties and DFT calculations of imidazolium ionic liquids and 2-butanol mixtures 2020
2020 Evidence of rescattering effect in Pb–Pb collisions at the LHC through production of K(892)0⁎ and ϕ(1020) mesons 2020
2020 Exploration of jet substructure using iterative declustering in pp and Pb–Pb collisions at LHC energies 2020
2020 Measurement of strange baryon–antibaryon interactions with femtoscopic correlations 2020
2020 Scattering Studies with Low-Energy Kaon-Proton Femtoscopy in Proton-Proton Collisions at the LHC 2020
2020 Measurements of inclusive jet spectra in pp and central Pb-Pb collisions at sNN =5.02 TeV 2020
2020 Measurement of electrons from heavy-flavour hadron decays as a function of multiplicity in p-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV 2020
2020 Measurement of Λ (1520) production in pp collisions at √s=7TeV and p–Pb collisions at √sNN=5.02TeV 2020
2020 Studies of J/ψ production at forward rapidity in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV 2020
2020 Multiplicity dependence of light (anti-)nuclei production in p–Pb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV 2020
2020 Impact of annealing on the structural and optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles and tracing the formation of clusters via DFT calculation 2020
2020 Treating fungus-induced allergic asthma: Do VDACs have the answer! 2020
2019 Cocrystallization of 2,3-dimethylquinoxaline with 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid: Crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface, spectroscopic features and DFT studies 2019
2019 Erratum to: Insight into particle production mechanisms via angular correlations of identified particles in pp collisions at s = 7 TeV (The European Physical Journal C, (2017), 77, 8, (569), 10.1140/epjc/s10052-017-5129-6) 2019
2019 Measurement of prompt D0, D+, D*+, and DS+ production in p–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV 2019
2019 Measurement of charged jet cross section in pp collisions at s =5.02 TeV 2019
2019 Coherent J/ψ photoproduction at forward rapidity in ultra-peripheral Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV 2019
2019 Measurement of γ(1S) Elliptic Flow at Forward Rapidity in Pb-Pb Collisions at sNN =5.02 TeV 2019
2019 Measurement of the inclusive isolated photon production cross section in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV 2019
2019 HΛ3 and H‾Λ‾3 lifetime measurement in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV via two-body decay 2019
2019 Study of the Λ–Λ interaction with femtoscopy correlations in pp and p–Pb collisions at the LHC 2019
2019 Investigations of Anisotropic Flow Using Multiparticle Azimuthal Correlations in pp, p-Pb, Xe-Xe, and Pb-Pb Collisions at the LHC 2019
2019 Charged-particle production as a function of multiplicity and transverse spherocity in pp collisions at √s=5.02 and 13 TeV 2019
2019 Inclusive J/ψ production at mid-rapidity in pp collisions at √s = 5.02 TeV 2019
2019 First observation of an attractive interaction between a proton and a cascade baryon 2019
2019 Measurement of jet radial profiles in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=2.76 TeV 2019
2019 Event-shape and multiplicity dependence of freeze-out radii in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV 2019
2019 Production of muons from heavy-flavour hadron decays in pp collisions at √s = 5.02 TeV 2019
2019 One-dimensional charged kaon femtoscopy in p-Pb collisions at s NN = 5.02 TeV 2019
2019 Measurement of the production of charm jets tagged with D0 mesons in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV 2019
2019 Multiplicity dependence of (anti-)deuteron production in pp collisions at s=7TeV 2019
2019 Correlation among the nuclear structure and effective symmetry energy of finite nuclei 2019
2019 Λ c+ production in Pb–Pb collisions at s NN =5.02 TeV 2019
2019 A self-consistent mean-field study of Z = 120 nuclei and α-decay chains of 292,298,299,300,304 120 isotopes 2019
