• Dr. Barnes was trained in Chemistry and Biochemistry in the UK. He joined UAB in 1977 and pursued research on bile acids and latterly polyphenols, particularly soy isoflavones. He was promoted to Associate Professor (with tenure) in 1985 and Full Professor in 1994. He has received NIH support from several areas to pursue the conjugation of bile acids, the chemistry, biochemistry and physiology of polyphenols, the underlying chemistry of lens cataracts and the use of omics approaches in biomedical research. He was the Associate Director of the Purdue UAB Botanicals Center for Age Related Disease (2000-2010) and the UAB Center for Nutrient Gene Interaction (2002-2011). He was an elected member of the National Advisory Council for the Center for Complementary and Alternate Medicine (2007-2010) and the NIH Council of Councils (2010-2012). He was the Director of the NIH funded Workshop in Metabolomics (2012-2018). He received the 2012 Distinguished Faculty Award and in 2018 became a Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    Research Overview

  • I have had a longstanding interest in metabolism and enzymology and the enterohepatic circulation of endogenous and exogenous metabolites. Because of early training in hepatobiliary diseases, this led to studies on bile acid metabolism and purification of the enzymes catalyzing their formation. A second strong area of research has been the roles of polyphenols in health and disease, with a particular emphasis on soy isoflavones. Over the past decade, I have been pursuing the basis of lens cataract formation in the lens. An overarching theme for these research areas has been the pathways of metabolism and the utilization of mass spectrometry for their study. This had led to a strong interest in metabolomics and training in this re-emerging discipline.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Biochemistry, Imperial College London 1972
  • Bachelor's Level Degree in Chemistry, University of Surrey 1967
  • Full Name

  • Stephen Barnes
  • Fax

  • 205-934-6944