Selected Publications

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Year Title Altmetric
2007 Fetal fibronectin and adverse infant outcomes in a predominantly human immunodeficiency virus-infected African population: A randomized controlled trialObstetrics and Gynecology.  109:392-401. 2007
2006 The Alabama Preterm Birth Study: Intrauterine infection and placental histologic findings in preterm births of males and females less than 32 weeksAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  195:1533-1537. 2006
2006 HPTN 024 study: Histologic chorioamnionitis, antibioticsĀ and adverse infant outcomes in a predominantly HIV-1-infected African populationAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  195:1065-1074. 2006
2006 The Alabama Preterm Birth Study: Corticosteroids and neonatal outcomes in 23- to 32-week newborns with various markers of intrauterine infectionAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  195:1020-1024. 2006
2006 The Alabama Preterm Birth Project: Placental histology in recurrent spontaneous and indicated preterm birthAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  195:792-796. 2006
2006 The Alabama Preterm Birth study: polymorphonuclear and mononuclear cell placental infiltrations, other markers of inflammation, and outcomes in 23- to 32-week preterm newborn infantsAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  195:803-808. 2006
2006 Use of vaginally administered chlorhexidine during labor to improve pregnancy outcomes.Obstetrics and Gynecology.  107:1139-1146. 2006
2005 Maternal infection and adverse fetal and neonatal outcomesAdvances in Mathematics.  32:523-559. 2005
2003 What we have learned about the predictors of preterm birth.Seminars in Perinatology.  27:185-193. 2003
2003 The plausibility of micronutrient deficiency in relationship to perinatal infection.Journal of Nutrition.  133:1645S-1648S. 2003
2003 Infection as a cause of preterm birthAdvances in Mathematics.  30:677-700. 2003
2002 The management of preterm laborObstetrics and Gynecology.  100:1020-1037. 2002
2001 Repeated courses of antenatal corticosteroidsObstetrics and Gynecology.  97:316-317. 2001
2000 Smoking in pregnancy: Final thoughtsTobacco Control.  9. 2000
2000 Intrauterine infection and preterm deliveryNew England Journal of Medicine.  342:1500-1507. 2000

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  • Doctor of Medicine, Duke University 1968
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  • Robert Goldenberg