2019 Analysis of activation energy and melting heat transfer in MHD flow with chemical reaction 2019
2019 Calibration of the photon spectrometer PHOS of the ALICE experiment 2019
2019 Magneto-hydrodynamic flow of squeezed fluid with binary chemical reaction and activation energy 2019
2019 Measurement of D , D + , D ∗ + and Ds+ production in pp collisions at √s=5.02TeV with ALICE 2019
2019 Temperature-dependent symmetry energy of neutron-rich thermally fissile nuclei 2019
2019 Charged-particle pseudorapidity density at mid-rapidity in p–Pb collisions at √sNN = 8.16 TeV 2019
2019 Investigation of viscous dissipation in the nanofluid flow with a Forchheimer porous medium: Modern transportation of heat and mass 2019
2019 Investigations of viscous dissipation in stagnation point flow past a stretchable riga wall: Modern analysis of heat transport 2019
2019 Optimization of entropy generation in thermally stratified polystyrene-water/kerosene nanofluid flow with convective boundary condition 2019
2019 Measurement of the Electrical Properties of a Thundercloud Through Muon Imaging by the GRAPES-3 Experiment 2019
2019 Event-by-event fluctuations clusterization and entropy production in AA collisions at AGS and SPS energies 2019
2019 Jet fragmentation transverse momentum measurements from di-hadron correlations in √s=7 TeV pp and √sNN=5.02 TeV p–Pb collisions 2019
2019 Spectroscopic (FTIR, FT-Raman, 1H NMR and UV–Vis) and DFT/TD-DFT studies on cholesteno [4,6-b,c]-2′,5′-dihydro-1′,5′-benzothiazepine 2019
2019 Structural, vibrational and electronic absorption characteristics of the monohydrate organic salt of 2-amino-5-bromo-6-methyl-4-pyrimidinol and 2,3-pyrazinedicarboxylic acid: A combined experimental and computational study 2019
2019 Acute pulmonary effects of aerosolized nicotine 2019
2019 Bromine inhalation mimics ischemia-reperfusion Cardiomyocyte injury and Calpain activation in rats 2019
2019 Centrality dependence of multiplicity fluctuations in ion-ion collisions from the beam energy scan at FAIR 2019
2019 Contributions of Jets in Net Charge Fluctuations from the Beam Energy Scan at RHIC and LHC 2019
2019 Entropy generation under the influence of melting heat transfer in stratified Polystyrene-water/kerosene nanofluid flow with velocity slip 2019
2019 Investigation of convective heat and mass conditions in squeeze flow of a hydro-magnetic sutterby fluid 2019
2019 Melting Heat Transfer in Squeezed Nanofluid Flow Through Darcy Forchheimer Medium 2019
2018 Experimental vibrational spectroscopy (FTIR and FT-Raman) of D-tryptophan and its anharmonic theoretical studies using density functional theory 2018
2018 Synthesis, structural, hirshfeld surface, spectroscopic studies and quantum chemical calculation of the proton transfer complex between 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-methylpyrimidine and salicylic acid 2018
2018 Microscopic description of structural evolution in Pd, Xe, Ba, Nd, Sm, Gd and Dy isotopes 2018
2018 Magnetohydrodynamic flow of squeezed Maxwell nano-fluid with double stratification and convective conditions 2018
2018 Triple-shape coexistence and superdeformation in Pb isotopes 2018
2018 Electron impact total ionization cross section for C4 and C5 isomeric alcohols 2018
2018 Physical aspects of heat generation/absorption in the second grade fluid flow due to Riga plate: Application of Cattaneo-Christov approach 2018
2018 Slip analysis of squeezing flow using doubly stratified fluid 2018
2018 Electron-induced scattering dynamics of Boron, Aluminium and Gallium trihalides in the intermediate energy domain 2018
2018 Transverse momentum distribution and elliptic flow of charged hadrons in U+ U collisions at √sNN=193 GeV using HYDJET++ 2018
2018 Was the cosmic ray burst detected by the GRAPES-3 muon telescope on 22 June 2015 caused by a transient weakening of the geomagnetic field or by an interplanetary anisotropy? 2018
