Selected Publications

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Year Title Altmetric
2019 Evaluation of 1,2,3-Triazoles as Amide Bioisosteres In Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Modulators VX-770 and VX-809Chemistry - A European Journal.  25:3662-3674. 2019
2018 Allosteric Role of Substrate Occupancy Toward the Alignment of P-glycoprotein Nucleotide Binding DomainsScientific Reports.  8. 2018
2018 Essential metal uptake in gram-negative bacteria: X-ray fluorescence, radioisotopes, and cell fractionationJournal of Visualized Experiments.  2018. 2018
2018 Correction: In Vitro Evolution and Affinity-Maturation with Coliphage Qβ Display.PLoS ONE.  13:e0199953. 2018
2017 The crystal structure of the Yersinia pestis iron chaperone YiuA reveals a basic triad binding motif for the chelated metalActa Crystallographica. Section d, Structural Biology.  73:921-939. 2017
2017 Crystal structure of Yersinia pestis virulence factor YfeA reveals two polyspecific metal-binding sitesActa Crystallographica. Section d, Structural Biology.  73:557-572. 2017
2016 Channel gating regulation by the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) first cytosolic loopJournal of Biological Chemistry.  291:1854-1865. 2016
2015 ICAM-2 confers a non-metastatic phenotype in neuroblastoma cells by interaction with α-actininOncogene.  34:1553-1562. 2015
2015 Equilibrated atomic models of outward-facing P-glycoprotein and effect of ATP binding on structural dynamicsScientific Reports.  5. 2015
2015 Tools and procedures for visualization of proteins and other biomoleculesCurrent protocols in molecular biology / edited by Frederick M. Ausubel ... [et al.].  2015:19.12.1-19.12.47. 2015
2014 In vitro evolution and affinity-maturation with Coliphage Qβ displayPLoS ONE.  9. 2014
2014 Refined structures of mouse P-glycoproteinProtein Science.  23:34-46. 2014
2009 Combining electron crystallography and X-ray crystallography to study the MlotiK1 cyclic nucleotide-regulated potassium channelJournal of ultrastructure research.  167:220-226. 2009
2009 Structure of P-glycoprotein reveals a molecular basis for poly-specific drug bindingScience.  323:1718-1722. 2009
2009 Three-dimensional structure of the human copper transporter hCTR1Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  106:4237-4242. 2009
2007 A structural perspective on copper uptake in eukaryotesBiology of metals.  20:705-716. 2007
2006 Mercury toxicity in the shark (Squalus acanthias) rectal gland: Apical CFTR chloride channels are inhibited by mercuric chlorideJournal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Comparative Experimental Biology.  305:259-267. 2006
2006 Projection structure of the human copper transporter CTR1 at 6-Å resolution reveals a compact trimer with a novel channel-like architectureProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  103:3627-3632. 2006
2006 Mercury and zinc differentially inhibit shark and human CFTR orthologues: Involvement of shark cysteine 102American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology.  290. 2006
2004 Eukaryotic CTR copper uptake transporters require two faces of the third transmembrane domain for helix packing, oligomerization, and functionJournal of Biological Chemistry.  279:53435-53441. 2004
2002 The membrane protein FeoB contains an intramolecular G protein essential for Fe(II) uptake in bacteriaProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  99:16243-16248. 2002
1999 Cloning, characterization, and functional expression of a CNP receptor regulating CFTR in the shark rectal glandAmerican Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology.  276. 1999
1999 Molecular and functional characterization of s-KCNQ1 potassium channel from rectal gland of Squalus acanthiasPflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology.  437:298-304. 1999
1999 Cloning, characterization, and functional expression of a CNP receptor regulating CFTR in the shark rectal gland.American Journal of Physiology.  276:C442-C449. 1999
1998 Vasoactive intestinal peptide, forskolin, and genistein increase apical CFTR trafficking in the rectal gland of the spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias: Acute regulation of CFTR trafficking in an intact epitheliumJournal of Clinical Investigation.  101:737-745. 1998
1997 Cadmium disrupts the signal transduction pathway of both inhibitory and stimulatory receptors regulating chloride secretion in the shark rectal glandJournal of Experimental Zoology.  279:530-536. 1997

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biophysics, Yale University 2006
  • The Scripps Research Institute, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2009
  • Full Name

  • Stephen Aller