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Year Title Altmetric
2018 Confronting human trafficking: The role of state capacity 2018
2018 The Gendered Consequences of Financial Crises: A Cross-National Analysis 2018
2017 Neoliberal Policies and Human Trafficking for Labor: Free Markets, Unfree Workers? 2017
2016 Globalization and Collective Labor Rights 2016
2015 Financial crises and labor: Does tight money loosen labor rights? 2015
2015 Is Foreign Direct Investment “Gender Blind”? Women's Rights as a Determinant of US FDI 2015
2015 The Impact of IMF and World Bank Programs on Labor Rights 2015
2012 Rights, Institutions, and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Assessment 2012
2012 Labor Rights and Foreign Direct Investment: Is There a Race to the Bottom? 2012
2009 A sectoral analysis of human rights and FDI: Does industry type matter? 2009
2007 Human Rights and Trade: Beyond the “Spotlight” 2007
2007 Human rights and trade: Beyond the "spotlight" 2007
2007 What attracts foreign investors? An examination of human rights and foreign direct investment 2007
2006 Human rights and foreign direct investment: A two-stage analysis 2006
2005 Foreign policy in transition? Human rights, democracy, and U.S. arms exports 2005
2001 The role of arms transfers in the quest for human security 2001
2001 Democracy, human rights, and U.S.‐Africa trade 2001
2000 Promoting human rights and democracy in the developing world: U.S. rhetoric versus U.S. arms exports 2000
1999 Examining the impact of arms transfers on human development 1999
1999 Instruments of security or tools of repression? Arms imports and human rights conditions in developing countries 1999
1999 The transfer of arms and the diffusion of democracy: Do arms promote or undermine the "third wave"? 1999
1997 Guns and governmental reform: U.S. arms exports and the Clinton administration's promotion of democracy abroad 1997
1996 Images in conflict: The case of Ronald Reagan and El Salvador 1996
1994 Impact of human rights on u.s. foreign assistance to latin america 1994


Year Title Altmetric
2016 World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2016 - 2017 2016
2014 World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2014 - 2015 (Book Only) 2014
2013 World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2013 - 2014 Update Edition 2013
2009 World Politics: Trends and Transformations, 2009-2010 Update Edition 2009


Year Title Altmetric
2009 Virtuous or Vicious Cycle? Human Rights, Trade, and Development.  89-103. 2009

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  • Shannon Blanton