2018 DFT/TD-DFT calculations, spectroscopic characterizations (FTIR, NMR, UV–vis), molecular docking and enzyme inhibition study of 7-benzoyloxycoumarin 2018
2018 Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, X-ray structure, DFT calculations, and antimicrobial studies of diorganotin (IV) complexes of monotopic oxygen nitrogen donor Schiff base 2018
2018 Experimental and theoretical characterization of organic salt: 2-((4-bromophenyl)amino) pyrido[1,2-a] quinoxalin-11-ium bromide monohydrate synthesized via oxidative cyclization 2018
2018 Growth, structure, Hirshfeld surface and spectroscopic properties of 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-methylpyrimidinium-2,3-pyrazinedicorboxylate single crystal 2018
2018 Double stratification effects in chemically reactive squeezed Sutterby fluid flow with thermal radiation and mixed convection 2018
2018 Shape phase transitions and isotopic shift in barium isotopes within covariant density functional theory 2018
2018 Chemically reactive species in squeezed flow through modified Fourier’s and Fick’s laws 2018
2018 T-SAF: Twitter sentiment analysis framework using a hybrid classification scheme 2018
2018 Anharmonic vibrational spectra and mode-mode couplings analysis of 2-aminopyridine 2018
2018 Synthesis, spectroscopic, computational (DFT/B3LYP), AChE inhibition and antioxidant studies of imidazole derivative 2018
2018 Correlations and event-by-event fluctuations in high multiplicity events produced in 208Pb-208Pb collisions 2018
2018 Diffusive species in MHD squeezed fluid flow through non-darcy porous medium with viscous dissipation and joule heating 2018
2018 Entropy and multifractality in relativistic Ion-Ion collisions 2018
2018 Multifractal characteristics of multiparticle production in heavy-ion collisions at SPS energies 2018
2017 Shape evolution in Kr, Zr, and Sr isotopic chains in covariant density functional theory 2017
2017 Solitary waves of surface plasmon polariton via phase shifts under Doppler broadening and Kerr nonlinearity 2017
2017 Anharmonic vibrational and electronic spectral study of 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6–methylpyrimidine: A combined experimental (FTIR, FT-Raman, UV–Vis) and theoretical (DFT, MP2) approach 2017
2017 Study of molecular structure, anharmonic vibrational dynamic and electronic properties of sulindac using spectroscopic techniques integrated with quantum chemical calculations 2017
2017 Anharmonic vibrational spectral analysis of L-(-)-xylose molecule 2017
2017 Structural, vibrational and NMR spectroscopic investigations of newly synthesized 3-((ethylthio)(4-nitrophenyl)methyl)-1H-indole 2017
2017 DFT/B3LYP calculations, in vitro cytotoxicity and antioxidant activities of steroidal pyrimidines and their interaction with HSA using molecular docking and multispectroscopic techniques 2017
2017 Detailed molecular, structural and spectral studies of bimetallic salt, [Ni(L)][CoCl4] where L = 3,7-bis(2-aminoethyl)-1,3,5,7-tetraazabicyclo(3.3.1)nonane 2017
2017 Triaxiality softness and shape coexistence in Mo and Ru isotopes 2017
2017 Interaction cross sections and matter radii of oxygen isotopes using the Glauber model 2017
2017 Analysis of Cattaneo-Christov heat and mass fluxes in the squeezed flow embedded in porous medium with variable mass diffusivity 2017
2017 Search of islands of stability for hypothetical superheavy nuclei using covariant density functional theory 2017
2017 The novel iminium surfactant p -benzylidene benzyldodecyl iminium chloride as a corrosion inhibitor for plain carbon steel in 1 M HCl: Electrochemical and DFT evaluation 2017
2017 Transplantation of airway epithelial stem/progenitor cells: A future for cell-based therapy 2017
2016 Electron impact ionisation cross section for organoplatinum compounds 2016
2016 Disruption of desmin-mitochondrial architecture in patients with regurgitant mitral valves and preserved ventricular function 2016
2016 Quantum chemical and spectroscopic investigations of 4-Hydroxy-7-methyl-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxylic acid 2016
2016 Synthesis, X-ray crystallography, spectroscopic (FT-IR, 1H &13C NMR and UV), computational (DFT/B3LYP) and enzymes inhibitory studies of 7-hydroximinocholest-5-en-3-ol acetate 2016
2016 Vibrational and electronic spectral analysis of 2,3-pyrazinedicarboxylic acid: A combined experimental and theoretical study 2016
2016 Molecular structure and vibrational analysis of 5-nitro-6-methyluracil molecule based on monomer, dimer and trimer calculations 2016
2016 Computational and anti-tumor studies of 7a-Aza-B-homostigmast-5-eno [7a, 7-d] tetrazole-3β-yl chloride 2016
2016 FTIR, FT-Raman and UV-Vis spectral studies of d-tyrosine molecule 2016
2016 Emerging targets for treating sulfur mustard–induced injuries 2016
2015 Relativistic self-consistent mean-field description of Sm isotopes 2015
2015 DFT, Hirshfeld surfaces, spectral and in vivo cytotoxic studies of 7a-Aza-B-homostigmast-5-eno [7a,7-d] tetrazole 2015
2015 Quantum chemical calculations and analysis of FTIR, FT-Raman and UV-Vis spectra of temozolomide molecule 2015
2015 Structural elucidation, density functional calculations and contribution of intermolecular interactions in cholest-4-en-3-one crystals: Insights from X-ray and Hirshfeld surface analysis 2015
2015 FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra, MEP and HOMO-LUMO of 2,5-dichlorobenzonitrile: DFT study 2015
2015 FTIR, FT-Raman, UV-Visible spectra and quantum chemical calculations of allantoin molecule and its hydrogen bonded dimers 2015
2015 Chlorine inhalation-induced myocardial depression and failure 2015
2015 Inhaled matters of the heart. 2015
2015 Sarcoendoplasmic Reticulum Ca21 ATPase A critical target in chlorine inhalation-induced cardiotoxicity 2015
2014 Structural phase analysis, band gap tuning and fluorescence properties of Co doped TiO2 nanoparticles 2014
2014 Formation of self-assembled spherical-flower like nanostructures of cobalt doped anatase TiO2 and its optical band-gap 2014
2014 Quantum chemical and spectroscopic investigations of 3-methyladenine 2014
2014 In vitro cell culture model for toxic inhaled chemical testing 2014
2014 Molecular structure, anharmonic vibrational analysis and electronic spectra of o-, m-, p-iodonitrobenzene using DFT calculations 2014
2013 Human tracheobronchial basal cells: Normal versus remodeling/repairing phenotypes in vivo and in vitro 2013
2013 Differential regulation of pulmonary vascular cell growth by hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-1a and hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-2α 2013
2013 Adenosine A2A receptor-dependent proliferation of pulmonary endothelial cells is mediated through calcium mobilization, PI3-kinase and ERK1/2 pathways 2013
2013 The CBM Collaboration 2013
2013 Tissue factor signals airway epithelial basal cell survival via coagulation and protease-activated receptor isoforms 1 and 2 2013
2012 Properties of Z = 120 nuclei and the α-decay chains of the 292, 304120 isotopes using relativistic and nonrelativistic formalisms 2012
2012 Anharmonic vibrational studies of l-aspartic acid using HF and DFT calculations 2012
2012 Interaction and localization of synthetic nanoparticles in healthy and cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells: Effect of ozone exposure 2012
2011 Quantitative texture-based assessment of one-year changes in fibrotic reticular patterns on HRCT in scleroderma lung disease treated with oral cyclophosphamide 2011
2011 SERCA2 regulates non-CF and CF airway epithelial cell response to ozone 2011
2011 A = 3 clustering in nuclei 2011
2011 Anharmonic vibrational spectroscopy and investigation of intramolecular mode couplings in adenine 2011
2011 Stem cell therapy works (in mice models of emphysema)! 2011
2011 Computational studies of vibrational spectra and molecular properties of 6-methyluracil using HF, DFT and MP2 methods 2011
2011 Novel peptide to treat sepsis-induced acute lung injury 2011
2010 Solving cystic fibrosis one swine at a time 2010
2010 Breathe bitter, breathe easy! 2010
2010 When too much oxygen is not too much 2010
2010 Approximate solution of the mode-mode coupling integral: Application to cytosine and its deuterated derivative 2010
2010 Improving stem cell survival, one hurdle at a time 2010
2010 Amnion epithelial cells: Cell therapy going green! 2010
2010 Antibodies against TIM-1 for asthma therapy 2010
2010 A stem cell factory in the making! 2010
2010 Rtp801: Caught Redd handed 2010
2010 A key role for caveolin 2010
2010 Cracking the code of pseudomonas longevity: Unveiling the PAMPs! 2010
2010 Emerging targets 2010
2010 Methylation balancing act 2010
2010 Rx: A little sunshine without sunscreen? 2010
2010 Some rozi for CF too! 2010
2010 New hope for premature newborns 2010
2009 Adenosine A2A receptor is a unique angiogenic target of HIF-2α in pulmonary endothelial cells 2009
2009 Bcl-2 suppresses sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum Ca21-ATPase expression in cystic fibrosis airways role in oxidant-mediated cell death 2009
2009 Parity-violating effects in elastic electron deuteron scattering 2009
2009 Anharmonic vibrational analysis of uracil by ab initio Hartree-Fock and density functional theory calculations 2009
2009 Computer-aided Detection of Endobronchial Valves Using Volumetric CT 2009
2008 Automatic Segmentation of Lung Parenchyma in the Presence of Diseases Based on Curvature of Ribs 2008
2007 Charged current antineutrino reactions from C12 at MiniBooNE energies 2007
2007 Neutrino Induced Charged Current 1 π+ Production From 12C At Intermediate Energies 2007
2006 Synthesis and evaluation of injectable, in situ crosslinkable synthetic extracellular matrices for tissue engineering 2006
2006 Neutrino induced charged current 1π+ production at intermediate energies 2006
2006 Nuclear cross sections in 16O for β beam neutrinos at intermediate energies 2006
2006 Purinergic signaling and kinase activation for survival in pulmonary oxidative stress and disease 2006
2006 Nuclear effects in neutrino induced coherent pion production at K2K and MiniBooNE 2006
2006 Endothelial Akt activation by hyperoxia: Role in cell survival 2006
2006 Cholesterol interferes with the MTT assay in human epithelial-like (A549) and endothelial (HLMVE and HCAE) cells 2006
2006 Neutrino nucleus cross sections for low energy neutrinos at SNS facilities 2006
2006 Weak pion production from nuclei 2006
2005 Lung epithelial cells release ATP during ozone exposure: Signaling for cell survival 2005
2005 Charged lepton production from iron induced by atmospheric neutrinos 2005
2005 Extracellular adenosine triphosphate: A potential regulator of vasa vasorum neovascularization in hypoxia-induced pulmonary vascular remodeling 2005
2005 Supernova neutrino induced inclusive reactions on56Fe in terrestrial detectors 2005
2004 Extracellular ATP-mediated Signaling for Survival in Hyperoxia-induced Oxidative Stress 2004
2004 Hyperoxia-Induced DNA Damage Causes Decreased DNA Methylation in Human Lung Epithelial-Like A549 Cells 2004
2003 Hypoxia protects human lung microvascular endothelial and epithelial-like cells against oxygen toxicity: Role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase 2003
2002 Extracellular ATP is an autocrine/paracrine regulator of hypoxia-induced adventitial fibroblast growth: Signaling through extracellular signal-regulated kinase-1/2 and the Egr-1 transcription factor 2002
2002 Elevated expression of hexokinase II protects human lung epithelial-like A549 cells against oxidative injury 2002
2002 Elevated expression of hexokinase II protects human lung epithelial-like A549 cells against oxidative injury. 2002
2002 Oxidized phospholipids derived from ozone-treated lung surfactant extract reduce macrophage and epithelial cell viability 2002
2001 Immobilization and stabilization of invertase on Cajanus cajan lectin support 2001
2001 Glutamine protects mitochondrial structure and function in oxygen toxicity 2001
2001 Glutamine protects mitochondrial structure and function in oxygen toxicity. 2001
2000 Hypoxia induces hexokinase II gene expression in human lung cell line A549 2000
2000 Hypoxia induces hexokinase II gene expression in human lung cell line A549. 2000
1999 Physicochemical characterization of Cajanus cajan lectin: Effect of pH and metal ions on lectin carbohydrate interaction 1999
1998 Antigenicity of deoxyadenosine 5'-monophosphate cross-linked with polyamine 1998
1998 Measurement of the induced pseudoscalar coupling using radiative muon capture on hydrogen 1998
1996 Radiative muon capture on hydrogen and the induced pseudoscalar coupling constant 1996
1996 Effect of pH on the interaction of protein antigens with their corresponding rabbit antibodies 1996
1994 Measurement of the +e+ branching ratio 1994
1992 A detector to search for K+ → π+ νν 1992
1992 The TRIUMF radiative muon capture facility 1992
1992 Radiative muon capture on hydrogen 1992
1992 Improved search for massive neutrinos in +e+ decay 1992
1992 Measurement of the branching ratio 1992
1992 Radiative muon capture on Al, Si, Ca, Mo, Sn, and Pb 1992
1991 Radiative muon capture on carbon, oxygen, and calcium 1991
1990 A cylindrical drift chamber for radiative muon capture experiments at triumf 1990
1990 Antiproton-proton annihilation at rest in H2 gas into π+ π- π0 - I. Annihilation from S states 1990
1990 Antiproton-proton annihilation at rest in H2 gas into π+ π- π0 - II. Annihilation from P states 1990
1990 Antiproton-proton annihilation at rest into π+π-η and π+π-η from atomic S and P states 1990
1990 Evidence for a multiquark state in pp annihilation at rest 1990
1990 Radiative muon capture on carbon, oxygen, and calcium 1990
1990 The ASTERIX spectrometer at LEAR 1990
1989 Observation of an isoscalar meson ax(1565) in annihilation of the pp-atom from P states 1989
1989 Antiproton annihilation at rest in nitrogen and deuterium gas 1989
1989 Nuclear antiproton absorption involving more than one nucleon 1989
1989 Observation and analysis of E mesons in {Mathematical expression}p annihilation at rest in H2 gas 1989
1989 Production of π+π-π0 in pp annihilation at rest from atomic p-state 1989
1989 Radiative muon capture on oxygen and the induced pseudoscalar coupling 1989
1989 Search for the tetraneutron using the reaction He4(-,+)4n 1989
1989 Study of the E(1420) in PP annihilation at rest in H2 gas 1989
1989 X-rays from proton-antiproton annihilation into charged final states 1989
1989 pp annihilation into K0K0 in hydrogen gas 1989
1988 pp annihilation into K0K0 in hydrogen gas 1988
1988 Cascade time of antiprotons in gaseous hydrogen 1988
1988 Measurement of the strong-interaction shift and broadening of the ground state of the pp̄ atom 1988
1988 A cylindrical drift chamber for the measurement of K→πνν¯ decay 1988
1988 Search for muon-electron and muon-positron conversion 1988
1988 Searches for majoron production and other processes associated with decay 1988
1988 pp annihilation into π+π- and K+K- from atomic p states 1988
1987 Searches for muon-electron and muon-positron conversion in titanium 1987
1986 Central drift chamber for rare kaon decay spectrometer 1986
1985 First observation of K X-rays from pp atoms 1985
1985 Search for monochromatic pion emission in pp annihilation from atomic p states 1985
1983 Large radius self-supporting cylindrical multiwire proportional chambers to be used at the asterix experiment at lear 1983
1980 Fission yields and lifetimes for muon induced fission in 235U and 238U 1980


Year Title Altmetric
2017 Epithelial Regeneration and Lung Stem Cells.  91-102. 2017
2010 Hypoxia-inducible factors and adenosine signaling in vascular growth.  113-124. 2010

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